What if... Dynamic continent population limit?

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  1. Codex561

    I play on Briggs... or try to since its near dead.
    Anyways, the population is really; really low! Making 2/3 continents dead with some small scale fights on Esamir (My favorites <3).

    It is not a mystery that the reason behind nobody playing on Amerish is because nobody plays on Amerish.
    So what if a Dynamic Continent Population Limit was added?

    How it would work:
    The easiest way to do it would be by allowing 40% of the total population on the same continent (maybe include some faction population as well) added on top of the 2000 pop limit (unless they get better servers).
    Why 40% and not 33%?
    33% Makes it a bit too strict, but with 40% somewhat ~10% can run around changing continents.

    This would make fights on all continents.
    Naturally this has negative consequences which I cannot think of ATM.

    This is not exactly a suggestion since something like this would never be implemented because IndarSide 2.

    How do you think this would impact gameplay in general?
  2. Kanil

    It'd further divide already low pops. As much as I like Amerish and prefer it to Indar, I'd rather have a 48v48 on Indar than a 24v24 on Amerish.

    It'd probably work well on high pop servers or during prime time, though.

    Hopefully continental lattice will save us from Indar.
  3. Trudriban

    Sadly it won't increase the fights on Amerish or Esamir, but it will increase the guys sitting at the warpgate waiting in queue for Indar. It was like that after Amerish was remade to be superior, and it will be like that even when Hossin and Battle Islands are released because of what I will call the Indaradox (Indar Paradox). The people are on Indar because the fights are there, and the fights are there because the people are on Indar
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  4. z1967

    The idea has merit but would likely be detested by the overall population. Still not a bad idea though.
  5. KnightCole

    Yeah, the consequence it would have is if only 20 guys were on total......and only 40% of each factions pop could be on one cont at a time........soooooo....if it was split by 33% each way that is what? 6 guys per cont? of which prolly like 2 would be of each different faction!? You wanna talk about low pop and no fights...there ya go lol.

    Ofc if my horrid math skills are off, go ahead and correct me. Im a brain dead, machinegun toting, bullet blazing moron who has no math skills...sooo...
  6. Taemien

    Indar as premium only will push fights to other continents.
  7. Pikachu

    Map rotation is what briggs need. Too few players to allow them to choose.
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  8. NovaAustralis

    that... or Continental Locking... but you know... ;)