What attachments to run on Pulsar C?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by miraculousmouse, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. miraculousmouse

    Do I go with the classic mid range compensator/foregrip/sight? I used this combo on the SVA-88, and the hipfire was still decent in a jiffy. Would the Pulsar Cs hipfire with compensator be even better, since it's a carbine? Or should I run a laser sight.
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  3. repairtool6

    Yeah, just use the 'standard' but also consider if you ever wanted to run with a silencer 24/7 then you got the perfect perfect gun for that.
  4. cykael

    Compensator is detrimental, 1x, foregrip and HVA is all you'll ever need. Making hipfire worse on carbines is not worth it since you'll be most likely facing people in CQC and you don't have the .75 ADS of SVA-88 or overshield to gain upper hand advantage.
  5. LibertyRevolution

    Go to VR..

    While the hipfire crosshair on pulsar C seems large, just aim with the middle of it and they will hit.
    Do not put a compensator on it if you plan to hipfire.
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  7. Reclaimer77

    Compensator turns the Pulsar C into a headshot machine. Not sure I agree with you guys.

    The Pulsar C simply isn't a closer quarters carbine. Why would you trade a huge improvement in medium to long range accuracy for a small hipfire gain? I certainly don't, as that's not what this Carbine is balanced around.
  8. Iridar51

    Because it's not a huge improvement. It's a 15% flat reduction to the speed you need to pull your mouse down to compensate for vertical recoil. True, Pulsar C's vertical recoil is on the high side, but if you can pull your mouse 15% faster, you don't need compensator.

    In some cases, compensator can be used to increase grouping during burst fire at long range, or reduce the effect of the high First Shot Recoil Multiplier, but Pulsar C has very low FSRM of 1.5x, and bursting isn't really something you want to be doing with this weapon, so there's no need.

    And it's not only about hip fire accuracy, it's also about radar detection range, which Compensator doubles, effectively ensuring that every enemy within your effective range will know where you are.

    Pulsar C is undoubtedly one of the best ranged carbines, but it doesn't it mean it must suck in CQC, like AC-X11.
  9. Reclaimer77

    Well I'm certainly not going to get into an argument of someone with your notoriety. And I do appreciate all your videos and tips which have helped me personally as a Light Assault main player.

    However I do have every Directive for Carbines in the game, and I've won my Eclipse. So for me personally, the compensator on the Pulsar C better suits me and what I want out of that weapon.

    As far as radar detection..meh, 90% of all the monkeys in the game don't even pay attention to the minimap. And the ones who are skilled, will know where I am anyway.

    But when I play tonight I'll go ahead and try it without the Comp. The Pulsar C was my first Auraxium. Perhaps now that I've gotten so much more practice with Carbines, I'll find I no longer need the compensator.
  10. Iridar51

    By all means, I encourage everyone to think for their own and use what they think is best for them. Just wanted to make sure you have all the facts to make an informed decision, that's all.
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  11. Prudentia

    Lasersight and Silencer(optional) makes the Pulsar C the best close/medium range carbine VS have imo.
    Highest DPM, extremly accurate, efficent ammo usage.
    tough there is one thing you don't want to do: get into 1v1 CQC faceoff, the high TTK sadly prevents a win in many cases, tough you can still win regular with a good headshot focused aim.
  12. Fuers

    I am using 1x red dot, compensator, forward grip and hva for all around. its my weapon of choice on LA. I have more then 4000 kills with it on my both vanu chars and i was really strugling when i had to use other carbines to master them. Then again i like low fire rate and fast muzzle velocity. Always go for headshots!