What do you think the hardest weapon to Auraxium is? Feel free to show off!

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  1. Poppington

    As the title says - what do you think the hardest weapon to get 1160 kills with is?

    My bets on grenades that do very little damage, such as the conc or flashbang. I've been killed with a conc grenade once, but I'm not sure if it counts towards any ribbons/medals (I know roadkilling doesn't - at least not with a flash).

    Those aside, I'd say the Xiphos (Base AI Machine Gun) Turret as there are hardly any around, compounded on the fact that they are pretty bad in general.

    Feel free to show off your more difficult ones!

    Side bet: How long do you think before this turns into a balance and whining thread? I say near the end of page one.
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  2. Shuguard

    Gonna say the enforcer c85 mod-h.
    5 ammo in clip, 3 second reload. takes 21 (that's 4 reloads just to put it into burning) full shotgun shots to kill a rank 3/4 comp harasser (bit of perspective).
    Can 1 shot infantry if the spread doesn't suck and you get close enough. Best streak i've had was 15-20 kills.
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  3. HooWoo

    Vektor for libs

    or drake for libs/galaxy

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  4. Rhinzual

    My bet? Beamer.
  5. KenDelta

    Geass compact S.

    ^Hardest weapons to araxium
  6. Liquid23

    flare gun
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  7. Xasapis

    Take your pick. Lancer or Vortex.

    Beamer or pistols in general are not that hard if you are good at infiltrating.

    Those are actually among the easiest to auraxium. Cert them for underbarrel grenades, switch to your engineer, visit a bio lab while defending and rack multiple kills with ease.
  8. skyN3T

    No, they can't be I have the Trac-S auraxium'd so it can't be that hard. My guess is Flash S12 Renegade. You have to be a masochist to get that auraxium'd. Or the Walker on any platforms.
  9. Prudentia

    and Proxy/BB/claymores. as an opposing faction (already got bronze on BBs on my Vanu)
  10. allattar

    The medic tool or the recon dart
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  11. Unclematos7

    I'm proud of my EM1 auraxium.
    Working on Airhammer.
  12. Huishe

    Pounders. One needs to be a complete autist to get 1160 kills on each.
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  13. BigIronRanger

    Infantry: Has to be the flare gun.

    Vehicles: Anything on the flash besides the M40 Fury.

    I would not say hard is the right word it would be more about finding the right battle and grinding.
  14. Unclematos7

    Concussion/flash/EMP direct hits.
  15. DramaticExit

    The MAX slap.
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  16. JackD

    A30 Walker for the Lib
  17. Saool

    Was going to say knife. But this tops it.

    Of course its the NC and TR max punch. The Vanu one is clearly overpowered.
  18. Torok

    Infantry: for the NC The Phoenix lol!
    Max Punch

    Vehicle: The c85 modified ofcourse, as for my hardest earned auraxium it has to be the Renegade for the Flash, didn't took me that much time tbh, 19 hours not always with the wraith, but goddmanit you'd deserve a ribbon for each kill rather than every 10 lol!
    That gun so hardcore I died the very moment I scored auraxium[IMG]

    Airplanes: Any lib tail gun
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  19. KenDelta

    Was being sarcastic since all these 3 guns can have UBGL :<
    but the Renegade is MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH easier than the basilisk... got a silver on my Harasser Walker from shooting infantry.
  20. skyN3T

    Oh. Then we're both mistaken (and i'm blind) because it's the TRAC-5 i have auraxium'd and it's the TRAC-5S that can haz nadez. And you may be right about the Renegade, seeing that Torok here had the time to grind with it.
    Still silver Walker is a good 1000+ kills away from Auraxium, good luck!