What gun for NC engineer

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Midgetdan, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Midgetdan

    I like to play close-medium range. I am torn between the Compact S and GD7-F :(
  2. LonelyTerran

    Default Mercenary
    Holy **** that thing is incredible
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  3. FateJH

    You should have that repair tool glued to your sweaty palm.
    Unless you're holding an Ammo Drop.
  4. xArchAngelx

    All default weapons for NC are 10x better than defaults for the other two factions.
  5. Midgetdan

    I'm going for more of a battle engi not support
  6. MasonSTL

    Mercenary is damn good, the Gaws S is right behind it and is good with smoke and IR. Warden is what I use if I'm tanking because I am usually out in the open for the most part and works well if I need to peck off a few guys
  7. Phyr

    ACX-11. Be a man.
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  8. Taemien

    Mercenary is a pretty good choice and you start with it so that's a good bonus. Its not great at anything, but doesn't seem to be bad at anything either.

    Cyclone is good for up and close. Its the 167 dmg crazy DPS SMG and will require an extended magizine to be able to kill more then one person per reload.

    I personally prefer the mercenary, simply because playing up close isn't what an engie is for. When I say upclose.. I mean shotgun range.
  9. TehEngineer

    GD 7F, or a shotgun, I like the piston (resisted getting a shotty for a year, got it cheap). Razor is highly underrated as a CQC weapon. It's mainly about aim and comfort with a particular style of weapon/play.
  10. RHINO_Mk.II

    GD-7F is what you are looking for.
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  11. whitupiggu

    I find a suppressed razor to be pretty fun. The razors velocity is so high if you put high velocity ammo on it it's still pretty good at medium range even with the suppressor. The -10 to nearby enemies awareness check is pretty nice.
  12. Codex561

    well.... orion.
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  13. EmmettLBrown

    I go with the GD-66 Claw.
    The claw is our master.
    The claw chooses who goes and who stays...
  14. Hicksimus

    It's cheap and hits like a truck...without it you are not a true NC.
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  15. Epic High Five

    X11, Razor, or the default are all incredible guns and you should pick any one and you'll be happy. Don't discount the Mercenary, it's deadly as **** and very easy to use.

    My vote goes for X11. Damn but that gun is sooooo much fun
  16. Crayv

    Do you like to ADS?

    If you answered yes then use the AC-X11.

    If you said no then slap a laser sight on your Merc.
  17. MFP_TK_01

    I would go either Compact S or cyclone. Compact gives you the UBGL option and as another said, smoke is pretty useful. It's my current gun for my NC and I personally feel good shooting with it (recoil isn't too bad). Comparing it with the other S series faction guns it comes pretty close to the TR variant whereas the solstice I feel falls behind both of them.

    The cyclone is simply awesome for close combat. I was messing around with it a long time ago and put on a silencer, soft point, and extended mag. It became my second highest killer in no time at all.
  18. Akeita

    How so ? GD - 7F beat it :eek:
  19. Paperlamp

    Nah, Solstice and Mercenary are neck and neck and depends on playstyle - I do prefer Merc though, it's amazing for an all-rounder that's way better at medium-long range than most carbines.

    Orion > SAW, really. I know the SAW is a beastly long range weapon but Orion is just more practical most of the time.

    I'd say NC's medic gun is better though again it's kind of like Merc vs. Solstice.
  20. Santondouah

    Compact S is not worth it if you do not plan on using the grenade launcher. GD7F is the best option IMO. Since I tried it I dropped my Gauss Compact S