what deal with heavy TB nerf ?

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  1. sovietwarbear NL

    hi :(

    i love fly lib got 56k certs in it and just auraxium :D but now i see thy go to nerf TB to grond. so what lib go to do now if EFS comes ? kill them with dalton ( if you use M&K PS4 ) nope you cant it got nerft. kill them with tailgun ? nope because EFS fly to far from you cant do any dmg with walker or hyna. try get ESF in 50m from your TB and kill them ? nope you cant any more

    if lib get so much A2A nerf how can you def you self vs ESF

    and with TB nerf how can you kill any armor in time for you get kille AP rounds or rocket pistol / dump fire rockets ?

    yes yes i know my english is not best but stil good
  2. Halkesh

    Unless the ESF is running with A2A pods / coyotee, he deal less damage to you than on live server, so you have more time to deter him with the tailgun.

    If you're running a full anti-ground loadout it's normal to not being able to kill ESF or at least struggling to kill them.
    Vektor have high velocity so you can shot ESF easily (even more since the gun can pivot).
    Shredder is effective enough against ESF (even with ESF resistance being upgraded to 67% from 0 against galtin gun).

    But yes in general, you won't be able to kill ESF, which are supposed to counter liberator, not being chased by him.
  3. Demigan

    What nerf?
    From the front you need 2 volleys to set an MBT on fire, so 1 from the back to set it on fire.
    All 3 noseguns (TB, spur, vector) can now pivot, the small test I had with Spur and Vector was that they were pretty good at AA and annihilated infantry. The Shredder is still good at both AV and AA. So all you've lost is that the TB can't be used to kill EVERYTHING (read: bad at AA, its a dedicated AV weapon what did you Expect), which is good as it makes the Spur and Vector useful.
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  4. sovietwarbear

    What nerf ? Its nerf

    1 mag to set tank on fire stil stupid because if you try kill vang he wil just turn on his shield then you can hope you can fire for sec time. If tank driver never look on map or look some time in air it his damn fault he get kill TB. When i drive armor i always look arond me every few min.

    If ESF get in 50m +- range of TB and get one mag kill its his damn fault not lib with TB.so many time i say to my buddy why hell he fly right in my TB range and not use range on me and go nerf TB because ppl like that.

    pivot wil not come to ps4 and even when i play on pc i stil dont like it. If it was so good why no one asking for it to give to rest of front lib guns that. Because its crap and onlye work if solo lib and that last thing we wand that more solo libs come.

    Spur is not even on ps4 donno if it ever comes

    If thy lower dmg per bullet of TB. at least give less dmg drop from 100 to 150m.
  5. LordKrelas

    That Vanguard can't exactly run, even if it sees a Liberator.
    Or did you forget, no MBT can outrun any aircraft.

    But, for Liberators, apparently it's the ESF's damn fault for engaging in 50 meters, an enemy A2G gunship, while acting as an air superiority fighter.
    The Tank buster, is a tank killer, not a universal weapon that bests A2A weapons or rather should not.
    Pilots, readily state pull an ESF to counter a Liberator, yet when the Liberator can't easily nuke that ESF, complaints?

    Considering the Pilot can pivot the gun, this means any stationary liberator, solo or not, has a greater control of their weapon.
    Those with Gunners, just got a more stable firing position, given it won't need such drastic turns just to point the frontal cannon.

    Why in hell make it have a longer effective range?
    They reduced the damage for a reason, the Tank Buster is the best AV, AI, and AA... It's meant to be a dedicated AV weapon.
    It's bad enough that AA tanks can one-clipped, if it could be done at a greater distance, that's less exposure for the most lethal unit in the game.
    For why none asked for pivot; Who in hell would think they'd want that, when few likely even tried the spur?
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  6. Liewec123

    libs are getting made tankier and now nose gun, belly gun and tail gun can all pummel away on ground targets.
    PLUS Spur is now pretty much a longer range Banshee that you can aim...
    the problem is that its a BUFF to libs!

    but yes they've nerfed the most ridiculously over the top weapon in the game that OHKs MBTs, its about damn time!
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  7. Halkesh

    It's instant kill. ;)

    I agree, they also removed the ridiculous OHK dalton on ESF so they can now try to counter liberator instead of running away from them.
  8. sovietwarbear

    Lib wil get noting to kill esf fast. If you think tail gun can do it then you server full ppl who dont know how to fly ESF. on ps4 we got few who fly with mouse and keybord and even how Dalton / TB / tail gun is now you cant kill them.

