What do you think the hardest weapon to Auraxium is? Feel free to show off!

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  1. Fredfred

    . I'd say it is gonna be all the BASR, AA guns (except maybe skygaurd) Falcons, max monkey punchare going to be some tough ones. ( hate playing the sniper)
    Flashbangs, concussion grenades, medic tool and such shouldn't even be mentioned in this thread.

    Out of the all the auraxiums I do have, the toughest one was probably either the impetus, warden or guess rifle/compact burst (due to my finger getting tired).

    Easiest, has to be the jackhammer by far. The most enjoyable is either S12 renegade or EM1.
  2. CNR4806

    Zephyr PX. You need to find someone with the damn thing first.
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  3. Santondouah

    I hope you are kidding. I got my auraxium on my gauss compact S in 3 weeks... It's the fastest I did (yes, the UBGL helped a lot ^^)
  4. InsaneSeal

    The Flare gun was rather difficult.[IMG]
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  5. Mustarde

    Pounders, enforcer modified, and s12 renegade are definitely some of the harder ones to get.

    For as much hate as the striker gets (and all lockons), due to bailing and the inability to kill strictly infantry targets, I have not seen anyone post an auraxium of one. It's a rare auraxium for such a common weapon.

    My personally most challenging auraxium was the KSR-35 (semi auto short range sniper rifle). The KSR is particularly poor, designed to operate in the optimal range of many fully auto weapons, with scope sway, nasty recoil and 3-4 rounds to kill unless you headshot. It's only good for killing clueless targets standing still.

    The pre-buff SOAS-20 was painful as well, but not nearly as bad as the KSR-35.

    The TS2 Inquisitor was also really bad, I wanted to claw my eyes out and I was so glad when that was auraxiumed. The knife takes time but is pretty easy to aurax depending on your playstyle.
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  6. Bonom Denej

    I guess your nickname says it all.
  7. INSANEcyborg

    A2A missiles are pretty bad. No dumb fire, flares are common, can be dodged sometimes, and it can only lock on to four things.
    ESF: Nose guns are far better in most fights, using A2A slows down your TTK. Most pilots will bail out of spite if you win.
    Liberator: Not too bad, as long as you can dodge the Dalton shots.
    Galaxy: Takes too long to kill, anyone paying attention will bail before it dies.
    Drop pod: Even if you manage to lock on, and have it hit before the pod despawns, one missile isn't enough to kill it.

    You don't get credit if they bail out and die either. You'll get the kill, but it won't count for the medal. Same thing if they crash. So if you misjudge how much health they have left, you better hope you can get off another missile before they bail, crash, or get finished off by someone else.
  8. Cougarbrit

    I think I have the silver medal for that. Only another 1k kills to go D:
  9. RHINO_Mk.II

    Concussion grenade.

    I'm 0.1% of the way there!
  10. Poorform

    The shotgun on top of the vanguard. Seriously...what CAN you hit with it. Unless it was changed, before it only damaged infantry and needed them to be within 30m to get hit. Some sawed off version of the enforcer I think before it became the rapid fire version we have now.
  11. Pikachu

    Drake on liberator. That weapon is so lonely and miserable.
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  12. Hibiki54

    T1S Cycler
    Gauss Rifle S
    Equinox VE2
  13. Poorform

    Drop pod
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  14. Pikachu

    Gauss rifle s, are you nuts? o_O
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  15. p1nkbr0

    apparenlty, the flare gun does enough damage to somebody, that you can knife them in one hit afterword. You MIGHT be able to do it the other way around..
  16. doombro


    Pounders if I'm being fair. The worst MAX weapon and arguably the worst weapon period.
  17. SpaceKing

    Bulldog. On the lib's butt.

    Unless they have any kind of armor.
  18. Amundsenkalmah

    Today some guy got it.
    It was on luperza's twitter
  19. Amundsenkalmah

    Thats how people got the Pyro title.
    Somehow flare+knife gives a flare kill
  20. Roll Fizzlebeef

    I'd like to see someone... ANYONE with an Auraxium on the Vortexes and/or Lancer.

    I just want to see that it is possible.

    Third I'd like to see is an Auraxium on the Cerberus.