What do I cert into

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  1. C0NGL0M3R4T3

    I got Level 5 Applicator

    Level 3 AoE Heal

    And Level 3 Nanoweave

    I plan to get the GR-22 soon, but what attachments, etc?

    Thx in advance
  2. irishroy

    for the GR:
    -laserpointer lvl1 (later lvl2) ==> hipfiring like a crazy chicken
    -1x scope /3.4x scope, if you can handle the recoil
    -flashsupp./supp. your choice
    AoEheal lvlup up up up!
    it helps you to play more offensively
  3. Mefi

    It's better to get level 6 meditool.
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  4. Dethfield

    Lvl 6 medic tool all the way. Not only are friendly's revived with full health, you can revive MAX's at 20% HP, which is very helpful. Lets the MAX take a few hits when retreating, instead of being near death upon revive.
  5. irishroy

    also lvl5 is fine, too. lvl6 is even better, but lvl5 is very solid.
    just save up some certs, and get the GR, then the lvl6
    (IMHO, fighting is more important than healing^^)
  6. DemoEvolved

    level 6 med tool
  7. commandoFi

    Consider flak too, helps you survive a lot of things that can get a bunch of friendlies down, so you can get them back up. Lvl 6 med tool is important for serious medics, but if you aren't as into support you can save the certs for a while (seriously worth it though).
  8. Tasogie

    Revive grenade too, its sweet as, if you cna make sure it lands where you want it to
  9. FlayvorOfEvil

    What a medic should have at the end
    1. Lvl 5-6 Medi tool
    2. Lvl 4 AoE heal
    3. Flak Armor level 3+
    4. Nanite Revive Grenade
    5. Some sort of CQC weapon like the GR-22, Shotgun, or SMG
    6. C4 level 2.

    I have yet to be killed by proximity mines on my medic.
  10. Tasogie

    Little note on aoe heal, the first few levels are utter junk, AND you will get snipers killed (NC snipers seem to be only ones use cloak), because it will instantly highlight anyone stealthed. As an ex NC sniper, trust me, they wont thank you for it :).

    I play engi/Medic on VS, an I use the default assault rifle, though I cant find anything that is actually better than it.
  11. Manetheren

    Get Revive Grenade for 400 certs, then Grenade Bandolier for 100 certs = profit.
  12. Tasogie

    Dont forget with bando, you wont have flak armor, an it has saved me many many many times having that.
  13. irishroy

    but for the rezz/healnades you have to give away your fragnade.
    and i don't wanna leave the spawnroom without at least 1 nade in my pocket.^^
  14. FlayvorOfEvil

    I know that -_- I specialize in sniping too. AoE heals are only for combat use, not to top off snipers.
  15. Tasogie

    yer, trouble is it will make any sniper within range glow like a neon sign. I have killed more than 1 sniper I didn't see on an initial scan because a Medic got to close to him :)
  16. Arcanotechnician

    The level 6 medtool is the best cert in the game for a combat medic. It's wonderful to be able to:

    1) Pick someone up from further away.
    2) Pick them up at full health.
    3) Pick them up faster, so you don't even have to stop moving to pick someone up on the run.

    It pays for itself easily in a biolab defense or two.
  17. Shasbot

    So... triage, worth even looking at?
  18. Whateverworks

    Some will tell you situationally useful, most will tell you not worth bothering with it. I don't have it, and don't plan to get it as it stands currently.
  19. Cirevam

    I could see triage maybe being useful for people that ride in the rumble seat for the Flash and eventually the buggies. If they get shot up, just get behind cover or get the enemy to stop firing somehow.
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  20. Whateverworks

    You know, it's still not enough to make me want to actually get Triage, but that's actually the most practical situation of it being useful that I've heard put forward. Good show!