What are your top 3 bases or outposts in PlanetSide 2?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Luperza, Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. FendleyFire

    My top three bases/outposts:
    1. Terram BL-l4 Crash Site
    2. Auraxis Firearms Corp.
    3. Elli Forest Pass
  2. FPSHazard

    My top three bases/outposts:
    1. The Octogon
    2. Howling Pass
    3. Indar Comm Array
  3. Rogue1138

    1. Regent Rock Garrison
    2. Zurvan
    3. Any Tech Plant
  4. Adistron

    My top three bases/outposts:
    1. Arc bioengineering
    2. Glacier station
    3. Old crown
  5. Mima-kun

    1. Any amp station
    2. Any tech-plant
    3. Any large outpost
  6. Prudentia

    i love the bases that are like normal bases, but have their own personality that you can discover by just looking and exploring, without any kind of written lore.
    1. Terran BL4. it's a biolab, that is not a biolab, nuff said
    2. Two stone beach(?) the esamir base at the southern river with the frozen piers.
    3. NS abandoned office. a great little base with many little spots to hide or shot/slip trough. tough a very little base. 2v2 is already to many because you can just blow up the sundy with ease and anything above 6v6 quickly becomes a spawncamp.
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  7. Chicken Wings

    1. The Stronghold
    2. Splitpeak Pass
    3. Esamir Munitions
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  8. TraatAdmiral

    My top three bases/outposts:
    1. <Snowshear Watchtower>
    2. <Regent Rock Garrison>
    3. <TI Alloys>
  9. BuggerRat

    My top three bases/outposts:
    1. Octagon
    2. That redesigned amp station on Esamir with 3 spawns and no SCU (Sorry, forgot the name.)
    3. Pretty much any facility that negates spawn room camping by tanks and esf's; forces drivers and pilots to footslog for the capture.
  10. AdmiralArcher

    My top three bases/outposts:
    1. Snowshear watchtower
    2. feldspar canyon base
    3. lithcorp secure mine
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  11. xxSparkyxx

    My top three bases/outposts are:

    1. The Crown
    2. Regent Rock Garrison
    3. Howling Pass Checkpoint.
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  12. Liberty

    There are many bases where I love the unique design (Terran BL-4, East River Sky Station, etc) But to actually fight at as infantry.

    1. Esamir Munitions - The double tower design is great as you now have more ways to get into the level of the towers without having to either LA up the sides or slog your way through the vehicle bay. Great base overall. Fun to attack and defender.

    2. Biolabs - Vehicle combat completely removed. Boring if they reach critical mass at the chokepoints but lets you light assault without the constant fear of being randomly lolpodded or shot by tank splash as you fly around a tower.

    3. Techplants. Love the large structure with various levels and entrance points.

    Honorable mention : New Freyr, haven't got a chance to play on it as much as I'd like yet, but so far its been a blast.
  13. GamerDJ

    1: Jaeger's Crossing > Two Stone Beach area*
    2: Snowshear Watchtower
    3: The --OLD-- Crown. The new one is awful.

    *I just want to clarify that while some of the fights on Esamir are still fun, the walls have ruined the entire ******* continent.
  14. Westy543

    My top three bases/outposts:
    1. Granite Valley Garrison on Amerish. <3 <3 <3
    2. Regent Rock Garrison on Indar <3 <3
    3. The Octagon on Esamir <3
  15. Xelsia

    1. Xenotech
    2. Feldspar
    3. Octagon
  16. WinchesterLock

    My #1 is a combination because of the back and forth fighting at this location.

    1. Indar Excavation/Quartz Ridge (Indar)
    2. The original Crown (Indar)
    3. Any Biolab
  17. PureSoul

    My top three bases/outposts:
    1. Freyr Amp Station
    2. The Bastion
    3. Crimson bluff tower
  18. Unclematos7

    1: Biolabs
    2: Vanu Archives
    3: Scarred Mesa
  19. TruenoBen

    1. Biolabs
    2. The Octagon
    3. Snowshear Watchtower
  20. Stopper

    1 - Northpoint Station : a perfect outpost with everything ! Three capture points, a tower, several buildings, more of all differents levels of both buildings and terrain. Good for all kinds of infantry fights. Also good for ESF, with the surrounding peaks that can provide a fun but tricky cover.

    2 - Blackshard Iridium Mine and surrounding terrain (from Tawrich tower to The Stronghold) : excellent for combined approach for infantry, vehicles and air. Very fun to attack or defend from the higher ground (top of the canyon) on the south, especially for snipers and HL.

    3 - Indar Bay Point : a very beautiful place, with interesting terrain (like Jaeger's crossing), also good for differents kinds of battles.

    And for my three favourites terrains / areas outside of bases :

    1 - The mountain with the road and the path between The Ascent and Raven Landing (a lattice should use it !).
    2 - The area between NS Research Labs and Ayani Labs : another beautiful and interesting place, with trees, some rocks, a little uneven ground. Too bad the lattice don't cross it.
    3 - All the landscape of the Nott's area (around the main base and his outposts).
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