What do you think the hardest weapon to Auraxium is? Feel free to show off!

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  1. DashRendar


    Probably not the hardest, but still definitely pretty hard: the AC-X11 without HVA, with a suppressor on it. I actually do use this loadout from time to time as LA and it's really not so bad, but pretty much ANY other automatic gun would perform better XD Number one because this is the hardest automatic loadout to use and everyone uses automatics anyway, so it seems the most pertinent to the topic.

    Probably the most difficult would be Pump Action Slugs. Maybe they will be more viable after the Nanoweave changes buffing headshots, but for now, PA Slugs is probably the ultimate hardmode.

    Honorable mention, the iron sights/reflex BAR with a suppressor on it.
  2. deggy

    Infantry: The Beamer or the -S carbines. You don't get medal progress for attachment kills anymore.

    Vehicle: The C85 Modified, the S12 Renegade, and the Titan-150 HE.

    Honorable mention: Lasher, Skyguard. Both will tend to net assists, not kills.
  3. DashRendar


    ML65 Enforcer Harasser. Seriously, you get zero kills doing this. Infantry don't die in one shot, slow rate of fire, and you chip away at a vehicles health so slowly that even a beginner would have more than ample time to judge the situation and bail at the right time. Kills are usually stolen or denied. Halberd master race.

    Bulldog on any ground vehicle: This weapon does not excel at anything that matters in the game, and especially not on a ground unit. The Sundy is the best due to its high profile which makes the arced projectile easier to judge, but you could still sometimes land two skillfully placed painfully slow firing bombs right at an enemys feet and not get the kill.

    The C85 being a terrible weapon is a broken topic, but I feel like it more closely earns the title of "worst weapon to choose" rather than hardest to get kills with. The aforementioned two win this category IMO.
  4. Amundsenkalmah

    Am i the only one who thinks beamer is the best VS sidearm?
  5. Larolyn

    Viper was the most fun and my only vehicle auraxium. Cyclone was the easiest thanks to it's silly fast ttk. Stalker (Full Auto Scout Rifle) was a chore and definitely the one I am most proud of. NC6 Gauss SAW cause I have to. Being NC. Took ages to find a loadout that worked for me with that gun. A chore up until the last couple of 100 kills when I found my groove.

    Work in progress at the moment - AC-X11 - I despise everything about this gun and it has no redeeming qualities. It is masochistic to want to Auraxium it. Yep, my pick will be AC-X11. You may disagree. I hate everything about this carbine.
  6. Coldmeister

    Smoke Grenade... Why are there even medals for this? Nobody will ever die to this... I mean maybe somebody will, but the fact that there are medals for this is stupid. Nobody will ever die consistently to this. Ever. If you buff it so it does frag damage AND smoke, then people will die, but if not. Nobody ever will. GG. Stupid medal, shouldn't exist. No one will get it.
  7. Whet

    This is obvious? The hardest to auraxium with is the AI base turret found pretty much only on the interior of amp stations. This is due to the fact that you can't go around and kill people with it, they have to come to you... AND IT'S A TOTAL POS.

    If anyone can screen shot even a gold medal for that you are truly a god.
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  8. BodyBagCowboy

    The one weapon I use all the time that seems to be having problems accumulating actual kills is the MAX burster. It's still pretty effective at downing planes, even after being nerfed into the ground, but you only get credit for very few as the planes have time to crash and be counted as a suicide. Also, vehicles destroyed do not count, only crewmen, which is nonsense. My bursters should already both be auraxium but are only silver. I almost want to make my own thread and complain now that I think about it. You guys feeling me on this?
  9. Tommyp2006

    Easily the liberator rear drake. GG.
  10. CommodoreFrank

    I'd say the fireworks gun would be one of the hardest.
  11. NoctD

    Concussion Grenade... not sure if some of the other ones can do damage as well, like smoke/EMP/flash since I don't have those unlocked to look at.
  12. RasFW

    I actually found knife auraxium to be a really easy medal to get. I think I got it in about a week of playtime dedicated to knifing. Maybe 1 or 2 hours a day of playing the game. But then again, this was done literally as soon as the ESRLs were introduced. Oh, phoenix nests, how I miss you...
    I actually got Lasher Auraxium pre-buff, and thought it was a pretty good weapon then. Anyone complaining about it now is just a nincompoop.
    S12 renegade is going along pretty well for me. I've got a total of an hour and a half with teh weapon and I've already got Gold (about 10% of the way there).

    Hardest ones -
    Eidolon took a lot of patience. Ended up liking the gun - its a nice mix between sniper and medium-long weapon. I still use it from time to time.
    I actually find shotguns to be rather difficult to Auraxium. They're great for close-range fighting when you have buckshots, and they're pretty good at range-fighting when you have slugs. Have the wrong ones in the wrong situation and you might as well pull out your side-arm. Then there's the problem of not having enough rounds to last in more than a 2 on 1 engagement. I'm not the super best at aiming. I know for a fact when I'm rolling with a shotgun, I spend about half my time using my Manticore.