    Even am for dalton nerf and not for TB. Lib is go to be dead on ps4 because nerf is make for pc but thy give to ps4 to. but with out pivot on front gun and we dont even got spur on ps4.

    So on ps4 you can hit esf but cant kill them any more in time . How many times i have been close to dead and my TB save my live in last sec is many times and many times it dint save my live. but now with big dmg nerf. You cant kill them any more.

    And tail gun go to be to weak.hyna need litte buff in Muzzle Velocity

    Walker suck its realy hard to hit on long range and walker vs efs long range efs wins

    Hyna and walker are aa guns yes. But why ppl us TB and dalton more to kill air its because 2 Tail aa gun suck onlye good vs ppl who just jump in efs for first time

    nerf TB can be oke and yes its not AA gun i agree on that but you need look on why ppl use it als AA its because Tail AA dont come even close to be good AA gun vs good EFS pilot. I dont need i win all time that boring. do wand fair game And how now is with long range efs with walker its not fair game.

    And with mouse and keybord ppl on ps4 its go to be hell to kill them because you cant get close to TB or get them with walker or hyna. I al ready just fly off when i get no hit and redeploy because it just wast of time to try kill them and if you get lucky thy make mistake thy jump out als LA. Some of them got kdr of 12.5 and with nerf thy go to win even more.

    Even i play most on ps4 br120 i do some times play on pc br72 i do see this go to be problem. I realy hope i go to be wrong and you guys are right but on. ps4 fun times can be over with this nerf.
  9. sovietwarbear

    Every time you talk of pivot that super. its because you guys are pc gamers. So Go play game on pc with out use pivot and see how go to be then.

    Why not on ps4 donno. How works on pc thy can make it on ps4 but thy dont
  10. Demigan

    Now I can only assume that this is you:

    And that you are a filthy hippocrite, and a liar.
    LA's are easier to spot and defend yourself against as a vehicle, on account of LA's being slower, having limited flight instead of full flight and being easy to predict in what their movement options are. Looking around "for a few min" isn't going to save you from a Lib, it takes literally 10 seconds for a Liberator to cross around 410m, almost half of his render range. In that time it can pop up, close the distance on any tank and murder it to oblivion. Looking around for 1 minute at a time isn't going to save you, so that's why you are a liar.
    Aircraft like the Liberator aren't limited in their movement options. And you are victimshaming with "if a vehicle can't spot me in time it's their fault". You are in a flying vehicle that can ignore terrain and moves at least twice as fast as any ground vehicle, with the only exception of an afterburning Harasser. It's not magic to surprise someone with those feats. In fact, even a vehicle that is 100% constantly on the lookout is unlikely to be able to spot a Liberator in time in many area's due to the cover the terrain offers for the Lib until it's too late for the vehicle.
    And why should a Liberator have it so easy practically insta-killing any vehicle they attack this way? "because it's their fault"? Well in that case when I surprise a Liberator with, say, C4 (which is an infinitely more time consuming and harder task), then I should be able to insta-murder it as well shouldn't I? Or what if I surprise it with a tanks main-gun? Nope! Ofcourse not! The Liberator has enough health to just pull out of effective elevation range/effective range of the tank, repair up and then mercilessly murder said tank, since the amount of air cover that the game offers to tanks is practically zero. And that's the litteral "in practice, there is zero cover for tanks from the faster more maneuverable super-tanky aircraft that can pop you within 10 seconds at almost any point in time".

    So please, stop being an ****** and look at the game in general, rather than your own solo experience. we do not want more solo Libs because libs are already super-powerful as group vehicles, if they keep being powerful enough to solo, then there's something horribly wrong with the balance especially if you start manning the Lib with more people.
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  11. Kristan

    About damn time indeed. TB was annoying and made other noseguns inferior. Also I'm finally happy that they've listened to suggestion to give Spur some AOE damage to farm infantry.
  12. Wingthong

    As a pretty dedicated lib pilot, I can say that this nerf was not needed at all. the problem is that people are getting frustrated with the top 1-2% of high skill pilots on their server that run in 2-3 man libs and destroy whole squads of ESFs with the Dalton. it is 100% your fault if you die to a libs tank buster as an esf. even If the lib is running stealth and sneaks up on you, they are loud enough to hear from a couple hundred meters out. the "old" tank buster was a very high risk vs high reward weapon, meaning going for that rear one mag on a vanguard could easily result in getting 2 shot by another MBT close by, effectively separating the air game from large zerg fights. anyone who says that this nerf to the tank buster is needed clearly has limited flying experience with it, as I is useless vs ESFs, and going for a lib who is engaging you with a Dalton is also a suicide mission, as its an easy shot for the enemy gunner (although you will punish him if he messes up his shots).


