What if you could buy Nanoweave / ASC / Flack with. SC?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by KlyptoK, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. KlyptoK

  2. RHINO_Mk.II

    Wouldn't change much on PC, but a lot of PS4 players would get really salty upon finding out that certain players among them have 20% bullet resistance, 50% explosive resistance, etc. on BR1 characters.
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  3. MotionBlured

    I might not feel as bad for killing a sub 20 BR player.
  4. Paragon Exile

    We would bathe in forumside tears.
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  5. Stigma

    I wouldn't honestly care much because most people these days can afford to run whatever they want at close to max rank anyway, and the only players that can't are the newer players who are generally less dangerous anyway.

    That said, it sounds inherently unfair in the same way as it would be if you could buy anything else certable with SC. These are straight upgrades after all (if mostly minor ones) not sidegrades with tradeoffs like with weapons (and most attachments except the laser). As the poster above points out it would be most obvious on the PS4 with all new players if all the rich kids could just buy their way up the cert tree.

    I think the right way to do it is close to what they have generally been doing - making lower ranks cert-lines fairly effective and higher ranks exponentially less so, so that you aren't significantly weaker just because you could only afford the first 3 ranks of a certline rather than 5 for example. Some certlines still need some tweaking in that regard though like with jumpjets (which should have the same power-pool from the start probably, but just a little longer recharge when it is less certed rather than not being able to reach the same places as a full certed one).

  6. ZomboWTF

    Suit slots etc. aren't that much of a game changer

    however if you are talking Vehicle certs: NEVER

    vehicles need way way waaaay more certs to put into, and they get way stronger with it

    buying suit slot certs okay
    buying vehicle certs nay
  7. Klypto

    Yeah I didn't post an explanation because I was typing on a phone.

    I've had all these things for like 2 years now, but new players have this steep cliff of grind they have to get over before they can be fully effective in infantry combat.

    The question is how?

    Do you charge for each level increasing in cost with a ratio of 1 SC to 1 Cert like the weapons or do you use a system where you just buy the whole block out for that class with 1000 SC?
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  8. SpartanPsycho

    Klypto stahppppppp your being to klipped about the klipping new players and their klipped SC. Don't start SOE on a money-grab campaign to get more sc. -Psychopathicspartan
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  9. Zenanii

    For a week, then people would realize they barely notice a difference.

    Really though, as a BR 100 it's impossible for me to argue against something like this as it just comes across as "I want to keep my unfair advantage over new and inexperienced players, please do not introduce a way to level the playing field" >_<
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  10. NoctD

    Less grinding, that's all. Really, when there's so many BR100 types running around out there, it doesn't matter so much anymore.

    Did you notice that Extended Mags purchased with SC for a MAX is not an account wide unlock? SOE's coffers must be filling over.
  11. LT_Latency

    You already can, You just buy them indirectly.

    I need to 2000 certs for a gun and NW. It real doesn't matter if you spend the SC to buy the gun or the NW. It still helped you get both. Unless you level up purely with SC which I doubt many people did
  12. Goretzu

    On launch it would have been terrible.

    However now given what they've already made buyable with SC I can't see why they haven't done it as well.
    If you can buy MAX extended mags there's no difference at all being able to buy NW/Flak etc.

    They may as well do it IMO.
  13. Lamat

    Maybe just let them start the game with all suit slots for 1 class.
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  14. Klypto

    I was expecting more belley ache groaning hate of Pay to Win by now.
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  15. WycliffSlim

    ummm... something something, p2w CoD kiddies with their parents CC r ruining this game. #stopP2W2014 #continuethefarm2014.
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  16. Ronin Oni

    Not on PC, we all already have this crap. It'd just let new players pay to level the playing field... though F2P new players still have that grind wall in front of them though.

    On PS4 there'd be massive tears. They should hold off on offering this kind of thing for at least a year to keep things even until they're common.
  17. NinjaTurtle

    Personally wouldn't mind. More money for SOE is in theory good for the games development.... that is unless all the miney disappears into a black hole and not reinvested in the game

    One of the biggest problems with this game that I can see is the grind newer players have to go through. If that can be eased then I see no issue.

    New players are having to compete with highly experienced outfits and players, this as a small leg up is a non issue in my opinion.
  18. Borsty

    I wouldn't mind that being a possibility. More money for SOE is good for PS2 (assuming the spend it on the game...). Also don't see this as a "pay to win" thing, you get the same stuff, just quicker. Not more P2W than the subscription is. Hell, investing more money into your PC and having better FPS etc. is more P2W than anything you can buy ingame :D
  19. RemusVentanus

    It will come it's just a matter of time and the right ppl seeing it.
  20. Bape

    This would cause a lot of problems for the PS4 version.
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