What does the other faction have that you want?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Blippy, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Morpholine

    There are times when I'd really like access to the Vulcan-H.
  2. The Hat

    Rediculously fast firing weapons with BIG magazines, camo like VS where you can't see them in the dark and maxes with more that 12 shots, so I too can go into caps points and spray and prey too!
  3. DFDelta

    Well, Vulcan is by far the best weapon available for the harasser (if you're not just using it to camp infantry from render distance), and strapping a Vulcan onto a racer/stealth Prowler and using it like a XXL sized harasser is one of the most hilarious things you can possibly do in this game.

    TRAP is the most unique of the ESSR (even if it isn't a sniper, strictly speaking) and my favorite scout rifle in the game.
  4. Regpuppy

  5. SpruceMoose

    If I had TR's assault rifles I'd play medic more
    If I had NC's LMGs I'd play heavy assault
    If I had the phoenix my flash would be complete
    If I had the cyclone I'd never need another SMG
    If' I had any other factions pistols I'd have access to a faction pistol
    If I had a prowler I'd drive a tank
    If I had ravens I'd be OP
    If I had claymores I'd kill myself
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  6. Erilis

    I'm pretty happy with VS. The only thing I might want is similar to what Noktaj asked for and that is better rifles with more of punch. Something less pew-pew.

    Also, I just play my own music while playing. :)
  7. Hajj Podge

    I want the NC1 Gauss Rifle on my VS very badly.
  8. Whatupwidat

    A tank that floats from side to side
  9. Ikarius77

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  10. The Hat

    How can anyone want NC weapons? We have the worst in game!!!
  11. HadesR

  12. Ronin Oni

    Nothing... that's why I have a character on all 3 factions (and alts for the 3 across the pond!... that I never play :p)

    Also, the only music in dire need of an overhaul is the NC's IMO. VS isn't bad really, TR's is great but it wouldn't fit the other empires anyways.
  13. Slamz

    Gimme a Lancer.

    Actually any decent long range anti-vehicle weapon. I don't even care if the DPS isn't great, I just want to *hit* them.
  14. Blippy

    I find all the VS combat music except this one to be rather lackluster in my opinion. The rest of the VS music is great, especially the travel tracks. They're so peaceful.

    Also I wouldn't mind having the NC1 Gauss Rifle.
  15. Jaquio

    The TR music is a good choice.

    I'd probably go for the Scythe's airframe. It just looks so sleek. My Reaver, on the other hand, looks like someone strapped some missiles onto the pontoons on a sea plane.
  16. GhostAvatar

    Please, for the love of God haven't we nerfed TR enough already. At least leave us our OP soundtrack alone :p
  17. AlterEgo

    HA! You poor child, here's what we VS must listen to:

    The only good music we have is this:

    Now, what I want that other factions have:
    Unique weaponry.
  18. Syphers

    As NC, Inquisitor, Jaguar, Orion/Carv, Blueshift/Mercies and Scythe
  19. MotionBlured

    200 tier weapons.
  20. SuperTrooperWaterloo

    As TR i want a Prowler ability that is good for both, driver and gunner.
    Hover grants steady aim during driving for both, shield grants survivability for both..... and lockdown ist just like: well, good luck up there with your thermal vulcan while i lockdown for snipes.