What happened to fall damage?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Styrkr, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Styrkr

    I heard it was nerfed in OMFG pt. 1, but I fell off of a tower landing pad and didn't get a lick of damage. Did they remove fall damage? Is it a bug/mistake? Or is it temporary? Seems silly to fall four stories and walk away without at least a limp...
  2. DevDevBooday

    For me there is like a 1 in 20 chance I will take none. I have jumped from the bridge at J908 to the ground and walked away. It just seems to be bugged.
  3. KenDelta

    Sometimes no fall damage , sometimes fall damage.
  4. SpaceKing

    Fall damage fell down.
  5. Rithlar

    I think if you land on sharp slope you don't take damage.
  6. Scienta

    I have been cloaking before I take a fall and for some reason its been pretty consistent, but I have lived from falls as other classes as well. Not exactly sure what is causing it, but its happening.
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  7. FLHuk

    It caused a performance hit so it was removed, sounds fine to me.
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  8. Darkelfdruid_LOL

    Lol you srs?

    I noticed If you jump after spawning without geting into vehicle/ taking dmg= you won't die
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  9. EmmettLBrown

    You guys really don't want to go angering Sir Isaac Newton.
  10. NeverSayDie

    Hadn't noticed whether it was gone altogether in the latest patch or not, but keep in mind if you use a lift pad (in either direction) you're made immune to fall damage for 10 seconds or so - handy for bailing off towers as non-LA classes, etc.
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  11. Ttariel

    Jesus is going around catching people or something and the reason that it does not always works is, well he has to fly to other people too and does not have time for your ******** 24/7.
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  12. Facium

    Seems completely random. Jumped off a tower no damage, I ran down a hill started taking damage on every high spot.

    Also strange I have died twice just dropping out of a gal. It seems if you touch anything on the way down (side of a building, antenna, ect.) you die when you hit the ground
  13. Crackulous

    Hey engineers, jump out of your ESF to drop tank mines. Seems like you don't need ejection seats. It's the new tactic to replace the drop pod mechanic.
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  14. Kitakami

    Maybe they lowered the polygon count in maps, so had to adjust which angles activate fall damage? So it's easier to land at an angle that doesn't.
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  15. Squigzy

    NC has discovered Freedom from Fall Damage, because Freedom.

    TR started Oppressing Gravity

    VS Began worshiping Gravity as their God and it has forgiven them for their Trespass.

    Lore Update # 102
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  16. EmmettLBrown

    When a people fear breaking their legs, it's called tyranny. When gravity fears people, it's called liberty.
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  17. John_Aitc

    To be fair, it does look like my character is flapping his arms while falling.
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  18. Flapatax

    It's a bug. I jumped out of a scythe at the sky ceiling yesterday and took nothing.
  19. SgtScum

    As long as you brush against something on the way down you never take falling damage.

    Been that way for as long as the game has been live. For drops with nothing handy to bump against as you fall you can use the movement keys and as long as where you land is slightly sloped you have an excellent chance of not taking any damage.

    Otoh I've 'fallen' from heights not much higher than a sundy and it takes off nearly all my health. :p
  20. Unclematos7

    Why are you guys complaining? This is a great bug!