What are your top 3 issues with the game right now?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ianneman, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Ianneman

    Pretty simple, list your 3 biggest issues with PS2 at this moment, no matter how much you love the game.

    1. Liberators. Too much freedom. They don't need nerfing, but ground needs a heavy AA platform that can instagib them just like they can instagib ground targets.
    2. Ravens. It seems pretty obvious that these things ruin the gameplay for a LOT of people, it's absolutely ridiculous. Remove projectile guidance, or increase refire time/reload time.
    3. Vulcan Harrassers. Way too much mobility combined with close-range firepower. A buggy should not be able to take on pretty much any tank 1-to-1.
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  2. noobishtactic

    1. lack of content
    2. lack of comunication from the dev team
    3. a very long list of smaller bugs and issues
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  3. Jbrain

    1. Nc max needing a medium range gun

    2. NC max really really needs a medium range gun so we can also have a max useful in all aspects of the game instead of 1.

    3. Nc max must and will never be fair fight until we get a medium range gun on our maxes.
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  4. Liewec123

    1. low population (cobalt could really use another merge)
    2. nothing to aim for (BR97 and i have everything i want)
    3. bugs (fix aegis shield already DBG!)
  5. Enguzrad

    1. Unfinished resource system.
    2. Lack of infiltrator hacking options, and overall lack of things to do behind enemy lines.
    3. Some bad performing weapons (namely burst weapons).
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  6. Mr_Cheese

    1. C4 is so buggy its basically useless.
    2. No meta game.
    3. Alerts are boring as hell. No variety.
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  7. HadesR

    1. Lack of a finished Resource and mission system

    2. The lack of 1 making the game just a shallow TDM with no real goals .

    3. Bugs
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  8. breeje

    1. bugs
    2. team-killers, most off these are by accident
    3. late night hackers
  9. Cinnamon

    1. No option to unbind engineer drop ammo from use key for people who have the button on a hair trigger.
    2. Base/map design. Too much reliance on choke points/killing zone/crowding and spamming in buildings. Not enough flanking, verticality, spread out action.
    3. Redeploy.
    4. Over effectiveness of max, ha shield and grenades makes brute force gameplay more common than tactical gameplay.
  10. Leftconsin

    1. The extreme list of bugs. Many of which crash the game or instantly kill you.
    2. It is now taking me upwards of ten minutes at a time to find a fight that isn't totally zerged out. Seriously, I have no clue how people get 300 kills per hour. Nowadays I struggle getting 30 because I can't find a fight.
    3. I am a terrible player an no amount of practice is getting me any better.
  11. Grumblefern

    1. Inconsistent/buggy feeling gameplay(post physics change especially)
    2. Vehicle gameplay is kind of screwed up due to render distance and long range AV nonsense
    3. Base designs that don't support large numbers very well, while the lattice funnels zergs into them
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  12. AxiomInsanity87

    1. People whining for nerfs

    2. People backing up their whining with fallacies

    3. Solo players thinking 1v1's are even a valid point of reference for balance.
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  13. Schizomatic

    1: The top gunner camera shake bug that I'm not even sure the devs know about.

    2: Instant Action completely unreliable

    3: Shield bug
  14. Lucidius134

    1. (no) Meta-game
    2. Redeploy Side
    3. Class system too vague
    3. Failed art design/aesthetic/sound design

    Example: Twas touted through tech/beta that they didn't want to introduce any monetization that didn't fit in the game world. We have toilet horns and camos that clash with faction aesthetic.
  15. day ofm one

    1. Horribly poor game response times.
    2. NC MAXes absulutely defenseless against infantry after 20 meters range.
    3. Instant action randomly spawning you anywhere.
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  16. n0pax

    1. Lack of battles: 90% of fights end within 5-7 minutes (probably redeployside?).
    2. Low population: Emerald could use a merge.
    3. Alerts are lackluster: I wish to play at off hours of the night when the total population on Emerald dips below 100. One continent is far too large for that population, we need alerts that filter us into specific areas of the continent.

    Bonus 4th: Poor server performance: I live within 200 miles of DC yet I get an 80-150 ms ping during busy hours. By contrast I get a 10 ping to NYC BF4 servers, 40 to Chicago and 85 to Los Angeles.
  17. LodeTria

    1: Bugs.
    2: Redeploy-side.
    3: MAX AI is too effective, remove 1 gun & give NC machine guns instead of shotties.
  18. prodo123

    1. Stupid team coordination, "rolling with the zerg" etc.
    2. Bugs galore!
    3. OP/UP nerf/buff pls beg threads...Asking for better "balance" with straight up nerf/buff is different from and arguably terrible compared to changing things up a little bit to introduce some new content.
  19. NoobStylerIGERI

    a new Nerf thread =??? :/

    other things more on intress

    old Crown, for big fights
    old Quarz rige.. was pretty good base
    new aller System, old is boring
  20. wrenched

    You might be fortunate enough to play on the one or two well populated servers in peak times. For the rest of us, small battles are the best we can find.

    Let's be honest though, the game peaks at 4,500 concurrent players. It's as popular as tom clancy ghost warrior/AOE II HD etc...can't expect much.