What are people's certs per hour?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Exostrike, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Exostrike

    I'm wondering, how many certs are people getting an hour?

    At the moment I'm getting about 25 certs an hour.
  2. breezy808

    My score-per-hour is around 20-35k so around 100 certs an hour

    I am assuming these questions will likely arise, I have a 50% boost, a 25% boost from membership and the 2x boost from SOE.

    @Exostrike if you care for some advice and you play NC, invest all your points and SC into HACKSAW maxes! and look for Close quarter fights, get an engineer friend to help you out. You can double or triple those certs an hour EASILY.
  3. Izriul

    It's really NOT important!

    At the moment, I'm probably getting 150-200 on average, but this is becoming less and less due to ridiculous crashes that seem to happen for no apparent reason, and the last few days, complete burn-out.

    Double XP holiday has really crushed the game for me.

    However, I get FAR less, when I just want to have fun, and screw around. It could be anything from 40 up to 70ish. Though, with this holiday, I feel forced to grind certs and it's just made it pretty unfun for me. Getting more certs = mindless grind.
  4. LameFox

    I didn't even know it told me this. Or are you just counting?
  5. Protential

    With 2x exp I get 100+
  6. Exostrike

    Yes it is!

    It mean that people really are getting more than me. I'm constantly grinding to get anything in this game, most of which turns out to be worthless anyway and I find that everyone else is getting much more than me.
  7. dr_Fell

    100-140 during 2x exp days. But during "normal" days I usually get less than half of it - less people and less big battles on Lithcorp.
  8. breezy808

    250 EXP points per cert
  9. freeze

    let the lies begin :)
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  10. breezy808

    DA fawka)(*@)*#(() how are you getting 150-200 certs an hour ON AVERAGE? Oh wait wait wait.. you're lib gunning aren't you?
  11. smokemaker

    If im flying darn near 100 certs an hour
    anything else, 30-60 certs....
  12. Turkeys!

    If it is an active night on the server and there are big fights going on then probably around 100 or so. That is all together of course, I doubt I get much more than 20 or 30 an hour.
  13. NightFall

    hmmm...i'm doing something wrong

    cuz i'm only getting 25-50 / hour normally

    no boosts/membership.
  14. Unuson

    I'm getting about 5 certs an hour, but that is because I don't have or use any methods of getting them. I usually run around, or just get picked off in our own base...

    I got killed several times...by the same person who was in our base. I'm a really terrible shot.
  15. Angelus359

    You can get more certs per hour literally killing nothing than that....
  16. smokemaker

    "no boosts/membership."
    Ah that is important
    I have membership bonus and a 50% increase in XP boost at all times. This is where the certs are at.
  17. Protential

    You get almost 1 cert per kill right now...Seriously throw a nade every now and again. I had the 50% bonus on and was getting like 300exp a kill Lol...With that on its easy to get 150-200 without even spawning a vehicle.

    2x bonus I'd say average on a normal session is 100-120

    Without x2 its 40-60, 80 if your beasting.

    Dunno about vehicles though.
  18. Iksniljiksul

    On my "main" certs divided by hours played is around 20 per hour. It all depends on the character I am playing, lower the level the less kills one can make.

    I have never successfully flown nor ever manned a gun on an aircraft and really never use vehicles these days so I do a lot of walking.

    Data mining like this is a good thing, it will result in aircraft being gutted.

    Xp gains should really be divided by one's average frames per second. It's much harder to play with **** graphics and lag. All of you ******* with no issues have no idea what this game is really like.
  19. Unuson

    I know, medic support or engineer or shooting up enemy-related things, like those consoles. I don't put much effort into it, I'm usually wandering around on foot like an idiot, being a so-called noob. I occasionally join base assaults, but I'm pretty much clueless half the time on what everyone else is doing.
    I'm actually enjoying the paranoia of thinking that enemies are hidden in an empty part of the map. I pretend that I'm sneaking around, but I've probably ended up in the most deserted areas...
  20. Hydragarium

    Hold TAB to see your points for the session.

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