What does the other faction have that you want?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Blippy, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. LibertyRevolution

    There are times when playing my TR that I really wish I had my lancer.
    TR is lacking in ranged infantry AV..
  2. NinjaTurtle

    Scythe or Mossie.

    Just feels nicer to fly than the Reaver. Though it doesn't help that I suck at flying in the first place
  3. Danath

  4. Sharmanti

    From NC: Pheonixes, hawks, pidgeons, ******* I donno what bird. All I hear the entire fight is "IIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" and all our tanks are gooooooone. Their long range weapons. Their close range weapons. (SAW, GD-7F). Their MAXes and their tank shield.

    From VS: Magriders, magriders... magriders? Their imba camo. The Serpent. The lancer, because hitting tanks at range as TR is hell. Blueshifts and their awesome accuracy. Reload times.
  5. Uncle_Lou

    I pretty much play only TR or NC... never did like the VS. What I really want is the reduced visibility at night! And maybe a more focused zerg that can actually get things done on purpose.
  6. Iridar51

    GD-7F and every other NC carbine ever. No, wait. Make "every other NC weapon ever". In addition to my TR arsenal ;)
  7. FrozenCustard

  8. BanthaFodder

    VS: x0.75 ADS on an lmg (non NS), strafing tanks, Blueshifts
    TR: T7 MCG
  9. TheKhopesh

    I enjoy sniping burning ESF's mid-dogfight out of the air at +500m with the Railjack.
    That's really the best use of the RJ.

    It's a straight downgrade among bolt action snipers, but for light armor kill stealing, it's horrifically wonderful.
  10. TheKhopesh

    110 baron AE kills to go, then 697 NS-15M AE kills and I'll finally have the black camo. :D

    How far are you?
  11. doombro

    I have zero auraxiums. About 300 kills in for the NS-15M and Commissioner. About 200 in for the NS-11P. After that, I'll have to do that Baron and Repeater, which I don't think I have 100 kills for, on either.

    Kill me now.
  12. Bape

    LMG: Carv
  13. TheKhopesh


    Yeah, when the directives first came out I already had the NS-11P and Phoenix AE auraxiumed, and was halfway done with the Gold Cyclone.
    Now my cyclone is done, my baron AE is 36 kills away from aurax, and my ns-15m AE is about 650 or so (Just hopped off to go to bed and don't wanna look up the exact number).
    The Baron AE was the absolute worst.
    Even the Phoenix AE was easier, and when I did that it was before vehicle kills progress toward auraxium medals!
  14. 2ndChance

    As TR I would love to drive a Vanguard. Not because I find it particularly better than my speedy ol’ Prowler, but damn, is the Vanguard better looking.

    I wish you could hack abandoned enemy vehicles.
  15. patrykK1028

    TR ARs. And Phoenix. And NC 167dmg weapons. And Repeater.
  16. Blippy

    Does the NS-11P even count toward the assault rifle directive? It's not listed there.
  17. Mechwolf

    Some other AI gun other than the new PPA, and probably the new NC sniper in place of the Phaseshift... and that auraxian NC pistol.

    Oh, and anything other than the ZOE max ability.
  18. z1967

    NC: Mercenary(167/600), GD-7F (dps), ACX-11(dat high alpha), Razor GD-23(accuracy at range), LA8 Rebel(headshots are nuts with this), Magshot(like the rebel, but more noob friendly), Cyclone(does this even need a reason?)

    VS: Pulsar-C (so well balanced and so effective, perfect weapon imo), Serpent (dps, at least if I can't have the GD-7F), Lancer (easily the best ES launcher)

    If I was NC/VS:
    TR: Jaguar (easily one of the best carbines ever), T5 AMC (like the NS-11C, except better), TX1 Repeater (who doesn't want this?), Pounders (MAX murdering and kinda versatile)
  19. TheKhopesh

    It does not.
    It counts toward the "Exceptional" directive.

    Personally, since the "Exceptional" weapons cost money, and never go on sale because they're seasonal or limited time items, I feel they should count both toward whatever field they fall under (IE, NS-11P is an AR, Phoenix AE is a rocket launcher, NS-15M AE is an LMG, etc.) and the "Exceptional" directive.

    That way, people would have a very large benefit to using an "Exceptional" weapon over a standard weapon, thus greatly increasing these weapon's practical value.
    There's no choosing between "Do I want to focus on getting my LMG directive, or my Exceptional directive?" and having to pick one of the other.

    After all, the AE weapons required a $40 investment into the game, the NS-11P and NS-44P required a $15 investment, they all require you put a substantial amount of money down.
    So for that, they should give dual credit, counting for both fields they fall under.
  20. BobSanders123

    0.75 ADS speed on my supposed mobile shock weapon - r. (MSW-R)