What I think of "Scatmax ruins the game" and similar threads.

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  1. OneRedBlock

    How do Hacksaw MAXes ruin the game? How do air-to-air Daltons / Zephers ruin the game? How do lock-ons ruin the game?

    You're overreacting. One gun, or one feature, cannot "ruin" a game. I honestly don't understand any of these threads.

    Mandatory :eek:
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  2. TheArchetype

  3. FatSheriff

    the oracle has spoken :eek:
  4. jak

    PS1 Lasher 2.0 and BFRs would like to have a word with you...
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  5. DuckSauce

    Such wisdom! :eek:
  6. OneRedBlock

    Don't you DARE bring the BFR into this.
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  7. Jaquio

    Well, for the sake of argument:

    Back in the glorious heyday of Liberator spam, you could make a minor argument that the Liberator was "ruining the game." Granted the argument was a bit tenuous, but I do recall days where, over the course of thirty game minutes, I tried to spawn in seven different locations, and each time the spawn point was being shelled to oblivion by Liberators. I play the game a lot with my wife, and I remember on one such occasion, as we kept re-spawning at different points and trying different places, all to find the spawn shacks blasted by Liberators (most bases weren't even being captured, the Libs were just farming), she logged out and said "I don't know if I want to play this game anymore."

    If you can't even get into a fight because you keep being insta-killed no matter where you spawn, then you could argue that said methods are "ruining the game."

    But nothing like that is happening now. ScatMaxs are annoying in a limited scope. Hoverpod Mossies are annoying but avoidable and counterable. Slip-slidy magriders (pre-nerf) were annoying and ubiquitous, but not game denying. Lockdown prowler spam (pre-nerf) was annoying but still limited logistically (they couldn't quickly go elsewhere the way Libs could).

    People are just doomsday forecasters because their lives often contain little or no hardship, but we're hardwired to respond to such stimuli, so we invent it as necessary. Look at the raw amount of "X empire specific launcher is OP" before anyone has actually used any of them.
  8. Valhalas

    speaking of BFR i want them back :D
  9. smokemaker

    Nerfs do far more damage to the game then they solve.
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  10. phreec

    Said only those relying on cheap tools to get kills... :rolleyes:
  11. Jaquio

    I agree.

    I have said on numerous occasions that the answer to a balance problem in a game is to add, not subtract.

    When air was overpowered, the answer was to give us more anti-air options, not make air weaker. ScatMaxes are overpowered, the answer is to give factions more anti-MAX options, not make them weaker. Giving people more potential solutions to problems makes a game deeper. Nerfing everything makes a game more shallow.
  12. ToolMan

    *Amen* - Learn to work around those Empire Specific advantages instead of coming in here whining about them. There is no ONE weapon or ONE vehicle that constantly wipes me out. Watch some videos on how to counter said weapon or vehicle instead of crying about it all the time. If it's SO bad that you can't get past it....well...there's always Hello Kitty Island Adventure.
  13. Jaquio

    It's possible to admit something is overpowered, but come up with a solution that adds to the game, not subtracts from it.
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  14. smokemaker

    There is no such thing as a "cheap kill"
    Dead is dead
    Words about "skill" from the dead are meaningless.

    I am here to kill you.
    I do not care how or with what weapon as long as it helps me kill you while reducing your ability to retaliate.
    Not one part of me is interested in "fair" or displaying some "skill" set to my victims.
    You exist for me to hunt down and kill.
  15. Molotov

    It is the indirect result of the unbalance that ruins the game. When a player is continuously confronted by an unfair advantage they become frustrated and lose enjoyment in the game. What is the point of playing a game when one side has a specific advantage that though may be possible to overcome makes the odds heavily against you? No one likes to lose. This is why players leave the games, to go find something that they can enjoy doing.

    So to ask why things like this ruin a game is an understatement. Players choosing not to play a game is not what ruins it, but rather kills the game!
  16. Valhalas

    bring back the BFR so i can give the inf something to cry nerf about when i instant kill a whole platoon with it

  17. phreec

    I can understand it from your viewpoint but I don't agree with it. Coming from playing CS in my teen days I think competitiveness and skill are cornerstones of a good shooter. Even if this game isn't exactly a competitive shooter will I still endorse skill being the deciding factor between who's dead and who's alive, not whatever OP skill-less gun they're wielding or how high up the orbit they can fit their HE cannons.
  18. ExarRazor

    lasher 2.0 was awesome.
  19. Xind

    Gonna say, I think BFRs wouldn't fair quite the same in PS2. It would give merit to AP rounds on tank, Dalton spamming libs would hunt them down with great ease and finally they'd be easy pickins for the lock on swarm we currently have.
  20. Valhalas

    so there should be no harm in giving it to me with the original ps1 stats ;D