What hardware to upgrade

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Kolter, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Kolter

    Hello I want to know what piece of hardware I need to upgrade to play this game flawlessly at 100% ultra settings my current specs are.

    OS: Windows 7
    Video Card: Geforce GTX670
    Processor: intel Core - i7 860 2.80ghz
    Memory: 8g ram

    I want to play this game at Max settings with a minimal FPS of 45-60.

    I have already tried useroptions and unparking cores, so now I want to know what part of my computer needs an upgrade. Thanks in advance!
  2. Deladin

    Your CPU would get you the bang if you only care about Planetside. The game will never use more then a few gigs of your ram, and barely touches your GPU(which is already a nice card)

    However, this game sucks at handling CPU power efficiently. You going in the right direction with an Intel(i hate to say it as I am an AMD guy) as this game blows on AMD cards out there. Check my sig and see my specs, I am LUCKY to get over 35fps in this game, and it drops to abot 15-20 in large battles.

    Get am i5 or i7 with around 3.5+ ghz and you should be good. Also more ram never hurts as other games tend to actually utilize the extra ram.

    my two cents.

    Whats sad is I dropped nearly a grand to upgrade my computer just for Planetside 2, and my performance barely went up from what I used ot have, a AMD X4@2.8, 4 gigs of ram, a gtx 460.
  3. HerbertKnivez

    Your game should be running at those FPS on Ultra, But I would suggest upgrading your CPU. To a 2700k or i5 3570
  4. Cedj

    I doubt there is any use updating anything on that system, it can run any other game maxed out with ease.
    The problem is theirs to fix, dropping couple hundred bucks for a few fps more in an unfinished game feels like quite a waste to me.

    While I agree AMD dropped the ball with the latest series of CPUs ( i personally use an i5 now), there's virtually no difference in performance between AMD and NVIDIA cards in this game.

    Hell, my 6870 pulls a constant 110 fps with ease on high/ultra (with shadows completely off), the game is not GPU intensive at all.
    But when near a sizeable battle fps plummets to 35ish, with the game not using even half CPU and GPU resources. They have a ton of optimization yet to do.

    My advice is hang tight and wait, everyone else is in the same boat anyway:)
  5. Deladin

    I dont use AMD cards, when I said I was an AMD guy I meant CPU's. I will probably never buy an AMD video card.
  6. McFly

    hate to break this to you but no matter what system you have you will not be able to have a minimum fps >45 just because the optimization of the game. But you do need to upgrade your CPU for sure. I have an i5 3570K, but my game is CPU bound even when my CPU isn't even breaking a sweat.
  7. Hydragarium

    I'd say that 40-45 is doable except in massive zergs. But you're going to have to tweak back and forth a lot.
  8. McFly

    yea for sure, my avg fps should be around 60 while not in massive zerg fights.
  9. Cedj

    But that wasn't why i quoted you on that, you said "as this game blows on AMD cards out there" :D
  10. mindbomb

    well, considering this game will likely have hardware accelerated physics for nvidia cards, it is a good rule of thumb to avoid amd all together.
  11. Deladin

    Sorry type, I meant AMD CPU's.
  12. XRIST0

    Overclock your 860 ? i have my 870 on 4.2 ..

    Should be able to overclock it easily .
  13. Kolter

    Thanks for the replies everyone, I think I will hold out until this game is optimized. Maybe I will try overclocking my cpu first!
  14. ReactionDT

    I get over 60fps in most huge fights, unless they get ridiculous it'll go to 40. I have an i5-3570k and 2 680s in SLI though, which is near ******** to have to have to get 60fps. My i5 is at 4.6ghz. Your bottleneck is definitely going to be at your CPU and I'm not sure of the overclocking capabilities of your CPU but if u can get it near 4.0ghz you should see quite an increase in FPS. Turn off hyperthreading if its on in the bios. The cheapest way you could upgrade would definitely be your CPU and your RAM if you have a slower mhz set. Make sure your motherboard supports whatever you look into though.

    All that said, I'd get a decent aftermarker cooler and get to overclocking that processor. This game is 32 bit and DX9 so it'll never be optimized to other games standards of today but maybe this patch in January will turn things around. Good luck.