What do you thnk of my loadout: What would you do to change it and why?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by DarkStarII, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. DarkStarII

    VS Light Assault:

    Primary Weapon: Pulsar C with 1x optic, laser sight, and HVA.
    Secondary Weapon: Cerberus with laser sight.

    Ability: Icarus jump jets.
    Suit: Nanoweave armour.
    Grenade: Flash grenade.
    Utility: Medical kits.
    Melee: Lumine Edge.
    Implant: Safe landing.

    Now, a couple things I'll say about it. I carry the Lumine Edge because I run out of ammo quite regularly nowadays. Once I get the auraxium medal I the Pulsar C I will be swapping to the Eclipse VE3-A and subsequently swap the Lumine Edge out for an ordinary knife.

  2. Eternaloptimist

    Well, I play very little LA (because I suck) but the only thing I'd say is that you seem to have sacrificed the God-like, signature tool of the LA which is C4, in favour of medkits. I fully understand the problem - faced it myself and have suggested elsewhere that LA should be able to carry both for survivability a long way from medical support. After all, they don't have a tool like the other classes. But in the meantime I go with a Regen implant to get heals and then I can carry the C4. I run Regen on all my classes instead of medkits and it works well for me, freeing up a slot for C4, mines or whatever. I only bother with Tier 1, to use less Charger juice. Just a thought.............
  3. DarkStarII

    I've got the auraxium medal on C4, therefore I don't feel the need to use it any more :)
  4. Iridar51

    This is the best setup for Pulsar C. You could throw a Compensator there to make it more usable at range, but low velocity even with HVA kinda prohibits that, and you would only become more effective against [nearly] stationary targets.

    New and improved Flash Suppressor is also a viable option, and it would be a good pick for Pulsar C.

    I love Cerberus myself for looks and reload animation, but it's one of the worse sidearm choices. Spiker has larger volume of fire, while any of the revolvers do much more damage per shot. Cerberus - as all 250 damage pistols - is kinda stuck in the limbo between high RoF + low damage and low RoF + high damage. And it doesn't even have Rebel's long max damage range.

    I'd recommend swapping Cerberus to anything else except for specialized Blackhand or ultra crap Beamer.

    That said, sidearm isn't that big of a deal for Light Assaults, especially when you're using Pulsar C with good damage per mag and very fast reload.

    Icarus - never felt any reason to use over Jump Jets. Sure, cool and hipster factors are through the roof, and it's fun to play with, but in the end too limiting. I haven't actually tried using it with medkits and Safe Fall, so I'm gonna reserve my judgement a bit.

    Icarus suck as substitute to Jump Jets, but maybe they can offer something else.

    Icarus + Safe Fall + Medkits should be considered as a combo together, and they have good synergy.

    I haven't played with Flash grenades much, but they seem to be in much better place now, and considering how useless frags are most of the time (I have barely 700 kills with them over 3 years), I'd say it's a good idea to use Flash.

    Melee - Ugh. It's fine to carry a power knife in general, but I kinda feel you're using it for the wrong reason. First of all, I don't believe for a second you're running out of ammo often. Second, if you ran out of ammo for your primary, the logical choice would be to either redeploy or to look for ammo, not continue business as usual with a sidearm, which is normally a last resort.

    Amplify this by ten in a magical case of running out of ammo for the sidearm. I mean - sure, it's fine to go full ham and just say "**** logic, I'm gonna do what's fun" and jump enemy in the face with a knife. I do that myself sometimes.

    But that shouldn't be normal procedure.

    Now, the good thing about power knives is how much damage they front load. It's unlikely, but in some edge cases having a power knife can help you do amazing things, like being cornered by a heavy, and oneshotting him right in his smug superior face right through overshields with a power knife. Or using a flash grenade and then carving up a Joker's smile.

    But "running out of ammo?" That should be an indication to either work on ammo management, or to demand plebs to build you a statue, cuz that would mean you're the best there is.
  5. DarkStarII

    Yay justification! :D
  6. Iridar51

    I guess it's a matter of habit. I use quick knife a lot and I believe it's a great and underused equalizer. Few hip fire shots + a knife swing instantly bumps down time to kill of any weapon down to shotgun levels. And if you throw into headshots there... oh goodie.

  7. Iridar51

    Wanted to test Icarus + Safe Fall + Med Kits today, but apparently I got the same issue as many other people, the game feels like 20 FPS. I'll have to wait for a fix I guess.
  8. DarkStarII

    The Spiker is a great addition to this loadout. :)
    What would a good primary weapon (all classes) be to pair with the Cerberus?
  9. Iridar51

    Uhhh not one? Why would you base primary weapon choice on a sidearm? There's simply no reason to use Cerberus, ever.

    Even Rebel has its niche of headshot executing players after an EMP grenade while suppressed, but Cerberus' shorter max damage range doesn't allow that either.

    The only reason to use Cerberus is looks/sounds, and it's not a bad reason. But it would suck one day to die or fail to get a kill just because of the sidearm choice.
  10. DarkStarII

    Well that's 1000 certs down the drain :( not like I had any use for those certs anyway. I started certing up the Valkyrie of all things.
    I just wanted to know if there was any weapon it worked well with.
    Still probably going to use it with the Eclipse though ;)