What are the top 5 "best" NC guns?

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  1. Kimble

    Give us your list (can include NS-11a).
  2. Fiatsu

    There aren't any, NC sucks, NC should Sepuku!
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  3. Linedan

    - GD-7F. One of the best hipfire CQC weapons in the game of any class. Strictly a close-range weapon, but very very good at what it does.
    - Anchor. Another good CQC weapon, an LMG this time. Smaller magazine capacity (50 rounds) but decent at close range and fairly fast reload for an LMG.
    - GR-22. Great assault rifle.
    - Piston. It's full auto, it's a shotgun, it's probably about the same as the other factions' stuff. But it's a full-auto shotgun.
    - Gauss SAW...no, never mind, I can't say that with a straight face.
  4. Edgar Allan Bro

    I actually think the EM6 is better than the Gauss SAW. All the others I agree with.
  5. JPRampage

    I play LA primarily, so keep that in mind. Also, I did not include any shotguns (I use the sweeper most of the time but restricted myself to the carbines and more noticeably NC-esk weapons).

    1. GD-7F - I mean seriously, this thing is as accurate ADS as it is hip-fire with advanced laser sight. Fantastic gun for LA.

    2. NC6 Gauss SAW - Yup. I love it at range and, unlike most, I love it in CQC as well. It feels like a true NC gun because I'll be damned if it doesn't do a lot of damage.

    3. Razor GD-23 - Great all-rounder. Accurate, fairly easy to use, and good damage.

    4. Reaper DMR - Hell of a thing this gun. While I do not play medic that much, the times I have played this thing has amazed me. My friend eliminates enemies at ridiculous range with it.

    5. Gauss Compact S - Beyond the ridiculous array of attachments, the Gauss Compact S is a solid gun. I love having all three fire modes available to me and even on full auto it's simple to manage.
  6. Banick

    #1: GD-7F (closet NC get to a TR weapon)
    #2: AF-19 Mercenary (closet NC get to a TR weapon, for free)
    #3: NS-11 (the only decent Assault Rifle available to NC)
    #4: Gauss SAW /w Stage 2 foregrip + IR/NV sight (only decent HA LMG, pity you have to plow 200 certs into it to only just fall short of an Orion stock standard)
    #5: Warden (quite overlooked, but a hard hitting, single shot rifle for almost classes)

    In essence, we only really have 3 NC native weapons that are decent. 2 if you only want to talk about stock standard. What does that say about ROF winning in this game? Everything.
  7. Shoniku

    - The Razor GD-23 or whatever (LA/Engie weapon)
    *Great performance mid and long ranges, higher than avg performance close range
    *Very controllable recoil, almost negligible with a compensator

    -The NC6 Gauss Saw Fully Certed (Compensator, Foregrip, Adv. Foregrip, and NV 1x Scope... 330 certs, which is 1/3rd the cost in certs of most weapons in game)
    *Best weapon mid range in the game, in my opinion (with this loadout)
    *NV scope's range is perfect for the weapon
    *No complaints, other than the amount of certs it requires

    -The GD-22 (Heavy Assault weapon)
    *Great gun if you're a newcomer, or switching from the other factions
    *Performs very well outta the box
    *Works well across all ranges

    -The Rebel (pistol, all classes 'cept MAX)
    *A pocket cannon... What else to say?
    *Oh yeah... can kill in 2 headshots (1 for shield, the other for health)
    *Can kill a person with less than one magazine, if all shots hit

    -The Bolt Driver (default sniper rifle)
    *Great damage, great accuracy, negligible bullet drop... what's not to love?
    *Works great with all scopes, if you use 'em correctly
  8. Linedan

    Actually, I just did come up with a serious 5th weapon (I was kidding about the SAW) but it's an odd choice...the AC-X11 carbine. It's the total opposite of the GD-7F. It is the worst hipfire gun I've ever tried, it only holds 20 rounds, has a comparatively slow ROF, and scatters like hell. But...if you can cert it out a bit and are easy on the trigger, you have a carbine that hits almost as hard as a SAW.

