What do you think about new "smooth and responsive" C-4?

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  1. Demigan

    Biased much?

    This is the same as the idiotic idea that "infantry farm infantry more, so the vehicles farming is OK!".

    First, there's more infantry at any time than vehicles. Even Chingles who dedicates himself to vehicles spends more time on foot than in a vehicle.
    Then there's ofcourse the fact that with each vehicle kill you get with C4, you are likely to get 1 to 2 players. And the fact that C4 statistics are boosted extremely by the fact that you draw it out only when you are about to get a kill. Additionally, it takes 2 C4 to take out a vehicle, meaning more time spend throwing and detonating than when facing infantry where you drop one and get a few kills, because once again C4 is rarely used against infantry but when it is used it's used against groups for the most part. And if you look at for example AP weapons, which are supposedly dedicated AV, then you see similar feats but without the boosting effect since they carry them all the time: http://stats.dasanfall.com/ps2/item_leaderboard.php?query=3730

    Second there's the simple choice of what to attack. If you have the option between attacking a sniper in a perfect position and someone with a Carbine you can approach however you like, then you pick the easier option. Now imagine that instead of a sniper, it's a vehicle with OHK shells, can move faster backwards than you can forwards and requires more firepower and time to kill than anything else in the groundgame meaning it has the time to simply get out of your effective range and survive should anything go wrong. This vehicle requires maybe 1/10th the skill you need to get a kill, because said vehicle doesn't need to dodge and only has to react when you get in close or he is starting to get severely damaged. The % chance to succeed in killing this tank is extremely low, unless said tank is absolutely not paying attention to anything and lets himself be C4red.
    Or you can spawn in, and attack a dude where the chance to win is 50/50, and if you lose, then it's still an infantry kill.
    The choice is easy: Everyone goes for the infantry kill. This is also a problem because of the ineffective infantry AV that is available, allowing tanks to easily escape just about any infantry AV situation if not just blow the infantry to bits.
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  2. LodeTria

    What are you even talking about. You claimed that it's not used as much against infantry, even though it clearly is, with the kills being far far more weighted to infantry than it is vehicles. Then you bang on about vehicles farming infantry when we're talking C4 use on infantry.

    I literally pointed that out, and how the C4 kills don't even come close to having a 2/1 ration of 2 infantry to 1 vehicle. It is vastly skewed towards infantry, you know, because it's used on them far more.

    It's funny how those titan AP KVVK, the stat that compares the kills to vehicle kills, hasn't got a single 200% in there, yet C4, has % so skewed towards infantry-kills that they have a N/A on them. Could you have picked a worse example? Probably not.

    Yeah, maybe take look at yourself next time.
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  3. Lamat

    But somehow "people" does not include you, you have some kind of outside perspective beyond the common man that you know exactly how it truly is.

    Face it, you are only sharing your subjective experience, that's all any of us can do unless we are game devs with access to the actual information, which i really hope is not you, but sadly that would explain a lot about the way things are going.
  4. Demigan

    It clearly isn't.

    When engaging tanks, it's highly likely C4 is used because it's one of the few (or only) infantry AV weapons capable of actually eliminating the threat with any consistency.
    In the meantime against infantry it's hardly ever used. You can have 50 battles in a row and not see a single C4 used against infantry, then when you see a group of infantry bunch up for an extended period of time you suddenly see some C4 thrown. The fact that it's used against groups and gets several kills in one go when used against infantry doesn't suddenly mean it's constantly used against infantry. All it means is that when it's finally pulled out and used against infantry it kills a bunch of them. Nothing more, nothing less.

    No you didn't point that out because you don't even understand the sentence. Read it again, it says "if you kill a vehicle, you are likely to kill 1 or 2 infantry". As in, at that moment, not overall. Which infantry could that be? Hmmmmmmmmm, Oh maybe it's the damn drivers? Oh yeah, those guys. Yeah those count as infantry kills even if they were in the vehicle. And adding the killed drivers to infantry kills is pretty damn ludicrous. You might as well say that just because an infantryman uses a tank, it's an infantry weapon.

    Situation 1: You kill an MBT. You get 2 kills. 2 C4 used.
    Situation 2: You kill 2 guys. You get 2 kills. 1 C4 used.
    Total vehicle kills: 1
    Total infantry kills: 2 (simply because you can kill 2 in one go, while that's tough to pull off with vehicles and you need more C4 for the vehicle)
    Total infantry kills actually listed: 4
    Reason why C4 looks like it is farming infantry: Because the one reading it has no idea what he's looking at.

    I do, which is why I know you completely off your rocker.
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  5. Demigan

    Ahw, you know that "people" is a generalistic term? That you can use it to define different groups, and that not 100% of the people will be with the same group of people? Don't be so **** about it, if anyone ought to do it then it would be my job.

    Or I can use the info that Lodetria offers, which when read correctly and filtered to avoid bias proves my point: There's fairly little actual infantry farming going on with C4.
  6. Lamat

    That's your interpretation of the limited data we have available.

    The bottom line is C4 is effective against both vehicles and infantry, following the trend of AV weapon nerfs, C4 is next up. The AV grenade is pretty bad against infantry by comparison.
  7. Demigan

    As I already mentioned C4 already got nerfed.


    But reading comprehension isn't your strong suit apparently.
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  8. Lamat

    Why do you have to be such an insufferable jerk on these forums, you can't just have a discussion without attacking people personally? Do you actually talk to people like that in real life? I get it, this game is everything to you, you are clearly very emotional and protective of your precious C4, and unwilling to have a reasonable discussion.
  9. Demigan

    I can, but it means that I have to have someone of intelligence to talk to. I already mentioned that C4 was already nerfed here:
    You somehow missed that sentence, and after a discussion repeat your misinformation again.

    No I don't talk to people like that in real life, because in real life people actually discuss things instead of throwing around misinformation constantly. Well, they do it less and with more thought behind it anyway.

    And no, I'm not "clearly very emotional and protective about my precious C4". A sentence which makes you a hypocrite (look up that word please). What I'm against is the misinformation, the hypocracy and the complete disregard for actual gameplay that ensues. If you actually read what I write you would know that. You would also know from this sentence:
    But once again, you missed that. How many times do you have to miss such things and spread misinformation that's already been refuted before I can say that your reading comprehension is bad?
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