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  1. ZeroErrorz

    just a what if i imagine for sometime now about planetside 2,just what if esf nerf never happend,just what if the lib nerf never happend,same goes for tank velocity and secondary nerf and instead just a little what if about infantryside not whining for being the lowest part of the food chain instead learning to get good at operating vehicles to counter other vehicles,also im not trolling here im just wondering what would happen if all the nerf starting from the one esf got never happend and people just try to adapt to the game as what it is,is it possible ? for this kind of situation happen where people just play the game as what it is instead of constantly crying for changes and nerf that potentialy killing the game slowly.
  2. Dis

    What if nobody could ever leave a spawn room at any base?
  3. Goldmonk

    I think that's already how it is...at least on Emerald.
  4. Pouk3D

    I don't know. When the game was new, I was furious about my Magrider being instagibbed by lolpods, but I kept playing anaway. Just with stealth equipped and crawling under the trees, moving when ESFs aren't looking my way, or simply not getting into ESF contested areas in the first place.

    Well I'd say some people would adapt (Like to the pre-change Striker, which was a bit insane, but you could work your way around it). But the most brutal and "unfair" percieved ways to die that wouldn't have been fixed would surely alienate a significant portion af a playerbase.
  5. FateJH

    If they never fixed the original ESF/AA balancing act, I wouldn't have been playing this game come 2014. It wasn't impossible to engage Air using Ground-based anti-Air previously because people using it weren't skilled enough; rather, it was impossible to engage Air using Ground-based anti-Air because those weapons were almost entirely useless for their purpose at the cost of the manpower that was required to make them even slightly useful against even a single target. As long as the single target didn't also try to retaliate; then, there was no competition again. At the same time, the original rocket pod rebalancing was also absolutely necessary as the original form of those weapons completely trivialitized every other aspect of the game and pilot behavior had completely broken what would have otherwise been a workable series of counters between Air, other Air units, and Ground units in their greed for easy certs.

    That was the first and fundamentally the most important balance that has ever happened in this game.

    You'll have to be specific about each individual "nerf" about which you are talking after that. There has been a lot of balancing and a number of unintended consequences due to player perception and otherwise innocuous quality of life changes.
  6. Stormsinger

    As someone who played at release, the original Zephyr could explode you by firing at the roof of a building you were hiding in, explosions penetrated walls (They still do, but they are typically small enough in radius that it doesnt reach through most structures)

    After finding out that bulldogs could do the same, I stopped playing for about 6 months. If things were still as ridiculous when I tried to play again, I probably would have never logged back in. Some nerfs are needed, but SOE tends to utilize entire buckets of nerf anvils instead of nerf tweaks.

    A better question would be, "What if these things weren't nerfed as much?"
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  7. Paragon Exile

    "If" is a powerful word OP.

    If your aunt had balls she would be your uncle.
  8. Goldmonk

    If trees were nerf'd they'd be shrubs
  9. Rift23

    More 'splosions.

  10. Stormsinger

  11. Iridar51

    There is no lowest part in PS2's food chain, it's circular: AI vehicles > Infantry > AV vehicles > AI vehicles > Infantry > ...

    There are two sources of all the complaints:
    1) Some vehicle loadouts are too versatile, and break this food chain.

    Nosegun + lolpods ESF can effectively engage any target as long as the pilot is good enough / much better than his competition.
    HEAT cannon + halberd tank can also be very effective against both vehicles and infantry.

    2) The fact that food chain even existst. It's based on direct counters, and it's never fun playing against a direct counter, because players want skill to decide the outcome, not equipment.
  12. Copasetic

    I guess you could just switch to infantry to counter infantry instead of whining about infantryside on the forums.

    Like this post if you see what I did there.