What has changed in the last 6-7 months?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Soporific, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Soporific

    I played up until I hit level 48 and stopped for I'm guessing 6 months.

    When I hopped back in today I got about 3800 cert points back for stuff that had been removed or modified I think. I also just noticed something that looks like an old AMS shield people are deploying in the middle of rooms. What is that?

    Or are there any places I can look to see what in general changed since then without reading 40+ change posts? Everything seems mostly the same to me so far, but I just play engineer/MAX really.

  2. Copasetic

    That's a new deployable shield regen field for the medic. The graphic for it doesn't show up sometimes, I don't expect that'll be fixed for at least another 6 months.

    Don't think much has changed for the engineer or MAX except that MANA AV turrets have a 450m maximum range now.
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  3. Paragon Exile

    You got back certs for the vehicle timers.

    The sundy shield is a defensive utility that absorbs a set amount of damage before the actual vehicle can be hit. It also regenerates. Or are you talking about the medic shield regen?

    I'll save you some time and summarize what changed;

    -OMFG performance update

    -Valkyrie transport (it's bad)

    -Hossin was released (it's good)

    -Tank cannons were made weaker against infantry.

    -The PPA on the Magrider/Harasser was nerfed, and the canister for the Vanguard/Harasser was buffed.

    -The Mini chaingun was changed to be more consistent

    -Three new carbines; long-range Razor clone for TR, the Cougar . NC and VS got an equivalent to the Jaguar, the Bandit and Zenith respectively.

    -Three new Assault Rifles; fast-firing VS utility weapon with the Terminus, NC got the marksman 200 damage weapon the Albatross, TR got the all-rounder TORQ.

    -Rocketpods nerfed to be less effective against vehicles

    -Facility alerts were removed.

    -Continent locking is in (no continent lattice).

    -New directives system, which work like achievements and give cosmetic rewards and new guns.

    -Aforementioned directive weapons have a unique visual camo that moves, but are otherwise similar to the faction's default weapon (i.e. the Betelgeuse is a variant of the Orion, the GODSAW is a variant of the Gauss SAW). Most of the Vanu directive guns have the heat mechanic and infinite ammo.

    -Weapon optics were overhauled and now function properly, and are always centered.

    -More smaller things

    In general, the game is more-or-less the same, no serious differences in moment-to-moment gameplay.
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  4. Soporific

    Thank you Copasetic!

    And nice list Paragon - that really clears some things up for me.

    The shield was the medic shield I believe as we were in the middle of a building. I kept trying to stay in it with my MAX when we were holding a room but I wasn't sure if it was doing anything or rather what it was doing.
  5. Paragon Exile

    The shield only repairs shields, it doesn't block damage :(

    So sticking around in a MAX, who is all armor, doesn't help. You should actually stay away from them as a MAX since they tend to attract grenades and C4 like flies to honey.
  6. Soporific

    I somehow was the only one who survived, or survived last I should say. We had a decent engineer/medic chain going with me on point. But yeah I did notice a lot of grenades kept coming. :)