What are your thoughts on the Ion Cannons?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by EvilWarLord, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. EvilWarLord

    So after looking at the prototype's for the Ion cannons and watching them function, rounds are fired in volley's of 3 in 14 second intervals. But you'll need to power them with Cortium if you want them to function.

    Now currently the Cannons are far from finished but what i will say is, they should increase the radius to 550 or 600 meters, But i wouldn't go further than 650 meters.

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  2. Cheal

    Finally some artillary
  3. Voodoooooo

    We have it in RL. So take it to PS2.

    Do it.

    BTW: Laserpointer for Guided Rockeds will be also ok.

    At Moment we move Waypoints over Targets for our Airstrikes. Similar to Laserpointer.
  4. Haquim

    Too little info, but looks good for a first draft.

    Questions popping up for me:

    How much damage does it deal?
    Which damage type?
    How big is the explosion radius?
    Can the explosion damage vehicles/buildings like C4 and old Dalton?
    Do I really have to mark my artillery piece first and then run to the target point?
    What if I die before I can put down the target marker? Do I have to do it all again?
    Can I put down a marker for several artillery pieces?
    How long does the marker last?
    Can it be destroyed? By EMP for example?
    Does the marker survive even if I get killed after putting it down?
  5. Cyropaedia

    The projectiles and explosions look sick. The cannon/turret not so much.
  6. Kristan

    The horror of Flail has retuuuurned!!!

    Well at least it's pretty slow and avoidable. Though can't imagine what ruckus it gonna cause at closed outposts surrounded by walls. And I imagine amount of grief points! Oooh jolly!
  7. William Petersen

    Right, so biolabs forever, then. Got it.
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  8. Hammerlock

    well ... as long as it isnt this ion cannon i can live with it
  9. Haquim

    You said you don't want it... but I do.
    We need a second core limited to one per faction per continent... instead of a HIVE a FYAEAY core (thats an acronym for **** you and everyone around you)
    When that lone generator has refined 10k its ready to fire.

    Not that it would be very useful, since you would kill your own team in the hex too, but it would be awesome.
    Hmm I guess you could also shoot it into a fight between the other two factions just for the sake of being a troll...
  10. Daigons

    I'm sure that the Gatekeeper will still do more ranged damage without all the flash and sound.
  11. Caramboul

    If i try to imagine what´s going on with 5-10 Ion cannons shooting simultaneously assisted by air/ground vehicle at the same (wide) target aeral i get an impression of trench warfare WW1. Not good for a fast movement game like PS2.

    I hope this cannons will be restricted to 1-2 apiece each faction. If not it would be exactly a Tiberium Wars cannon compared to whatever damage type. And this is a kind of early access cannon. The official release weapon will be much more fearsome.
    New technology to farm ground units over that great a distance ? - i hope not o_O
  12. Pfundi

    Did I just see this? Oh god dammit...
    *Takes a shotgun off the wall and starts cleaning it*
    See you in the Bio Lab
  13. LodeTria

    It's supposed to be very effective vs airshields as it's primary function, as for it's effectiveness vs other things it's still WiP but apparently it's not supposed to be very good vs anything else.
  14. EPIC389

    That gun glitch though. I have that problem occasionally with my guns as well
  15. EvilWarLord

    Well 1 may not be effective against infantry and armor but what if you have 4 or 5? you have additional rounds backing you up, maybe it'll be like the spit fire 1 isn't good on its own but more makes it rather difficult to deal with.
  16. ObsidianSoul

    I think they still need to fix base balance. Currently it's extremely difficult to assault bases since AI turrets pretty much instakill you, turrets have ginormous health bars, and "airshields" paradoxically block everything, including infantry entering and small arms fire. The only effective method others have found so far is infiltrators with stalker cloak and explosive bolts killing modules to bring down shields and AI, which can be irrelevant since they can be rebuilt in seconds. With the addition of long-range capabilities, bases can become a headache to deal with.
  17. Daigons

    Can a Wraith Flash bomb take out modules?
  18. Sulsa

    I don't see this as an 'assault' style weapon. In other words, you would need to plan ahead of time on where you think the choke points would be rather than trying to hastily construct a base to support this artillery to attack an already established base.

    There are many ways they can hamstring this thing from time to construct, to price, to damage, to range, to rate of fire, to health etc. etc. etc.

    I think this is going to be absolutely great.