What 1000 cert upgrade is most valuable investment?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zephyr88, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Zephyr88

    If you had to pick one that is best investment of 1000 certs.
  2. Hibiki54

    MAX Vanguard Shield.
  3. RHINO_Mk.II

    Max adrenaline shield.

    Or Extended Mags on a pair of NC MAX AI weapons, if that counts.
  4. f0d

    max stealth for MBT's
    max stealth for esf
    max nanite repair for max's

    in that order - if i was to get just one it would be stealth for MBT's
  5. Morti

    Flash lights for 5 pistols.
  6. Halcyon

    The one you want most.
  7. Borusa

    Anchor if you're TR, otherwise probably Adrenaline Shield.
    Possibly Recon Device, if you play a lot of infiltrator.
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  8. Hoki


    more darts MOAR DARTS
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  9. Paperlamp

  10. phreec

    AF-4 Cyclone or NS-357 Underboss
  11. Klondik3

    By best you mean best return of certs?

    Probably maxed medic tool. You can augment your XP gained from kills by also reviving fallen comrades.
  12. KO-tic

    Probably the rocket pods

    without it Your ESF is almost useless
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  13. Admiralty

    Definitely NOT any infantry small arms as some have suggested.

    Imo, its much easier to get kills with vehicle weapons such as the Dalton, HE for Prowler, Rocketpods for ESFs because these are all farming tools. I can almost guarantee that provided you are a good player, the cert gain from a single 1000 cert investment into a LMG/ assault rifle/ pistol/ etc. will never be as fast as vehicle weapons.

    Why? Because with vehicles you have mobility. You can fly from one end of the map to another and spam your weapons at any ground troop with less effort than having to run around on foot.
  14. RHINO_Mk.II

    Psh. If I put stealth on my Vanguard how would I bait in enemy vehicles and destroy them?
  15. f0d

    why bait when you can sneak behind all of them and take them all out before they can even react

    so many times i have maneuvered around to the rear of enemy vehicles and taken two or three before they have even noticed i was there, usually you can take out whole vehicle zergs alone because they are facing where you would normally be coming from
    if they cant see you doing a wide circle around them and attacking them from the rear (because of stealth) you can do much more damage from behind them (pretty much always doing damage to the rear of their tanks) than you ever could baiting one at a time
  16. Nephera

    Max rez tool rezzes people really really fast. It's extremely powerful.
  17. ManyHats

    The 'range-opposite' of your favourite classes' default weapon.

    e.g. infiltrator sniper buys SMG, medic buys TAR/HV-45/Carnage etc.

    please be more specific with the question; are you looking for value (used most often), investment (returns the most certs), playability (everyone needs one), etc?
  18. Qel

    Max rank on both the Medic's healing/revive tool and the Engineer's Repair tool (500 certs each), two certs all players should look to get in time.
  19. FieldMarshall

    Maxed Medic tool. But its only 500certs.
  20. Tragachinos

    Ten flashlights
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