What if you could buy Nanoweave / ASC / Flack with. SC?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by KlyptoK, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. Latrodectus

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  2. Runegrace

    So is that a tactful admission of starting a troll thread?
  3. Liam23490

    Would they really complain about this? They don't seem to care about the built-in aimbot.
  4. Inex

    For infantry, it's not as big of a deal. Most of the higher levels offer utility more than outright power. Of the NW/Flak/ASC trio: Flak's most powerful level is probably the first. NW's effect can be easily overshadowed by positioning, ambushes, hit reg and COF. ASC is good, but by its very nature isn't going to be terribly useful for/against new players anyway.

    Now, vehicles cert lines on the other hand...
  5. TheKhopesh

    Anything you can buy on PC you can buy on PS4.
    They're going to be keeping station function the same across platforms, so you could make a station account, make a PS4 account (when the PS4 version is released), then hop on your computer and use the same station to make a PC server character and buy stuff that way.

    After that, you'll have the items purchased on your station account, and thus, available to your PS4 player only server characters.

    The reason that this will be doable is so anyone who plays PC and wants to switch to PS4 can do so and keep the same merch+membership.
  6. BadAsElite

    Then the game would be practically pay to win.

    You're paying for an advantage that other players have to work for.

    The game already lacks end game/meta. By taking away the "grind" you have now made PS2 another CoD PoS game.

  7. Revanmug

    Well, you are pretty much asking for a P2W option. You can't even hide it at that point. The game becomes P2W since the last upgrade take too many certs for the common people like you said.

    Which bring the question. Do you think you'll attract more people to the game with the P2W logo paint on the game or not?
  8. Ronin Oni


    Anything you've bought for your PC character will still need to be purchased separately for your PS4 character.

    2 entirely different stores.

    They'll be the same. I know this. But if they wanted to add something like this, they'd have to make an exception rule for PS4 then because this would not be ok to offer at launch.

    and honestly, it's not a good idea anyways, because if I was a new BR1 player, I'd be upset people could buy there way past that grind wall.

    At least as it is now, even though there's a grind wall in front of new players now, they can at least be assured we already did the grind ourselves, we didn't buy our way here.

    That's key I think.

    Easy for US not to really care, but F2P new players would definitely feel a change to P2W beating them down.
  9. DatVanuMan

    Worst damned idea ever. If you are implementing it, increase cert gains by a LARGE margin, So that it doesn't become OBVIOUS that Planetside 2 is a P2W. F2Players are playing this, too. Give US some sort of buff.
  10. RHINO_Mk.II

    Everybody gets the aimbot. If they could pay $10 for a better aimbot they would absolutely complain about it.
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  11. Goretzu

    There's no difference at all between buying NW/Flak for SC and buying MAX extended mags, that line has been crossed, they may as well IMO just get the $$$ the can from the rest of it, if they need the $$$ (which seemingly they do), because it won't really change much in the game than hasn't already been changed.
  12. HadesR

    The problem with the idea isn't how it stacks up versus BR 100 players .. It's when you view it versus other BR 1 players who can't afford to use SC to buy it ..

    X BR 1 player is buying a clear advantage over Y BR 1 player ...

    Ofc the same could be said for weapons etc so would it matter ? Maybe not .. Depends how far down the Pay to win / advantage line SOE want to travel ..
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  13. Regpuppy

    This topic only shines light on the fact that there should be a "default" suit option that's already maxed out at the beginning. One that is decent in most situations, but a master of none. In every single slot that a newbie could cert. Thereby making everything us experienced players currently use a true sidegrade rather than a pure upgrade over a fresh character. Then SOE could confidently monetize the more focused certs and experienced players wouldn't have a blatant, albeit small, power advantage against newbies to begin with.

    Because this so called power difference shouldn't exist, period. The infantry weapons are a good example of how this would work. The default weapons for each weapons are some of the best weapons in the game, because of their flexibility and general use. You could stick with these weapons and do just fine in any situations. But the sidegrade weapons are better in specific situations. (well, the ones that aren't redundant)
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  14. eldarfalcongravtank

    after weapon scopes and attachments were recently allowed to be purchasable via SC, i believe it's only A MATTER OF TIME until we can purchase EVERYTHING in this game via SC. yes, from infantry utility slot items to vehicle defense specializations to squad leader stuff etc etc
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  15. Goretzu

    I can't see how they can stop now, nor why they'd want too if indeed they did all they have because the needed the $$$ (and I can't see why they'd have done it from the orginal model if they didn't).

    I honestly think it would be better to do it now and balance the game around it rather than slow drip.. drip...drip it into the game.
  16. Liam23490

    Yeah everyone gets it, but it's still something that annoyed me back when I used to play console because there is little skill involved.

    If they don't care about huge skill crutches like aimbots, which is basically guaranteed kills to whoever sees you first, then I don't think they will care about relatively minor ones like the suit slots.
  17. MotionBlured

    That's how the game is right now, so aim assist is a none issue. The person with the better aim is still going to win the majority of fights.
  18. Posse

    Well, from my perspective (everything I care about is unlocked already) I wouldn't mind, I don't know how new players might see that though.

    What you could do (and it could probably be more accepted) is let them buy up to the second highest level (nano 4, flak 4, etc) with SC, the final upgrade would be certs only.
  19. NC_agent00kevin

    I cant argue against it. I suppose its a win-win; maybe get less 'BR 100 no lifer' hate tells and newbs get to 'compete' on the same level of equipment we do. Not that it will help much against knowledge of the game and it certainly wont help you ultimately beat a smarter player - but it will make them happy and put some money in SOEs bank account, which has been in overdraft for about 7 months now :p
  20. NC_agent00kevin

    This isnt a bad idea either. In fact it might be better. As us older players ground out our levels, we got less XP. There were no ribbons and service medals along with their XP bonuses. New players can rank up fairly quickly now. At least, a lot quicker than those who started at launch and didnt farm in Libs and ESFs.

    Also, if they can buy cert items, whats the point in subscribing? I like the extra XP more than the priority queue. membership + double XP weekend + 3 Day boost = CERTS, SO MANY CERTS.

    Now, Id be all for a player going through a better and more in depth tutorial, and selecting a class to specialize in. Give them a pool of certs to distribute within that class only and let em have at it. Heck, maybe even show them what double XP is like by giving them their first week at membership levels then cut them off, like a crack dealer might. :eek:

    Might be a good way to retain players and also sell more memberships. After all, the memberships arent really expensive; and you get that 500SC + a discount in the depot.