We've gotten new ES sniper rifles, assault rifles, and carbines. Can we get a few new LMGs?

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  1. Paperlamp

    I wish they'd stop adding new weapons until they can properly fix up the many obsolete ones. More than half of TR and VS's infantry weapons are trash/made obsolete by better but similar weapons or even NS guns.

    I'm actually growing fond of the improved Carv, but I can't imagine using any other TR LMG at this point. MSW-R is solid enough but not so much better at hip-fire that I want to drop 50 rounds per mag. TMG-50 is too random for a long range weapon and lacks the punch of the 600 RoF NC options. Rhino is a pea shooter, accurate but not enough to make up for pitiful RoF for a 143 gun. Carv S just isn't enough of an accuracy improvement over the Carv to justify lower RoF. Bull is kind of a joke at this point although it is situationally better than the Rhino.

    And on VS it's Orion or ...Orion. There's really no reason to use anything else on VS.

    Not that I think the situation for TR Carbines is much better of course. And VS's ARs are pretty abysmal.
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  2. thingymajigy

    I think the main point you don't understand well is that different weapons are for different playstyles and situations.
  3. Paperlamp

    This is the best example of too similar and/or obsolete weapons -


    The Equinox and CME and particular are both laughably bad while also way to similar and completely inferior to an NS-11a.

    I understand there are difference playstyles, but my point is that we're lacking weapons for certain playstyles and/or in some cases the weapons supposed to be suited to a certain range or style of combat are just not adequate for it or competitive with other options.

    Less RoF does not mean more controllable, just easier to control. The TMG's spray pattern is the problem, it wouldn't matter if it had half or double its RoF. The lower RoF is still a downside.

    We'll have to agree to disagree on the Rhino, I'll take an Anchor or EM6 any day over it - more accurate with more firepower.

    The S variants of LMGs do not come with underbarrel options so the attachments aren't an excuse for weak stats. Now, double the mag size may have situational use but you have to factor in how often you're really going to need that size mag, as well as the loss of the forward grip which means you end up with 100 extra bullets with lower RoF and less accuracy reducing the chance you survive long enough to use a 200 round mag size. Which is why the Hailstorm sucks.

    VS's long range LMGs are not worth getting. Flare and Ursa are both just bad at it compared to NC's options, and I'd say even the TMG-50 or Rhino is better.
  4. Mxiter

    All factions have 0.75 ADS.m.m AR and Carabines.

    When will TR/NC receive a 0.75ADS.m.m LMG?
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  5. thingymajigy

    CME, kind of. You do realise the Equinox is an S weapon right?

    lacking weapons for certain playstyles.....thats why they released the new weapons, to fill in gaps. But you said you didn't want more weapons. current ones are fine

    ok thats what i meant. TMG is best used as medium range, and with the right attachments they're fine. For long range i think they wanted battle rifles to be more competitive as an option.

    Anchor is for short range. The nc rhino counterpart is the em1. You can't compare the accuracy stats between 167 and 143 dmg guns because they are suited for different RoF, etc...

    Well S lmg has no underbarrel stuff...i guess thats why it's half the price. I've found that the attachments with easier control make them viable at med-long range for a cheap price compared to TMG and without sacrificing as much RoF as rhino. accuracy is the same as CARV.

    TL:DR I think you should've chosen NC
  6. thingymajigy

    A 125dmg lmg for tr to complete the 125dmg high RoF weapon "series".
    Speaking of different, what are the chances that a new weapon will not be 1000 certs 700 sc?
  7. Vikarius

    We need most weapons we already have to be reworked, It is getting pretty f'ing frustrating how many new weapons they release while not fixing the old ones...

    It is not just the crappy/worthless ones either.....It is an attachment issue as well
    It is also how stupidly ineffective some weapons get with a suppressor attached, whilst compensator is the best option at all times on 99% of weapons.

    Buff Phaseshift and Trap
    Buff least used ARs/LMGs/Carbines/Snipers/Scout rifles
    Buff/rework Suppressor or lessen the negative effects
  8. Mongychops

    For the TR and NC, the NS assault rifle and carbine complement the "S" weapons in their arsenal, in the VS case, they replace them. The NS-11A and C are both 143x35x652, the VS ones are 143x30x652, the TR are 143x40x698, and the NC are 167x30x577.

    So, if you are TR trying to choose between the TRAC-5 S and NS-11C (or Cycler S and NS-11A), you get an actual choice between weapons where one has a bigger magazine and higher RoF, but less accuracy and no 0.75x ADS, the NC get to choose whether they want the weapon with the 167 or 143 damage profile (and all the advantages/disadvantages inherent to them). The VS get to choose whether they want the underbarrel attachments or a nearly direct upgrade.

