What do you guys expect(interms of content) in the next PC update?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Scr1nRusher, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Scr1nRusher

    This should be a good discussion.
  2. Ballto21

    SMG infil******** under enemy cloaked AMS with infinite deepcloak, nooblits having a better experience with koltyr, and new bugs features
  3. Kentucky Windage

    I'm not certain. I'm wondering what their mulling over for the redeploy? I haven't looked on Reddit yet.
  4. Baracuda

    Absolutely nothing.
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  5. Schizomatic

    Would be a miracle if the top gun changes make it to next update just by themselves.
  6. OneToFear

    Things that I would like to see are 3 of my main ideas i've been putting my time into recently, which are the following:
    [Suggestion] Class Run speeds
    • This idea of mine will make classes have 3 major categories, and these categories would all have differences in their movement speed and shield.
    • These categories would be Light, Medium, and Heavy.
    [Suggestion]Forum Voting System
    • This is an idea of mine to make a Forum Voting System to make the forums a more useful place, this idea includes players being able to vote on others ideas. Then if ideas are voted on enough, they will be viewed by the devs and reviewed for possible implementation, rejection, or implementation with changes made.
    [Suggestion] ESF A2A Balance Solution
    • This is an idea of mine to either balance the current current decoy flare system for ESFs or make decoy flares a default ability for ESFs.
    However, these ideas, The Voting System mainly, would take a very long time to implement and would not be seen in any updates soon to come. Even though these features won't likely be made in the future, I can dream lol.
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  7. n0pax

    ^ This. Games in maintenance mode do not get anything noteworthy added in patches.
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  8. sustainedfire

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  9. DashRendar

    More memory leak fixes, and further decreased CPU load.

    I can always tweak graphics settings lower to lower GPU load, but if the CPU is loaded, all you can do is turn graphics higher, which tends to decrease performance. I don't care who thinks they have the "magical formula" it probably only works for them and their system, I get the best framerates with low graphics settings, which further loads the already heavily loaded CPU. That's pretty frustrating.
  10. KnightCole

    You mean "Add random bugs mode"?
  11. Mythologicus

    This would require the devs to actually care, so they should probably focus on that first.
  12. RedArmy

    perhaps just some performance tweeks for the next month or so before the july holiday updates
  13. Leftconsin

    I honestly don't expect any more content updates.
  14. Yuki10

    I'm just hoping for no new bugs. Really don't care about anything else (well, except for ESF control fix).
  15. JudgeNu

    I have no reason to expect anything tbh.
  16. Scr1nRusher

    Have you looked at the roadmap, PTS & wishlist?
  17. Corezer

    they need at least one new cont, so that when 2 are locked 3 are available, as it was before locking was introduced.
  18. Blippy

    More NS stuff in lieu of faction specific gear, random things breaking, optimizations being undone. These things will be fixed a few months later, but at the cost of other random things breaking.
  19. Klypto

    I was going to say major bug fixes but then I fell to my death after opening this thread and decided this was a better answer.
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  20. Plastikfrosch

    I would like to see the heat meachanism for the saron and ppa (MBT and harasser). Its on the testsever so bring it to the live one.