what exactly does TR excel at?

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  1. Fleech

    people say NC is hard mode but after playing all 3 factions for a decent amount of time now i cant really see how anyone wouldn't conclude that TR is the hardest of the three on average for most classes and playstyles.

    nothing in the TR arsenal is outright terrible, but I'm really struggling to find a weapon or playstyle i enjoy that belongs to TR exclusively. everything feels either just suitable enough for its role or blandly underwhelming. each time i try out a new playstyle or weapon i end up dissapointed after using the NC or VS equivalents. even the highly praised TR assault rifle selection just feels ok at best. At this point i play my TR when its the lowest pop faction on the server.

    i find playstyles on the NC and VS that I not only enjoy but do moderately well with. concerning pure fun factor as a player, i see little reason to main TR apart from the vulcan harraser. i think some buffs to TR vehicles and weapons are in order.
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  2. DashRendar

    I've been saying so for months. I think TR may need a complete faction redesign in the coming future. It seems that their stuff is too hard to balance properly. They've flopped between OP/UP more than any other faction since launch, so someone is likely going to have to pull some long nights and completely shake up everything. I don't think minor stat tweaks will fix the TR, given their balance history.

    Take the current Pounders. Now make other TR stuff like those. As for the infantry weapons? Maybe adding adv grips to one more weapon per tier would help a bit, but I think they need more low mag accurate weapons that hit hard. Something for BR100 players to get their jollies with.
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  3. Fleech

    DAKKA is really hard to balance. its one of those things where if it works it works too well and if doesn't, it turns out how it is now. blandly underwhelming.

    STRENGTH vs. DEXTERITY is a more clear cut and obvious representation of factions weapon and vehicle balance whereas dakka struggles to find a middle ground that can compete but not overpower.
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  4. ShineOut

    What Fleech said, even though they seem to be lacking in the Dakka department. Cause ******* faction specifics.
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  5. zombielores

    Dakka is very hard to balance because
    Dakka = Bullet Saturation = Better CQC potential.
    You can't make a long range weapon with Dakka because it'll pretty much beat any weapon without Dakka in CQC much like how NC hard hitting weapon will be better at range then TR weapons [except for shotguns]. Same thing goes for accuracy or mobility, either it's very good or useless because their's either not enough or too much, for example traditional MMOs with Dodge % and Hit %.
  6. Hypersot

    exactly how I feel
    I believe anyone that wants to be fair AND has played all 3 factions extensively should agree to this.

    I'm not saying that TR is a weak faction, it's just... it feels like something is missing. (although MSW-R is still my favourite out of the MSW vs Orion battle :) )

    note: I haven't played for months, maybe things have changed?
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  7. Xind

    TR and VS share too much in common and it becomes too easy to say this one little change would make this one thing much better. And because they share so much in common it's really hard for one to have something that shines too much more than the others. One side or both needs to be changed to share a lot less with the other...which is a struggle no matter which way you go.

    TRs Assault Rifles are praised PURELY because of the TR magazine size bonus. The Cycler TRV is okay because it's not on a Light Assault, and though every faction has a TAR the extra 10 rounds reallly make it awesome. And some people love the Sabre...I have no idea.
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  8. JudgeNu

    Maybe give them more damage but Burst-Fire-Only on some weapons while tweaking CoF?
    Slightly better accuracy?
    Maybe tighten CoF and tell them to aim for the head?
    I don't play anything but NC and have never played anything else.
    It is how I roll.
  9. PurpleOtter

    What exactly does TR excel at?

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  10. DxAdder

  11. keqe

    We have Trac-5, the greatest carbine ever made.
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  12. MahouFairy

    I suppose it's a jack-of-all-trades, master of none.
  13. Hegeteus

    TR excel at causing a ruckus at the forums
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  14. Peebuddy

    We excel at long range AT with the siege mode prowler

    Nothing on the Nc or Vs even comes close to the range and firepower of a AP prowler in siege mode.

    We also have arguably the best tank against infantry with the double tap dual guns, even with the nerf to splash damage the double tap ment the Tr wasn't hit nearly as hard as the other two factions when it came to farming infantry.

    Same can be said for locked down pounders and flack maxes, if you're in range they will **** your **** up in a ridiculous short period of time.

    Also we have the best close quarters AT gun on a harrasser, H-Volcans is the bane of most enemy vehicles.

    The Tr isn't as worthless as you might think. We excel greatly in vehicle combat and is arguably the best faction for it.
  15. DashRendar

    You Auraxiumed the Mag-Scatter? Which version hack kit are you using? I may have to upgrade mine :oops:

  16. Gammit

    I think they're fine. I spent this afternoon on my TR character. There was never a situation where I felt "if only I were faction X."
  17. _itg

    TR has the Prowler. Last I heard (and this was pre-Vulcan buff, so things have only gotten better for TR), it's the best performing tank by any reasonable metric, and it's way, way better at AI than the other tanks are, now that the PPA has been nerfed.

    Vulcan Harassers are three times as popular as Enforcer/Saron Harassers, yet they're about even in VKPH. That's a serious indication that the Vulcan-H is overpowered, as many have claimed.

    The Marauder-H is outperforming both the Canister-H and PPA-H in KPH.

    There was a big thread on Pounders, recently, and as much as TR players like to defend them, they're objectively outperforming Falcons and Comets in infantry kills by a wide margin.

    Claymores are distinctly overperforming compared to NC/VS mines, because they can be placed out of sight and still get kills, they have less trigger delay, so you can't just run away, like you can with the other mines, and they don't have lights on them.

    Just a few items off the top of my head. I'm not saying TR is overpowered or that the other factions don't have just as many OP things, but keep in mind you've got some nice toys, too.
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  18. Hegeteus

    The freedom fun didn't stop there, I'm afraid. No need for hax(or dirty NS pistols) when you are fielding the magnificent shotgun pistol!

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  19. Kociboss

    Played all 3 factions as yo ucan conclude from my sig.

    I actually agree. When I play TR HA for example, I tend to lean towards NS 15 and commie, not TR specific LMGs.
    Prowler is nice, but personally I much prefer vanguard.
    For infantry, VS is my choice - Especially Betelgeuse and SVA-88. Awesome LMGs, please tu use.

    TR is not super-duper UP as some claim but seems like most of their weapons/solutions are more "meh" than "fun".

    My thougts exactly, I agree 100% ! And it does not happen very often.

    Vulcan hara is the only *fun* and empire specific (well...The weapon not the vehicle) setup that would make somebody "main" TR....Other then that...
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  20. DashRendar

    That's amazing, I have no idea how you did it. Do you hipfire it? I can't use it aimed because of the recoil. Stalker inf?