What attachments should I use for the T1S Cycler?

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Ghost_Leader, May 5, 2013.

  1. Ghost_Leader

    Ok,so I tried the gun in the VR and liked what I've tested,so when I had the certs I got it.Since it's an S variant it has a lot of attachments,but which one should I use? I got the Underbarrel Shotgun(since I already have the grenade launcher on my Trac-5S),since the weapon has a low RoF and to boost it's CQC capabilites,but it looks like I've made a mistake,because the attachements itself is pretty "meh".Which attachements should I use on the gun,what ranges is it best for and what's your overall opinion on it?
  2. CrimsonDaemon

    Yeah, the shotgun isnt an attachment I would recommend. One shot and a long transition back to the main gun? No thanks. I would stick to intermediate ranges with it. Personally, I have found that I like it with the compensator, foregrip, spa ( for a bit of a boost at short range), and a x1 for close range engagements or a 3.4 for longer engagements and swap out for hva. Another setup I really like is using the smoke grenade launcher with the thermal sight. Even at closer ranges, this will give you a large advantage because most people dont rock thermal sights. I wouldnt advise hipfire at close range (other than point blank) with it. I usually just aim for the upper chest and let it walk up to the face and that does a good job killing people. Otherwise I just disengage and try and flank in close quarters if the conditions are unfavorable.
  3. Seranov

    Yeah, the underbarrel shotgun can't hold a candle to any of the actual shotguns. It's really just a "uh oh! I'm out of bullets in my rifle, time to switch to this and hope for the best!" kind of deal.

    I use HVA + Compensator all the time, and switch between the 1x scopes and the 2x scope. I will generally switch between the underbarrel grenade or smoke grenade launcher, the foregrip and the laser sight, depending on what I'm trying to get done. They're all pretty self-explanatory.
  4. WalrusJones

    The main attachments this gun has for it is the following:

    The Compensator: Reduces its recoil per bullet below the base gun.
    - Goes well with foregrip, making this the second most accurate TR assault rifle (After the new SABR.)
    -- Note, the basic T1 isn't a slacker.

    The UBGL: Useful for detonating C4, driving off Flashes/Harassers, and flushing enemies from cover at medium range (The shotgun is unusable due to the shortness of TTK's in CQC making it so you cant switch away from it, the grenade launcher has the ability to give you time to survive via range.)
    - You can also give everything else the finger by hopelessly firing this at them.

    While the UBS actually can be good, its not good for the scenarios you would like it: It is an ambush weapon. You see three guys with their backs to you? Kill one with the shotgun, gun down the other with your main gun after .2 seconds of switch time.
    Thus, it exceeds at opening two kill streaks, but isn't that great (Especially when an UBGL can usually do it better.)
  5. Kallowe

    I really like the Holographic dot sight on my non-S cycler.
  6. EclipsedTerror

    Compensator(always), HVA or dot sight, rail...

    Rail depends what you're doing. If blocking doorways, grenade launcher for a ridiculous amount of kills and for dealing with maxes, otherwise foregrip. Recoil is kind of bad and that grip certainly helps.

    Really no reason to run around with smoke(IR sights see through this and the good players/people who will easily kill you will be using them), laser sight(TAR is way better for hip fire), and shotgun(If you know you're going to be that close then why are you not using the uppercut or blackjack).