    Also, something I do tend to mention a lot is that the Gauss SAW S is an almost direct upgrade from the VS "S" LMG, the Flare, so it's not exactly a unique occurrence. The closest comparison to the situation with the CME and NS-11A, is in the LMGs for the TR (T32 and NS-15M), though that also sucks for the TR, I would argue that there is at least a little more difference in that case (eg RoF).
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  9. Paperlamp

    If only I could stand NC's colors and ideology. :/

    I never said current weapons are fine, I think current weapons could fill the gaps if they were improved without need for new weapons - new weapons are welcome but I feel they should get the current ones in better shape first.

    Battle rifles are a joke.

    Anchor is not just for short ranges, it's very solid at mid-long range due to low horizontal recoil. Counterpart doesn't really mean anything to me, em1 does suck but every other NC LMG is so good I have a hard time feeling too bad for them. They should have a 750 RoF option though.
  10. z1967

  11. Leftconsin

    About zero. Coyotes are 1000 certs and I keep hearing they were added to make the air game easier to enter for new players.
  12. Astraka

    If we follow what has happened in the past with the carbines/ARs SOE will probably make one of the TR LMGs a TORQ-9/Lynx. They will also give the NC & TR a .75 ads movespeed LMG. VS will probably get something with a respectable rate of fire, with all of the advanced attachments.

    That way every faction has a .75 ads weapon in every category and TR has a relatively unique damage tier for every category like the NCs 200.
  13. Ronin Oni

    HA's were the first to get "ES" weapons.
  14. Ronin Oni

    New PILOTS not new PLAYERS

    You're going to need a lot of certs to get into the air no matter what.

    Hell, just to create a Inf farmer is 1000 certs
    AI nosegun 100 certs
    Termal 200 certs
    Max AB Fuel ~400certs
    Racer rank 1 100 certs
    Scout Radar rank 2 150 certs
    Defense slot: 100-200 certs

    ^And really, anyone wanting to fly should start there.

    Add coytoe missiles for an A2A loadout after you get some experience taking out the easiest target to engage, while practicing at running from anything else.
  15. Dead soldier

    wasn't the medic's NS-11A the first ES weapon. Then NS11-C, then NS-15m?
  16. Ronin Oni

    lol those are the opposite of "ES"

    NS is all factions

    ES is Empire Specific.

    And really, the AR's and Carbine's weren't really "ES"

    Not anymore than the pre-existing options were at any rate. Other than a couple unique faction traits there's a lot of cross-over between the factions.

    Unlike the ES sniper rifles, which are all 3 unique from each other and the 'base' options, and ES Heavy Weapons which are even more unique from HA weapons.

    Honestly, I don't see the need for any new infantry guns. I wish they'd stop wasting time on them TBQH
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  17. MarkAntony

    ES = Empire specific
    You are talking about NS weapons. NS = Nanite system = common pool weapons available to all factions

    Edit: Damn I was a little to late.
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  18. Axehilt

    Well NC have some fairly good versatile-LMG options. The real hole (if you can call it that, since I feel their lineup isn't really that bad off) is they lack a LMG with the DPS of the Orion/CARV. EM6/Anchor are the closest, but are a step behind.

    So I'd love to see the NC get the hard-hitting cousin of the Orion/CARV, with equal DPS, higher caliber bullets, and similar (ie below avg) accuracy.

    I guess for the other empires I feel like they don't have noticeable holes in their lineup. Maybe I'd want another high-caliber long-ranged LMG for TR, but generally I feel the LMGs for VS/TR provide everything I want.
  19. Erendil

    Oops my bad. I could've sworn the Polaris had ext mags too. But I don't even own it so what do I know? :p

    I just wish our LMGs (and really, our weapons in general) would reflect more of our mobility and accuracy faction traits. My desire is not so much about long range as it is about precise shooting (aka headshots) at medium range while on the move. TBH I'd be happy if they just reverted our LMGs' ADS CoF on the move back to the way they were pre-PU02, when most of them were .35.

    As it stands now though the only one I can really stomach using for any length of time is the Orion. The rest I find either lacking in accuracy or firepower in their intended role, or they're inferior to TR/NC counterparts. It's all good though. Between the Orion, Lasher, Eidolon, and NS7 PDW my HA is pretty well covered. :cool:
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  20. Pikachu

    Im sure they could squeeze out another fast firing weapon and make it feel different, not.