What class do you enjoy killing the most???

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MasterCheef, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. MasterCheef

    I love killing infiltrators. Something about their design, or the fact that their so sneaky... I get a tiny little rush when i kill one, more so than any other class or vehicle.

    Maxes come a close second.
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  2. Compass

    I enjoy killing MBTs the most. Then Liberators.
  3. Dethfield

    MAX's and Heavy Assaults. Mostly because they are the hard hitting classes and taking them down hurts the enemy's firepower more than the others.
  4. Zeek

    Heavy Assault. It's fun to kill someone who activates a shield and still dies.
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  5. Aghar30

    Either non mineguard sundies (yes they are still around) or ESF's, nothing is more satisfying than being a dual burster max tanking the skillpod and blowing the crap out of the hover spammer.
  6. RedPsycho

    MBTs, even more so when they even noticed me coming for them, this as LA.
  7. CoffeeBreak

    I primarily play as LA and strive to be as unpredictable as possible. I love being on a tower, ridgeline, etc killing whole lines of snipers that think they're safe and undetected.

    During a crown assault the other day I ran down the line on the west cliff(facing down to Ti) and headshot 15 snipers w/o a single one firing back at me.
  8. Xandax

    As an infiltrator - I do love to kill other infiltrators, they're also properly my most killed class.
    But the favourite - engineers standing behind their turrets. That nice headshot through the crack in the shield .... wammo - start giggling like a school girl each time.
  9. rickampf

    I love rip apart the sneaky infiltrators who trying snipe my HA, they feel so untouchable... until my LMG start firing lol, its fun to see them desperate run away.
  10. Ayabe

    LA/HA BR <10 hackers are probably my favorite followed by ESF kills with Lightning/Vanny.
  11. RHINO_Mk.II

    1) Sniping Libs with the default rocket launcher.
    2) Sniping ESFs with tank cannons or the Zephyr.
    3) Concuss+kill MAX units. Laugh as they slowly spin in a circle trying to follow you.
  12. DaninTexas

    LAs in the air
    Inf while cloaked
  13. Vertabrae

    Normally it's Infiltrators, some guy hanging back, thinking he is all safe racking up his kills. BAM....Not so safe are you now.

    In a big biolab battle however, it's Engineers. You know that guy who tends to stay just around the corner out of sight, but you can seem the beam as he repairs that MAX. I love lobbing a grenade and taking him out. Or better yet shooting him when the MAX moves a little too far away and the Engi has to follow him to keep him in range. Get the Engi down and the MAX usually dies quick or leaves, giving you time to break out.
  14. LuNaTIcFrEAk

    Engineer/MBT Drivers, specifically the ones the sit back and spam from a distance. I love to get behind them and snipe them when they retreat to repair. The further away they are from a spawn the better,
  15. Ash87

    Killing ESFs and liberators with a MBT

    Really, killing anything with an arced shot from a MBT.

    Class wise... three favorites

    1.) A really good infiltrator, if I am likewise playing infiltrator, and we're doing counter sniping (Running around at 100m apart, taking shots at each other)

    2.) Maxes, anytime.

    3.) Medics.
  16. Dusty Lens

    Myself. When I hit E instead of R.

    Goodbye Mosquito.
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  17. DaninTexas

    lol - A hint - rebind that key to \

    Learn that lesson once while flying a fully loaded galaxy
  18. PraxisMajor

    Used to do this far too often as well. Found it funny most of the time.

    Since I rebound the exit on air vehicles to the delete key I haven't done it at all.
  19. Xind

    I enjoy stabbing ****** bag snipers to death.
    Play a real class.
  20. itzCujo666

    Sundies. From long range, around a rock with the new AV Mana Turret.