What are the strongest weapons?

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  1. MurderBunneh

    Ikr you should pwn cqb with every single class in all situations. :confused: If you wanna stick to lore NC should own cqb and your shotguns should not be on the same planet as ours. So lets do that sounds good to me.
  2. failbot

    Yes giving us a 845 rof carbine when you have it too would totally lead to us pwning you. We are just more skilled I guess.
  3. MurderBunneh

    I'll take the bait.. so when I said all classes you kind of ignored that part rite? Give us our top of the line damage shotguns and give us our accurate high damage weapons since you wanna cry about the carbine.

    And by the way perfect name.
  4. failbot

    I will agree that the shotguns need work. However the issue is not as big.

    I don't want your high damage weapons, they are your faction specific weapons. I want high rof weapons, you know... The stuff we specialize in.

    Lets make all of your carbines shoot at 500-600 rof and do 167 damage. No variety, no extra hard hitting weapons, no extra rof, no fun allowed. This is where TR is at. All of our carbines are practically identical.

  5. MurderBunneh

    And why may I ask are you so concerned about the carbine? Let me answer because the high rate of fire gives a huge advantage and you don't like being killed by a gun that is just better then yours in 90% of infantry encounters.
    Gee I have no idea what that feels like. CRY ME A RIVER.
  6. failbot

    I don't actually even play LA or Engi. I've put a total of 34 certs into them.

    It just doesn't seem fair to me that the high rof faction doesn't have a high rof carbine and the other ones do. If they gave us a 200 damage carbine it wouldn't make sense either, so why does it make sense to give the high damage/low rof faction a 845 rof carbine?
  7. MurderBunneh

    Maybe because all of our LMG are garbage compared to VS and TR. I'm sorry the devs don't want to lock themselves into some early alpha depiction of the faction weapons. If you hate your carbines so much I will trade our lmg for your carbines.
    And if they insist on sticking to this faction classified weapons then we need to be able to apply our damage realistically in the game. Because everyone knows that long range carbine and lmg fights rarely happen.
    High damage low rate of fire does us no good when we have such a large cof that we cant apply it without ads in cqb. Ads in cqb we all know leads to getting shot.
  8. failbot

    The SAW sucks, but I'll gladly take the EM6, it's my 2nd favorite LMG in the game.
  9. MurderBunneh

    Ha ha it is trash. It is a inferior copy of a TR weapon that wants to be the same but can't be because of some stupid faction weapon rule that they don't really follow anyway. You can throw the 22s in that category too. And really since they only follow the rule for the VS weapons and the NC lmg's I really don't see the need for this thread or conversation for that matter.
  10. failbot

    It's maybe the most versatile LMG in the game, it's absolutely ******* awesome. I was hoping for the TMG-50 to be similar, but it's not :/.

    The TR overall follows that rule, we have 2 over 143dmg fully automatic weapons. NC has the most versatility in their weapons.
  11. MurderBunneh

    Everyone knows that rof rules because of the flinch system. The weapons that follow our faction style Saw and Ac x-11 are trash because they are inaccurate with a large cof that is worsened by having to fight guns with tremendous hipfire and rof that are inducing flinch on us thats what you think we should be stuck with? May I introduce you to this thread to let you see who is getting screwed?


    You will notice that the 2 guns we have that are really stand out are copies of vs/tr guns Gr22 and the Gd23. Those are our 2 stand out guns I rest my case.
  12. failbot

    Recoil, especially vertical recoil is easy to control. And those seem to be hipfire charts so yea. AC-X11 actually starts at 0 ads cof while standing still, best carbine starting cof in the game.

    Also, personally playing my TR character I've noticed that my aim starts jumping around like crazy when being shot by NC, not so much when being shot by VS.
  13. MurderBunneh

    My question is why do we have to have a bigger spread and slower rof in exchange for more damage? I think that slower rof would suffice do you not?
  14. MurderBunneh

    Ya hipfire so what is your point? I already pointed out that being tied to adsing while in short range combat is a hindrance. So let me summarize we not only have crap hipfire and slow rof but we are forced to ads in close range which means getting shot more. Being that high % of infantry fighting is close range we are at a disadvantage with all guns but the aforementioned 2. And now to top it all you are trying to make a claim that lol NC weapons induce more flinch then VS when we all know how that game mechanic works. :rolleyes:
  15. failbot

    Depends, like the mercenary would be slightly OP if it had the same cof as the trac-5 for example. It already kills slightly quicker. But in some cases, yes they should buff the cof.

    SAW being a prime example.
  16. MurderBunneh

    I can't agree with you the trac5 is an infinity better weapon then the merc. Which is evidenced by seeing br50's still using it. You won't catch a NC using a merc past br10.
    Anyway feel free to respond but I am done here I can see this is going nowhere. They will continue to put weapons in the game that cross the faction boundaries and it has been said already that TR will get the highest rof carbine at some point.
    They have already admitted that the NC faction type guns are up so hopefully they give it some useful accuracy.

    Everybody knows that having the most accurate first bullet is worth nothing in a game where most combat is cqb and the combat that is not you will never single shot people down from range before they find cover.
  17. HerpTheDerp

    I don't want to know how long that took.
  18. failbot

    NC hipfire isn't that bad. The EM6 for example has almost identical hipfire to the Carv. EM6 hipfire is much better while moving, but blooms slightly faster.

    I mean look at the recoil patterns... Mercenary vs trac-5, gauss rifle vs cycler. They aren't that different.

    And I don't see how the GD-22S and EM6 are "TR/VS gun copies" TR has 1 gun that kinda resembles and that's the TMG-50. And it's nowhere near as good.

    Stats vice, merc is superior. It's got faster TTK. The reason most TR use the trac-5 is because all of our carbines are the same, they are the trac-5 with slightly better hipfire but worse reload or vice versa. There is simply no point in using anything else.

    A super high damage, mega slow rof weapon isn't really meant for cqb so... Yeah...
  19. MurderBunneh

    That chart does not take flinch into account. Take flinch out of the game and it would be pretty balanced. Or make flinch vary by the damage amount. Higher damage induces a bigger flinch that would be balanced also.
    And I must ask how does the EM6 have much better hipfire while having worse bloom while moving? lol So once again we are supposed to stand still? lol
  20. VarkaanPT

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