What happened to the GD-7F NC ?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Teykila, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Teykila

    since the patch, it seems that the damages are realy low.

    i need to unload all the clips in order to kill someone (even worse on the heavy assault)

    do someoone noticed this too ?
  2. chrollo

    might be lag or hit detection
  3. Teykila

  4. Bill Hicks

    People are saying its weaker. I havent noticed anything different. Still deadly
  5. Armchair

    I've noticed lots of lag and death's taking a moment to catch up to people who have taken lethal damage. I've put the lethal round into someone with my magshot, noticed the "you killed _______" message, and he gets a good half second to keep responding before he dies. These delayed deaths have led to a lot of mutual kill head-to-head gunfights.
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  6. TheArchetype

    I've noticed a lot of those too. Never happened before the patch. Initially just thought it was balance changes :p Haha
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  7. Deathcapt

    It has more recoil now, which probably translates to longer TTK, needs more burst control, but I'm still dropping people with 2 good bursts.
  8. joshua

    I just verified the data and there were no changes to this weapon.
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  9. Reithan

    Has pistol damage been changed? It seems much lower.
  10. Ayre

    Hey Josh since you seem to be answering some questions right now:

    A) Are there any concrete stats on SMGs? They seem to shoot much slower than CQC carbines.

    B) Can you confirm the stats of the Blueshift? There are a bunch of videos of it being dramatically less accurate and slower firing than the Quasar when its supposedly the accurate long range VS MAX AI weapon.
  11. shamE

    I'm having this problem on TR as well with most of the weapons. Its a hard bug to notice buts definitely there. MSW-R is taking its full 50 rounds to kill someone for me. Its more than likely something to do with GU2 ******* up the netcode or shot reg with the server.
  12. Craig1287

    That video discusses the NC's AF-4 but also has a link to the Google Docs spreadsheet. It has all the stats on the SMGs except for minimum damage.
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  13. StormFrog

    A) http://forums.station.sony.com/ps2/index.php?threads/smg-stats.87556/

    B) http://forums.station.sony.com/ps2/index.php?threads/detailed-stats-for-all-max-ai-weapons.70543/

    The Cosmos is the best available MAX weapon for the VS. There's little to no reason to use anything else. They're basically Mercies with bigger clips and a little less DPS.
  14. Syphers

    Well I played around with the linx yesterday and I found it horrible overall the recoil seemed fine on a wall but it's like the hits barely registred on the players, on the other hand the trac 5 and the jaguar are fine
  15. the pestimist

    weaker is true vs and tr carbines are beasts compared to it if they dropped the reload speed a bit it might help.
  16. Dryka

    gd-7f is the same as usual for me. only the sound changed. remember that the gd-7f pulls to the left slightly. Also since it's one of the few really high rate of fire NC weapons it's easy to lose control of it if you don't burst.

    I like the new sound. Very much so.
  17. Tiedemann

    I still waste some ammo just to hear the new sound. Love it.
    It reminds of BF3 for some reason. Can't remember what gun though.
  18. Achmed20

    same here ^^
    the new AC-X11 sound rocks too.
  19. Mastachief

    The gd7 definitely feels different
  20. Errorplane

    I was thinking that the GD-7F was messed with in the patch also. Couldn't put my finger on it but something was definitely wrong. Because of this I decided to play another class using another weapon I was used to. This weapon also felt different. After this I realized that my mouse sensitivity had changed in game after the patch and that was the thing that was throwing me off. Messed with sensitivity so it was close to what I had it at pre patch. GD-7F now feels like it used to.
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