    The Gauss Compact S is the weapon I use the most now, but I don't think it's particularly great. I use it for the attachments (smoke launcher mainly). As a gun, it's pretty average, which I guess is the price paid for all those attachments.
  9. Chowley

    Er tough one

    Gauss Rifle
    Piston (im running out of ideas)
    GD-22 (not sure if thats it, the bloody cheap close range LMG)
  10. anaverageguy

    Mercenary and SAW. The former doesn't need many attachments, if at all; the latter does, but rocks once it has em.
  11. nella

    Basically all the VS/TR weapon clones:

    GR-22, GD-7F, NS-11A, shotguns, snipers.
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  12. Karragos

    GD-7F-My Favorite Hipfire or Aiming
    Piston-I love this auto shotgun, but the frikkin thing always seems to miss at point blank when I'm aiming dead center of the person. Lag I guess?
    Rebel-My Inf main gun, beats the stupid stalker/shadow scout rifles.
    AC-X11-Trying to develop into a sniper weapon as LA. I didn't spend certs on everything yet. Point blank that thing hits like a truck though.
  13. chrollo

    Carnage AR-looks average on paper but it gets a compensator and either advanced forward grip, advanced lasersight. 3.4x scope or night vision scope and its a death machine at mid range.
    GD-7F-the original serpent, can own anything at close range but shotgun and owns a shotgun outside of the 8 or 10 meters.
    Piston- the full auto shotgun for NC, you will piss off everyone you kill.
    GR-22 AR- The 800rpm rof CQC assault rifle for NC. Advanced laser sight and soft point ammo gives the medic more than a chance and the higher bullet velocity means it fires about the same speed with soft point ammo as the carnage.
    Dual Hacksaws- spend a thousand certs on upgrading the dual hacksaws magazine size and you can solo two opposing maxes while barely taking a scratch.
  14. Malaroko

    Gauss Rifle S - Revive Grenades AND Explosive Grenades? YES PLEASE

    Longshot - It's like really good at shooting things from long distances, who'd have thunk it

    AC-X11 - Advanced Grip and always ADS and you have the hardest hitting AND most accurate carbine in the game

    EM6 - Advanced Laser Sight and hpfire feels almost seems like cheating

    Mag-Cutter - 750 damage! Seriously, if you have a Rebel, it's a 1-2 combo of death
  15. Zazen

    Any NC gun that is basically just a cheezier, crappier version of the EZmode guns TR and VS have a huge menu of to choose from...

    Basically, has to be high ROF, low CoF and as little recoil as possible due to the lame flinch mechanics. That's a very short list for NC and a very long list for VS and TR...
  16. Dixa

    my 3.52 kdr on my nc char is almost entirely with the ac-x11 on my engineer. best engineer weapon in the game imo since MOST engagements are medium/long
  17. Swoll

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  18. Linedan

    The one thing I've noticed about NC guns in general is that we probably get a wider variety of stuff than the other two factions. I mean, look at our carbines, for example. We get a carbine that hits hard as hell but can't hipfire worth a damn, has a terrible ROF, and practically begs to be used as a semi-automatic (AC-X11), and we get an 845 rpm hipfire nail-driver of a carbine that's more TR than anything the TR has in their arsenal (GD-7F), and everything in between. LMGs, same way to an extent; the SAW is optimized more for medium- to long-ranges if you know how to burst-fire, and the Anchor/EM1 are CQC specialists. It's an interesting setup we've gotten in the weapon department.
  19. NC_agent00kevin

    GD-22S: I like with the 2x Reflexr scope. Single shot mode allows you to pick off more distant targets and it packs a punch. Get the grip and recoil is manageable. A Full auto clip into a Max face does incredible damage.

    Piston: Great Shotty. For CQC I wouldnt want anything else in my loadout. Extended Mags and its a Death Machine. Slug ammo is meh. Hits further targets but fires slower, and if I have a Piston, I dont need to hit further targets. Laser sight isnt really necessary either.

    Warden: Good when you know you are going to be in a longer distance fight. Not terrible at closer distances either. Started with the 3.4x scope but now prefer the solid 2X. Lets you see what farther away nicely without zooming too much. At the 3.4x range the bullet drop is too much to be greatly effective. Probably an underrated weapon as I dont see many people use them.

    Rebel: Good heavy hitting Pistol. Not much else to say.

    I havent bought into many other weapons yet so I dont have any more. BR 35.
  20. Hellhammer

    I don't know what the "best" NC gun is, but I can tell you what I do to the most out of all the NC weapons:

    Gause Saw

    I don't really count the Longshot, as all Infiltrator weapons like that are pretty much the same