    -Dalton nerf is clearly aimed at high skill lib teams who farm inexperienced ESF/libs

    -TankBuster nerf takes away the fun of low level high skill manoeuvring to get in position to hunt MBTs, as the TTK is far to low to pull off the hit and run without exposing yourself for too long.

    Daybreak/Wrel needs to stop nerfing high skill aspects of this game, as it pushes those older players who have reached this level of skill away as the game becomes to simplified and boring.
  13. Demigan

    Ah, the testimony of a pilot thats losing his OP toys and is trying to victimshame to try and keep it. Please Please please show those salty tears some more while the rest of the game moves on with its improvements.
  14. Wingthong

    right, because if 98% of people who fly libs cant land A2A daltons and 2% of people can its considered overpowered?
  15. Demigan

    Right, because letting 2% of people use a weapon very effectively for another purpose is A-OK purely because only a few can do it?
    Also, why are you arguing it's A2A capabilities while they are clearly A2G weapons and OP A2G Weapons at that? Oh Yeah, because you are flailing about protecting your OP toys.
  16. Wingthong

    Just looked at your stats, clearly just a infantry main who cant use air getting salty about stuff he has never used. you have 12 kills with the Dalton and 1 with the tank buster. Quit flaming on the forums about things that you have less than 3 hours game time with and thus no clue how easy/overpowered aspects of the game are
  17. Halkesh

    1 - Yes it is. If devs found a thing is OP, they'll try to nerf it in order to balance the game. The main problem about dalton is that weapon counter the supposedly counter of liberator (ESF), leaving experienced crew without real counter (other than a more experienced liberator crew or a huge ganking squad).
    Note you can still use dalton at it's intended role (A2G) normally.

    2 - Only TankBuster's burst damage and damage per magazine were nerfed. The problem is this blinded you and you failed to see the other changes.
    -other nosegun are now competitive with the liberator
    -tankbuster can be used at the same time as bellygun (no need to dive the target)
    -liberator get a huge buff to bottom armor : from 0 to 50%

    3 - Every game should nerf what's is OP and buff what's UP, even if some player consider their weapon a "high skill" weapon, it is still unbalanced and should be changed. If you fail to understand the logic being it, you shouldn't play a multyplayer game because in that case a singleplayer game locked on "easy" mode might be better suited for you.

    TL;DR :
    -dalton OP vs ESF, nerf deserved
    -tankbuster OP vs everything, nerf against infantry and air deserved, burst damage nerf against vehicle deserved, pivot buff welcomed.
    -people with "high skill" don't need cheesy stuff to prove they're good.
  18. Kristan

    If that's the weapon for 1% then why almost every Lib runs with it? It's a miracle to see a Lib with Vektor or Spur and it's frowned upon by your teammates if you do so. It not only instakills the tanks, but also highly effective against other Libs and Gals. Whenever I face enemy Lib in my ESF and they turn towards me I just turn away because I know there comes TB barrage. And it never fails my expectations.

    Yes, Liberator might be loud... when you're on your feet. You have motor sound, you have radio chatter, you might have teammates voice comms, there might be gunshots and explosions around for crying out loud! There is a lot of ambient noise for not to notice a Liberator sneaking by. So stop talking about spherical horses in vacuum. I'm pretty damn sure that you had no situation where you have prevented being buttraped by the Lib using your "spidey senses".
  19. Wingthong

    Nice, another guy telling me how OP lib weapons are when he/she has less than 5 hours playtime with the weapons in question. when I was talking about the 1% of lib gunners I was clearly talking about the Dalton, not tankbuster.
    I urge all that see the lib as the "OP I win gunship" to go and ACTUALLY PLAY IT after the last couple of nerfs, and see how it cant contribute to fights because of its low TTK and high time to BE killed.

    I have no idea where the idea to give all lib noseguns pivot came from, but it does not fit the playstyle of the vehicle what so ever, promoting pilots to fly in straight lines and hover is a terrible idea because AP exists, and if I had a dollar for every ESF/LIB that I have shot down with Titan AP, I would be (fairly) rich :)

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