[Suggestion] What happend to Auto kick??

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  1. Yessme

    Again sry for my english....

    Time ago, PS2 Player asked for a anti cheat stuff. After years, of crying and flaming, the devs implant a Auto kick Programm, for cheater. Time ago u see on ur Screen, Player .... got banned of Cheating ( in game ).
    Many Player cry coz of the Script in his Screen, so the devs say, the Programm work now in the Background, but it still work....
    2 Days ago, in the Morning, i have a good day and Thing, come lets Play PS2.
    OK, with happyness, comp on, and go.
    5 minsin the Game, some People kill all People around the Base, with Nosegun, he move without flying .
    Ok i Thing, move Place, after 30 min he din`t Play anymore, after a Hour i move back, hmm he still Play :/.
    Who i meet him 1st Time, he was BR12,
    on 2nd time he was BR 21.

    Ok i Thing, i go off and try to Play in the evening, is just a game.......
    6 Hours after, i log on with same happyness XD
    30 - 40 Min in Ganme, i got instand killed on a Nosegun.
    I looked the Death Screen, ohhhh, what i see, the same Guy like in the morning, but now BR 35 :(

    So my Question, what is with the Auto Kick System for the Cheater :/ I know now, PS2 Don`t do anything :/
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  2. dejavuallover3

    DBG don't give a crap about cheaters. Look at someone calling himself Cheetaah on Connery if you want a prime example. The auto kick was basically dismantled because it caught some genuine people and a few who were cheating but were high profile and who whined until DBG backed down. They are a dishonest company who do not really care about those players who are honest. There is no effective anti cheat in PS2 and there hasn't been in over three years.
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  3. SpaceTimeSpace

    Do not expect there to be a stable cheat system, since 1) 3rd side, 4th side? 2) Ban(d) of what? 3) Got to leave them all!
  4. Scifi

    There is that many cheaters now that if they stopped them, there be noone left to play it hehehe...
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