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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Deice, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Deice

    I am writing this to ask, why have YOU, DAYBREAK Games have screwed this game up so bad I don't even want to play anymore. This game was supposed to be the next step in the MMOFPS genre. You have officially ruined that. We are now a giant round based ******** shooter. Kill cam? Really? This is NOT what Planetside was supposed to be. I am a disappointed veteran player that is trying to have fun in a game I love and now almost hate to play. Stop changing the game, add content and, control cheaters. Blah, blah, I know... you have heard it before. Make me want play again! Stop appealing to the idiot round based snowflake players that you have been listening too. You had one job... :(
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  2. Scrundle

    This looks like criticism against DBG! Don't worry though, they have an excellent defence for that, they'll just call you a "Salty Vet" and disregard anything you say. Works like a charm, highly recommended.
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  3. Skraggz

    No they will not... this is the official forums... it will not even get read over
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  4. Scrundle

    Hahaha, you're right, that is true!
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  5. OgreMarkX

    Planetside 2 is now designed by a central planner. Central Planners always cause slow death to anything they touch.

    Enjoy the slide.
  6. JibbaJabba

    lol it's another one. C'mon show us on the doll where the kill cam touched you.

    You people are not dealing with this thing well.
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  7. PlanetBound

    the doll. First time I laughed today.
  8. TRspy007

    W(r)ell said, the devs are only listening to the lower IQ part of our community, and are trying to attract more of them it seems. Man the thing that probably pissed me off the most is the prowler. No matter how people put it, there was no need for it to be touched. Now it's been ***** and molested so many times I can't even recognize my favorite tank. A massive shield that just attracts all the attention in the world and makes the prowler 5x a bigger target.

    Honestly, I was facing off this prowler on my NC character, had he not activated his force bubble, I wouldn't have been able to finish him off with my vanguard, I didn't have a shot from behind my cover until the bubble exposed him. What they're doing to all the tanks (except the magrider) is just ridiculous. The priorities of this game have just been flipped upside down, it's in such a sorry state.

    The cam should at least be able to be switched on/off by players who just want to see a normal death screen, the NS sanctuary, well...it's nice to see development, but that didn't strike me as a priority (for Planetside 2 at least) and yeah, I guess the bounty system is ok now but there's still tons of bugs that need ironing out. Overall the game has just been in a downwards spiral since it's creation, nothing new.
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  9. Johannes Kaiser

    We need a "Classic Server". ;)
  10. FateJH

    Is "classic" a server where the Vanguard Shield is essentially colorful silk?
    Or is "classic" a server where you can crash all players in a given vicinity by using C-4 and Sunderer modules?
    Or is "classic" a server where Heavy Assault can equip just slightly more or less than 2x the health of any other vanilla infantry class?
    Or is "classic" a server where you rocket into the sky and die from fall damage just for getting out of a stationary vehicle?

    I'm not being flippant. It's easier to keep track of the version based on which bug was mitigated.
  11. Pikachu

    I think classic implies without the bugs.
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  12. Johannes Kaiser

    Yeah. I meant pretty much what we had in around release minus bugs.
    Maybe some other tweaks that are universally beneficial but came later (like Cert bonus for BR-up; helps getting into gear again with a new char on that server).
  13. JibbaJabba

    Classic = Back with HESH was called "HE", had a one shot kill radius of like 5m and infantry highlighting thermal sights.

    Oh... and a Decimator hit so hard it would panic an MBT driver if it hit rear armor.

    Good times.
  14. Trigga

    I also enjoyed it.
    Be careful tho, you might get accused of being a horrible saddistic biggot for enjoying game balance thats different to now. :rolleyes:
  15. Pikachu

    Also all tanks have the same splash damage. Prowler = double kill. He and heat have the same splash. AP gives no noticable advantage. Magrider dominates tank duels because of mobility. Magbuener allows magriders to reach mountain tops.

    Fury kills infantry witj 1 hit, or 2 splash hits. Kills maxes with 2 hits. Has smaller magazine though.

    All shotguns shoot faster, reloads faster and has bigger magazines and has less falloff and has bigger cof.

    G2A missile doesnt have speed boost when locked and can therefore barely hit aircraft.

    Dalton and bulldog have splash damage against vehicles.

    Canister deals 250 damage with 12 pellets and has 1 shot.

    Enforcer is almost identical to halberd.

    PPA and light PPA and banshee are much stronger than they are now, and nobody complains for a year at least.

    MCG and jackhammer are weak and are only used by new players.

    All weapons makes target flinch. Faster ROF = more flinch. NC suffers.

    Maxes can capture points and have infinite revive timer, as do infantry. Their AV weapons are weak and not used by anyone. A max costs 150 infantry resources.

    Viper kills with 1 hit.

    There is no lattice and no redeployment restrictions. People can guide their drop pod and it will kill anything it hits. Nanites are split into 3 resources that are gained in proportion to how many bases a faction owns.

    One C4 brick sets a tank on fire.

    UBGL has no arming distance and kills with splash damage.
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  16. OneShadowWarrior

    It’s balanced......snickers....
  17. Deice

    Everyone has jokes... This game is a mess! It's not what I played on release and isn't even close to what we thought the game was going to be. Maybe we'll see a replacement in the future. Maybe.

    I want my flame thrower back!:)
  18. TRspy007

    Planetside 2 without the bugs...well isn't Planetside 2 lol
  19. staban

    I've being playing Planetside for over 6 years now and have seen a fair amount of changes to the gameplay in that time. Whilst some of these changes have been good and others not so good, I've generally enjoyed it and I've continued to play it several times a week. It was my go-to game. However, the recent changes and the introduction of the killcam in particular has just killed it for me. A poorly thought-out and poorly implemented feature that makes any meaningful Stalker gameplay (and no I am not referring to 'camping') redundant. Sadly, I don't see Daybreak removing or amending this feature so I guess its time to bid Auraxis au revoir and move on. It was fun (just not anymore)...
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  20. Exileant

    ;) Play the Ps4 version. :p We do not have a kill cam. We no not have someone constantly in our ear every time we get a kill. :confused: Just our Commander telling us whether we are wining or losing a base. The Trade off is no base building. But we do have the Soooooo, Bonus? We also cannot control how much the ant carries.... at least that I can see.... :D But hey I love the game. They are slowly making Vanu Playable again. :mad: Whoever destroyed the Magburner is who I am upset with....

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