What does the other faction have that you want?

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  1. Blippy

    For me, it's TR's music. It's leagues above the NC's and VS' and makes them sound uninspired in comparison.

    There's a huge battle going on. Bullets are flying everywhere and things are exploding around you left and right. You're just a couple minutes from taking the base. Which track makes you go "**** yeah, let's do this!"


    Really now...
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  2. RHINO_Mk.II

    I really enjoy sniping esfs with the Lancer. Don't really care about anything else though.
  3. 60rockstar

    I would really like a Vanu female
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  4. JudgeNu

  5. Grumblefern

    TR: I was TR for awhile, only things I really miss are Pounders(Comets are so "meh")
    NC: Cyclone, Anchor, AC-X11, Gauss Compact S, Reaper, Falcons/Mattocks

    What I wanted on VS when I was TR: Pulsar C, Orion, Blueshifts, Magrider.

    I haven't used the Magrider yet though(just using a lightning currently) and I don't play much HA on VS. While the Orion is great I think my playstyle suits, or at least my preference is, the higher damage per bullet/low horizontal recoil guns and VS's LMG options for that are pretty lame. Blueshifts are ridiculous, though I still prefer Pounders as they're more interesting to use/versatile and because you get to clobber other MAXes - as VS I just avoid other MAXes and keep farming infantry TBH.
  6. Regpuppy

    Lancer. You give up easy one click and go rocket-primary on basic infantry, but you gain a reliable mid to long range weapon on maxes and vehicles(air and ground). Not going to outright say I think it's OP, but I think it's a very practical weapon that I can't imitate with any of my existing ones.
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  7. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Damage per magazine.

    40x143 = 5720
    30x167 = 5010
    40x125 = 5000
    24x200 = 4800
    30x143 = 4290
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  8. ColonelChingles

    On my VS character I would love some more open-faced helmets. I tend to like running with open-faced helmets where you can at least see the cold undead eyes of your character. The VS mostly have just one (the original SOE-made one), and two more if you count the beret and the burqa-looking thing. Unlike the NC and TR who have tons of open-faced helmets.

    In particular I really need a VS tanker helmet. The NC have one that is named "Tanker" and is very appropriate:

    The TR have their "Nanocom" which works as a Russian-style tanker helmet:

    But my VS characters don't really have anything that screams, "I'M A TAAAAAANNNNKKKK F- YOU I'M A TAAAAANNNNKKKK". :(
  9. Rovertoo

    A few NS guns. Commie, Underboss, Halberd, Annie.

    As NC, seeing NS guns that fire slow but hit hard hurts my Spacemerica heart.
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  10. iller

    sometimes when I'm stalker, I just get closer, and closer, and then ...... ..... ......

    ..... dat spectating
  11. Paragon Exile

    I'd like the ability to choose a gun other than the standout and not **** myself.

    If I choose anything but the Terminus, Orion or Pulsar C the other faction can equip something flatly better. I'd kill to have the TORQ, Reaper/Albatross, Carnage, Anchor, Lynx etc so I could get more variety. VS' arsenal has far too many duds (or more accurately, weapons which are poorer versions of another faction's weapon).
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  12. doombro

    My faction colors. This black camo directive grind is hell.

    And not relevant, but, PS1's music.
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  13. Frostiken

    The MCG. It ******* blows my mind that TR are delusional enough to complain about it.

    I don't even know why the ******* thing even has a spin-up feature. I'm almost always dead before I hear the thing even reach full-speed, and whenever I hear other people being mulched by it, it's pretty much the same. They're dead before it even spins up.
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  14. RHINO_Mk.II

    100x200 = 20,000

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  15. sL360

    Long range AV. If TR doesn't have any prowlers to call on to stop a tank zerg, living becomes...a chore. But one thing I find myself wanting more of from NC/VS is fire rate. None of their guns fire as fast as-

    Oh. Nevermind. They do.
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  16. Prudentia

    when ever i use a carbine that isn't the Pulsar C i feel like i'm handicapping myself in multi-enemy fights.
    thats also the reason i have 2 Loadouts with the Pulsar, AFG/Comp and LS/Sup tough i only use the CQC Loadout.
    the slightly slower TTK just doesn't really matter compared to the ability to easily kill 3-4 enemies without reloading.
  17. Takoita

    As long as I can remember I've wished for AI MAX guns with a bit more 'oomph' on my TR character. It may be just my piss-poor aim, hit detection problems or whatever, but I've felt that either their accuracy or damage was lacking in many situations.
  18. MonnyMoony

    I'd like the Repeater as a sidearm on my VS character.
  19. T0x1s

    I would like to have the best high RPM gun for my faction supposed to have it instead of a faction with high damage. Yes im talking about GD-7F.
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  20. BlueSkies

    the only thing that makes me go "damn.. wish I had that right now" when I'm not on the appropriate character.... is claymores
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