What Happened to IFF Doritos Render?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Klypto, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Klypto

    My number of false positives on friendly infantry have gone up about 200%, and this is only when they are just rendering to me. (running around a corner, entering render distance, etc.)

    The Doritos above their head now seems to take 600ms to as much as 1500 ms to render on top of their head after the characters render themselves. This completely screws with my first level IFF and flags them as a target. In a lot of these "new cases", the bullets or tank shells have already left my gun, I can't take them and put them back in the chamber. It's not as bad as infantry because IFF catches the beep or the second stage is processed beforehand and says "HEY that's not a bad guy gun, backpack, or hat!". I usually manage to stop before causing any serious harm, but there's no way someone is surviving an unexpected AP round to the chest. I've also recently mowed down quite a few friendlies with the mana turret because of this.

    Or maybe I'm just going crazy and it's always been that way.
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  2. uhlan

    Running my AP Lightning yesterday I had the very same issue.

    It's got to be lag of some kind causing it.
  3. Lord_Avatar

    Well Klypto - Alarox says you are a tad on the crazy side, but personality issues aside I too have been seeing some wonky doritoless people all over the place.

    A pain in the butt when mixed camos come into play.
  4. BobSanders123

    Battle of the Vanguards
  5. Klypto

    If this is a thing, I'm not re-writting/learing my IFF to accommodate it at the cost of speed.

    My TK % will go up but I really don't care if it's not really my fault.
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  6. gibstorm

    How is it not your fault?? I am too lazy to check if the person has blue or yellow on but it's not my fault??

  7. Alarox

    Relying on color to identify friend or foe will get you killed. Example from reddit:


    How many VS are in this picture?

    The doritos exist so we don't need to spend time trying to figure out if someone is a friend/foe based on their color.
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  8. gibstorm

    As TR, I would shoot everyone Except the stock TR guy. I just look at people and if they don't have red in the right spots they get lit up.

    It's a No Red, it's dead policy.

    But i do agree VS, should have more team colors,
  9. FateJH

    The TR aren't allowed to have as much black on their armor as #1. :(
    #2 and #5 are crafty VS scum.
    As for the yellow and blue guys, the NC TK 24/7, so it's not like the camo is going to help them.
  10. Klypto

    Faction color processing on the characters themselves is the absolute slowest form of IFF.

    If you want to have any semblance of decent, quality reaction times in this game, processing faction colors should only be a tertiary check and not used in your main IFF process.

    I personally still process faction colors on the side, but shape matching, behavior flags, cleared objects, and doritos always complete and return results lightyears faster than color checking does. I would estimated that sometimes by as much as 100-150ms.

    Of course with doritos lagging behind for newly rendered players there's times at where there's now a hole in my IFF process time. By the time colors clear, the guy is already dead.
  11. WTSherman

    Yeah, I've been noticing the same problem and it's really annoying. Especially when fighting VS, since against them you basically have to assume anyone who doesn't have a dorito is a VS wearing blue/yellow camo.

    Though what's also weird is it seems like recently NS vehicles have been displaying the wrong colors at long distances. Like I'll see a blue Galaxy/Liberator flying around, but when I Q-spot it pops up as VS/TR... or it turns purple/red once it gets close enough. Same thing for Lightnings. Other times I've accidentally shot NC Gals/Libs, because for some reason they were rendering with TR colors and weren't displaying a nametag.

    Fortunately for them Gals/Libs can take a few hits, but it's weird. Has SOE got their LODs screwed up on NS vehicles?
  12. EGuardian1

    Doritos go missing for me every so often. If i'm in the mood, i'll turn the HUD off as well just for a laugh. It's never effective, but it sure as hell taught me how to recognize enemies based on more than just the dorito.
  13. The Rogue Wolf

    Anyone wearing confusing camo will probably end up catching a shot or two from me if I don't see that friendly-colored dorito.

    You wanted to look like the enemy? Good job! Don't expect me to break out the magnifying glass and give your outfit the once-over in the middle of a fight.
  14. Foxirus

    Ive gotten to the point to where I have learned the design of the enemy armors. I do not depend on IFF's because the HUD system has become so unreliable. There has been times where I could not even spot an enemy sunderer that was about 200m out. It was ridiculous.

    Another thing.. Want to have good practice? Control F10. Activates Realistic mode. Its also GREAT practice to learn ADS timing.
  15. gibstorm

    Obviously your system doesn't work if your just firing on teamamtes.

    Oh noes, I have to make sure the guy is an enemy before I blow him away...That is way to much work.
  16. Klypto

    Yes it can be too much work if you want highly competitive reaction times, which I'm guessing you do not? I don't want to assume that you are just an average or even just above average player. Regardless, my safety takes precedence over theirs.

    It was working perfectly fine until I noticed faults within the last week. The only teammates I'm firing on have a delay on their doritos rendering. Usually my teamkills are from running over oblivious pedestrians in my Vanguard, which is impossible for me to stop them from committing suicide. (occasionally it's people rendering so slow they are already inside my tank, but that's another issue) It's brought my TK rate above 3% and is now reaching to almost a full 50% of TKs are not in my Vanguard running someone over. http://planetside.tk/#Klypto
  17. gibstorm

    Everyone has to do it....so it's equal for everyone.

    If you choose to think you are special and think blowing away team mates is fine. That is on you. Not the game
  18. Klypto

    How is that relevant? The game is failing to provide important IFF information in a timely manner.

    I don't see how I am at fault for their error in any way.
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  19. Paragon Exile

    Try to memorize the silhouettes of the different factions, not the colors or doritos.

    It doesn't work for NS vehicles, but EVERY enemy will have the same armor (barring composite/drakon, which aren't a huge change) and your allies will have the same rule applied to them. This is much more reliable than doritos.

    I learned this from star wars battlefront, the hard way.
  20. gibstorm

    Everyone is equal, You use what the game gives just like everyone else.

    Your answer is. I don't like what I get therfore it's ok to kill my teammates. Glad your not on my team.

    This is not CoD where there is 24 players on a small map. Some times it can't even render all the players. I am sure making models appear is more important then the dorito