WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?? (scout rifles)

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Trysaeder, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Trysaeder

    Using the bolt action scout rifle (SAS-R, Ghost, TSAR) with a silencer and 4x scope, my toon STILL wants to load supersonic tracer rounds into his rifle. My LA with a slug shotgun is more stealthy than this idiot.

    Sonic boom is fine with me, but a 4x scope places me close enough to enemies that they shouldn't need the damn tracer rounds to find me.

    Unrelated, but I'm not sure if they've fixed the bug where the LA80 has 50m/s more velocity than its faction clones.
  2. Plague Rat

    I don't think the one's you listed are scout rifles. Pretty sure that's just a full on bolt action sniper rifle without a default scope. The semi-auto HSR-1, Shadow, and Nyx are a bit more subtle, which are listed as actual scout rifles (smaller caliber I guess) and the full auto ones are like a tracer light show so probably the former would be better.

    I don't think you can get rid of the tracer effect. Maybe the flash suppressor, which the true scout rifle's can take? I don't know anyone who's actually ever taken one of those to confirm or deny.
  3. Trysaeder

    I was reminded of the Steyr Scout when I tried to find a name to call them by. They have slower muzzle velocities, faster reload speeds, faster rechambering times and can only accept scopes below 4x. I'd have said 'close bolt' as opposed to 'standard bolt', 'fast bolt' and 'super fast bolt' but I didn't think many people would understand me.

    The silencer doesn't seem to do anything except remove the minimap blip and change the firing sound, while reducing bullet velocity and increasing bullet drop. A silenced scout rifle's effective range against moving targets is so short that I don't think the use of tracer rounds is justified.