What I don't get about three carbines.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by LegoFarmer, May 29, 2013.

  1. LegoFarmer

    The TR are supposed to have the hot fire rate. Why do the NC and the VS both have carbines that have faster RoF than any of the TR carbines? I don't understand
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  2. Yalk

    But TR get the AVX Average Carbine, has the highest average fire rate....just use that

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  3. IceSword

    There are always exceptions to the rule. I may be wrong here, as I haven't checked the numbers recently (If there's a numbers wiz, correct me, please.), but of all three factions, I believe the TR have the highest average rate of fire. Pick up any given weapon for TR, and any given weapon for NC and VS, and likely the TR have the RoF advantage.
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  4. Kulantan

    Because it they had to give up something for the ten extra rounds in the mag. SOE decided that it would be 45 rounds per minute. I like the GD-7F but if you gave me the option of the Lynx I'd take it.
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  5. Hagestol

    The rule is "MORE DAKKA". More dakka comes in extra bullets in mag or higher RoF. And if Tr shot fast and NC shot hard, what would be the VS carb advantage?
  6. Van Dax

    yeah we don't even have a single .75x ads carbine, the TR have two. whats our faction trait again?
  7. Bankrotas

    Ability to religously defend clearly op things for couple of months until they're taken away from you, then sitting in blissful ignorance about what good things you have crying VS UP, that and that OP?
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  8. Van Dax

    I'm sorry I can't hear you over your blatant disregard for your own factions OP toys that in general lasted longer than any other OP thing in the game. utter hypocrisy and disregard for the actual content of my statement
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  9. Bankrotas

    That's what they are paying me for :)
  10. EclipsedTerror

    VS have no fall off(not really much of a trait for LA) and middle of the road weapons.

    Turns out, even without an LA trait, VX6 is the best or close second for carbines.
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  11. Hagestol

    Something happened to either the VX or other guns - because most people I know stopped using it. It feels.. spammy and less accurate. I only use Pandora, thanatos sniper or SMGs now :/
    VX should really have five or ten more bullets imo, but it might be OP with it. I just know that I don't use it anymore.

    Hackmax. Nuff said.
  12. belthazor3457

    You underestimate the TR faction bonus: Extreme pride, manliness, and the massive pants-bulging manhood of all TR players. Obviously, this required our weapons to be heavily nerfed to compensate for this. It would be so very unfair otherwise.

    Think about the balance and fairness, man!
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  13. HeadshotVictim

    oh yeah hackmaxes... the maxes you can shoot down with a carbine from 20m away with ease.
    The maxes unable to kill other maxes beyond 15m... and after the recent nerf in CQC as well.
    There are purple glowing Usain-Bolt Maxes with insane dmg output, but hackmax with its "manly" shield is overpowwered... *sigh*

    use a Gauss Saw with 0 certs on it, use a T9-Carv without certs... jsut saying...

    well, before SMG were introduced there was aneed for CQC options for LA in other factions. Perhaps you understand that NC and VS also should be able to compete in BioLab fights.
    Perhaps it is understandable that a CQC hipfire Carbine should have more than 600 bullets/min...
    so lower dmg and higher rate of fire... looking a bit like a TR carbine.
    Do not cry; the GD-7F (the most beautiful CQC carbine) got a decent accuracy nerf on bigger ranges... it now not able to shoot people precisely at 150m...
  14. vaxx

    Two things.

    NC Max's can kill beyond 15m just fine. Its not instant, but its still fast.
    Who cares about a weapon with 0 certs. How long are you going to use a weapon before you put certs into it? That argument is not valid. Just sayin...
  15. Wolfwood82

    Your starting pointless side arguments in threads! Just sayin.... o_O Also blind responding again... -coughs-

    Most of our carbines are faster then the other carbines of the same class. The only class that out matches ours in RoF are the CQC carbines. We out DPM all of them though.
  16. TeknoBug

    The GD-7F and Serpent both SUCK in accuracy, I rather use any of TR's fast ROF carbine that has better accuracy.
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  17. TeknoBug

    Play HA and use the Orion or SVA-88 if you want mobility. :p
  18. Kronic

    I'd take 0.75 ADS movement over 45 rpm any day of the week. I don't even have the Lynx in a loadout anymore, it's been cornered into a CQC role too much where you'll get ***** by a shotgun anyway, so I've moved over to the Trac-5, Barrage (new purchace) and the Nighthawk. The main thing I miss about the Lynx compared to the Trac-5 is its ADS movement speed by far. The Trac-5s accuracy and ease of use just about make up for it though.
    The GD-7F and the Serepnt are easier to use at range than the Lynx though, their recoils are much more vertical as opposed to the Lynxs harsh horizontal recoil pattern.
  19. Wolfwood82

    Shhh if he doesn't know it maybe he won't use those guns!
  20. Kronic

    Ha, yeah better for us I guess.