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  1. LegoLeg

    This isn't complaining about weopons op, factions op, etc

    This is just a statement. The Helios server has a drastic issue with population. It's incredibly rare that the nc population is not the highest one on indar, let alone on all three continents. This would be less of an issue if the new alert system didn't drag them to every other continent as well, making indar, amerish, and esamir all nc dominated not because of tactics, but because they automatically get a 15% or more population hold over the vs and tr as soon as an alert goes off.
    Yes they can be pushed back and good fights can be started, but it's all in vain when they come at both vs and tr with 50% of the population on indar, 37% on esamir and can can move 2 full platoons to amerish without losing anything on the rest.
    This server has become less about tactics and teamwork and more about zerging the living hell out of everything. Defense is ridiculous even with the new base layouts, and assaulting them becomes a short-lived mission. What does sony plan to do if everyone gets sick of being the low-pop feed and switches to nc? Their population has only grown since the server merger, and if Sony really plans to merge the last 2 together, do they really think the nc pop won't skyrocket yet again?
    I'm not saying the tr or vs need boosts or nc nerfs, but I do believe sony needs to rethink their idea of server mergers better, considering the last merger with helios changed the nc from a small but still able to be dealt with pop issue to a massive swarm that can assault both fronts with 2-3 platoons and still have enough random members back capping everything.
  2. Esstev

    Don't worry..... Connery VS will soon be there to rescue you. We are usually always the lowest pop. on the server but still hold our own.
  3. LegoLeg

    The connery merger is only going to make it worse.

    We can hold our own too. But when their population skyrockets like it does so often on ours, especially on the off hours of our sever due to the fact we gained a large Asian outfit, it's just not fun anymore.
    It's better to just sit and get kills, fall back, and hope to farm from somewhere than actually attempt to conquer a continent or have a good fight at a plant now. The tr are the ones that suffer the most in this. the game has basically become " Planetside NC, and then two other factions are somewhere"
  4. Gavyne

    You are wrong, the merge will make it better all around, and it'll give you enough players to fill 2 continents to population caps.

    Please tell me you understand continent population caps, I'm frankly a bit tired of explaining it.

    Worry not Helios the merge with Connery will allow pop locks on multiple continents. Giving for the most part balanced gameplay. And the third cont that is NC heavy will prob be kept at bay by the better TR, VS outfits that enjoy hard fights and great farms.;)
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  6. Whet

    Dude it's fine, I'm using the alerts to farm up my NC character. I play VS until 1 minute left on the alert then hop on the over populated NC team for 1 min and earn 30 certs then back to VS. At this rate i'll get my dual Hacksaws /w extended with only 1 hour played on the NC character lolz.

    The fights are still epic and it's kinda fun to be the underdog...way more stuff to shoot at.

    Besides @ primetime hours the alert continents tend to be 30% all around as they get locked up on max pop. non-primetime tho its all chinese proxy-users flooding the NC so go farm ur alt.
  7. Whet

    Mean while warpgate the NC on indar when their off on another continent cuz those fkn chinese hackers took it at 4am...
  8. LegoLeg

    population caps have nothing to do with this. It doesn't matter if no more nc can get on to indar and are forced to go to amerish if in game they still hold 70 percent population.

    Even if the alert fills up a continent to even odds, it's still almost 100% guaranteed that the majority of vs and tr are there to do that while the nc will get more free roam on the rest of the continents.
    Any good hard fight is short lived when nc zergs swarm in.

    As far as the connery claiming better outfits:

    The major outfits on helios are ones like vvar, adk, dpso, exe, vast, pink.
    Where's the first connery outfit if you look at all the servers in that section? 19.
    the first helios? 7.

    even going down to the 192 mark we have vast at 13, and connery at 26

    what do your outfits do that's supposedly better than ours? or is your nc population just not as bad as helios after we inherited the other west coast server. I do believe it's the later.



    As I can only speak from a TR perspective on Connery we have a very healthy alliance "TTA" that does well at handling "THE ZERG". Though it may be made up of some smaller and larger outfits we we still dominate when working together. And I don't even bother looking at zerg fits as they are usually less effective then smaller platoon size outfits. Big numbers are great but sadly very few of them utilize their numbers correctly. And I won't assume who is better then who. We'll only get that answer once we actually play together.
  10. Bill Hicks

    Blame the kiddies who want the best warpgate position. NC population didnt get any bigger. TR and VS players simply stopped playing. We also have a Chinese VPN problem too. They are the ones who put NC over the top after 9 pm ( pst) We dont like them because they simply zerg everything.
  11. HooliganS3

    On Helios organized [EXE] squads and platoons routinely turn back zerg forces 2-3x their size. I am sure this is true for any organized TR, NC or VS units.

    The problem with a large population imbalance is that the lower pop factions face organized units 2-3x their size along with zergs. No amount of skill or organization can match up to those kinds of numbers..

    Continent caps do nothing to resolve the issue. In fact they make it worse for both the under and over pop factions. You end up with a situation where part of an Outfit (or faction population) has a chance at a fair fight (on a 33/33/33 map), while the rest get graped or can't find a fight depending on what side of the pop imbalance they find themselves on. This doesn't take into account the fact that Cont caps prevent players from playing with each other causing further frustration. I have seen several [EXE] members logout when they couldn't get into the capped Continent and their only other option was to get graped 60/20/20.
  12. Saiph

    Who sorts with 192 and 384, that's just dirty. At most sort by 48.

  13. TheWhiteDragon

    There's really no reason for a faction to be allowed to have more than 38% of the pop on a server. Until then, this problem will continue to get worse.
  14. WalrusJones

    I have admittedly played less since the south east warpgate became my own.

    Not intentionally, I still like playing.
    Its just that I very rarely get the urge to play in comparison to before.
  15. LegoLeg

    I sort by 192 and up because
    A) on helios, that's the average outfit size for the major ones who can have the numbers to fight the nc size
    B) can have multiple platoons made up of 100% outfit members if not majority wise
    C) have the numbers to run platoons consistently
    D) outfits of less number tend to be more clubs or friends and do not have the numbers on enough or all at the same time to run a full platoon, but do not have the numbers to gain a reputation to work with the zerg or larger outfits as a leading force.

    I'm sure future crew is great, and helios has small outfits on all sides that are great. but it's the 192 (and more so the 384) member outfits that make the plays on helios because they have the numbers to work with, but aren't full of zerg that will fail to do the platoon work. To little and you'll get swarmed, to many and organization becomes and issue.
    If any outfit can get 1000 members that all work together and play consistently (i.e. not have any that haven't played since decemeber 2012), then go them ha
  16. IronRoids

    The difference between the two servers is that the battles are driven by larger outfits on Helios and smaller ones on Connery.

    As far as connery goes there is a ton of coordination between all the outfits to get things done so you have small tactical outfits with very specific goals getting real objectives done while the larger outfits are generally just a distraction. Its always small outfits on connery leading the charge and taking down zergs because they can deploy hard and fast while larger outfits follow in tow.

    Now im totally with Snafus on that time will tell who has better outfits after the merge but if you were to compare id do it by average battle rank because that shows the level of activity within each outfit. BR shows your dedication and effectiveness in combat usually because you don't get certs for sitting around. A higher BR also shows a higher level of activity via time played.


    For this comparison I used BR 20 for the divide between a dedicated outfit and an outfit of pubs/friends

    Helios last BR 20 outfit is at number 28
    Connery last BR outfit is at number 49

    As you can see Helios on average larger dedicated outfits causing the number of the dropoff to come sooner, Connery a lot more small-medium dedicated outfits before the dropoff.

    All that said im looking forward to the merge.