What happened to nights?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Gammit, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Gammit

    In alpha and beta, nights were DARK. Lights and Infra Red scopes were completely necessary and it added a large element to the game. Nights also lasted at least several minutes (it felt like 10-20).

    I can't remember the last time it was even mildly difficult to see in-game due to darkness.
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  2. Hashi

    lower the brightness on your moniter= $?
  3. bPostal

    People couldn't see, so they brought in another moon, or something to that effect.
    That's my guess.
  4. CobraBoss

    Hence not one person playing got the flashlight.
  5. bPostal

    IMO putting a flashlight on your weapon at night is an automatic 'shoot me in the mouth' beacon. NVGs are what's needed.
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  6. CobraBoss

    Not if it blinds the enemy focusing on it like in BF3.

    Why goggles you have a NV scope ...
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  7. Gammit

    Yes, the wise learned to memorize the general layout of the ground on which they fought, or only turn on the flashlights for a brief second to see then immediately turned them off. They were painful to get them flashed in your eyes though.
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  8. bPostal

    I keep forgetting about that, I'm gonna pick up some of those one of these days/nights.
  9. Eli

    I'd like darker nights and flashlights that don't give your position too much.
  10. Clay Pigeon

    Yes. Night vision should be on the soldier, not the weapon.
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  11. bPostal

    IR lights!
  12. Necron

    VS are already at a distinct advantage at night because they blend in so well... I really would not want to see them get an even large one.
  13. wowie

    Reposting this thing I wrote from and older thread:

    Make nights drain the color from everything until it's almost black and white, whenever in a dark area. Disable Q-ing targets that do not have a light source being shone on them during the night. Make IFF indicators (the blue/red names and triangles) disappear completely wherever a player is looking into a poorly lit area. Make the range of headlights/flashlights greater than 5 feet. Make lights (including sunlight), tracers, and explosions cause blindness to those using NV and/or IR (NV blinded by light and IR blinded by heat?).

    Night should be chaotic. Is that shape you saw a friend or a foe? What vehicle does that humming engine noise belong to? What is that steam of tracer fire coming from? Should I use a common pool weapon to hide my audio signature? Would that cause me to be shot by friendlies? Should I reveal myself and blind enemies with flashlights, or should I use NV and risk being blinded myself, for a bit of increased stealth? ...Why so many questions? These are the things I wish I would need to frequently ask myself during night fighting.
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  14. Fox234

    Says the faction that wears grey and black lol.

    I would love to see nights return. PS2 needs more tactical combat. Also the flashlight should come standard on the default guns. This way newbies aren't crippled by having no NV or flashlights. Kinda off topic but I would love to see leaning added to the game too. Way more tactical than running out into the open spraying or side stepping half your body out to try and ghetto lean around cover.
  15. ToggleSwitch

    1) Just need to know when to turn the flash light on and off.

    2) You can't run when looking through a scope. That's why NV goggles would help.
  16. wowie

    The only problem with this is that the game would be pay2win during the in-game night because of camos,
    unless some free camos and/or ghillie suits were supplied for every continent, and I doubt that would ever happen.
  17. CobraBoss

    1) yeah the ennemy should send you a text message before he turns a corner your way.

    2) GL Convincing SoE , but for now you have NV scope.
  18. RaTzo

    Indar used to be pitch black and it was cool, disorientating and demanded an entirely different style of combat. As far as I'm concerned the night should be DARK and it should last an hour at least. Let's see who can step up and become strong at night ops!

    Night is hardly even an inconvenience now... if it's an issue at all one can simply go back to the warpgate take a bathroom break and get back to fighting in the bright of day again.
  19. Meurtos

    Award for stupidest comment ever. That would make HIS screen darker and give himself a disadvantage, while everyone else is fine.
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  20. Grahf Azura

    Headlights and flashlights are completely useless and only get you killed in this game if you turn them on. So maybe make nights darker and give players a reason to use lights in this game could be a good idea.