We're getting a new Jet Pack!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Iridar51, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Iridar51

    You can see it in action in the recording of the recent dev stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/167547770

    It's called Ambusher Jump Jets, and what they do is give you a strong push up and forward. Looks like about ~40m jump forward overall, but it seems you can jump more upwards, if you need to.

    The forward jump is pretty fast, and comparable to Icarus speed. However, actually scaling objects with it is likely to be more than tricky. You don't actually get any aerial control, it's basically a super jump.

    Activation immediately burns all energy, and then there's ~7-12 second cooldown (numbers are rough estimates, and will change with upgrades).

    They also intend to make an interaction with max rank of Aerial Combatant, that getting one kill will instantly regenerate all energy for the Ambusher Jets.

    Overall, it's indented for experienced Light Assault players, and will be more expensive to upgrade, sort of like Adrenaline Shield for heavies.

    Personal take: I'm excited that we're still getting attention from the devs, even though lately LA has been in the best state since launch. I'm not sure if Ambusher Jets will actually be viable. I do like the fine motor control provided by Skirmisher Jets.

    That said, I always wanted to like Icarus for their high speed, but lack of horizontal movement just killed it for me. Ambusher Jets solve that problem nicely, so it's pretty great for escaping, or just jumping in with shotgun blazing. Lack of horizontal speed has always been the issue with shotgun and SMG loadouts.
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  2. Corezer

  3. M4L4CH1TE

  4. FirePhox

    I reckon they'll probably be the go-to jet for expert players. Getting up in peoples grill quickly with the shotgun/cqc carbine, blowing them away and then jetting to safety will more than likely be the common tactic. Unlike skirmisher/icarus, you can still put them to work when there's no height advantage present (such as open areas) for speedy repositioning. More so than anything, they just look like a ton of fun to use because of the gotta go fast. Don't look so good for c4'ing tanks tho.

    I hope you can jet backwards for the quick extract, I would be 150% sold if that is the case.
  5. Demigan

    I think it'll see a lot more use under inexperienced players than people seem to expect.

    We currently have no abilities to quickly traverse dangerous terrain (you could say Drifters are for long-range travel due to the relatuvely high speed), especially with charge removed from MAX's.

    This jumpjet would fill that void. From quick jumps through doorways and chokepoints to crossing a fire zone to closing the distance, this jetpack would finally give LA's that indoor trick they need to do something other than be a downgraded engi and be that light assault that it was always promised to be.

    The only real tricks that experienced players will be able to pull off over inexperienced players is landing behind cover, pulling off chainjumps with (maxed out!) aerial combattant and climbing stuff despite the limited features.
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  6. Demigan

    Things to test when it comes out:
    How is it activated (F or space)
    Does it work in mid-air
    Do you keep old momentum (surviving great falls, effectiveness while slingshotting etc)
    Does each level increase jumpingdistance (probably not)
    Effect of up/down looking direction on trajectory
    How long the propulsion lasts (instant, keeps propelling you for a moment in case you change lokking direction or hit something)
    Effect of groundslope on trajectory.
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  7. Iridar51

    Activated just like any jet pack, with the spacebar. Overall, it has very similar handling to Skirmisher Jets. Meaning you can stand in place, press spacebar twice, and you're gonna jump nearly vertically. Or hold forward, and you'll fly forward. It works mid air.

    While the ability itself is on a cooldown (that you don't even see for now, I hope this changes), you can vary the duration of the jet burst. You can gently tap it, and jump just ~10m. Or you can hold it, and fly ~60m. That said, it flies forward much better than upward.

    If playing with Icarus is like doing surgery with a chainsaw, then playing with Ambusher Jets is like doing it with a really big carving knife, being held in your legs. You do have a good degree of control, but lack of subtlety is going to **** you up over and over.

    I haven't actually tested the LA implant with Ambushers, but I'm gonna be really disappointed if it has any effect only on Rank 5.

    Upgrading Ambushers only reduces cooldown, or at least the tooltip says so. It's in the ballpark of 8-9 second CD, upgradeable to 5-6.

    Still need to do more tests on the rest of mechanics.
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  8. Demigan

    In-game tooltip reads:
    8 sec, 7,5 sec, 7 sec, 6,5 sec, 6 seconds.

    Vertical height didn't change regardless of ambusher being level 1 or level 5 if I held the spacebar.

    Range in the VR was 37 to 38m if I started on the waypoint. The range didn't change when I started from sprint or walk. Tested this outside the VR to prevent the VR boosting it to max level anyway.

    You can clear a Liberator height at the top of your jump when doing the forwards jump, the waypoint says that's 9 or 10m high.

    Because as you mentioned the jumpjet keeps jetting as long as you hold the spacebar, you can change direction while in-flight, but the initial blast seems to be the most powerful.
    hitting something does not stop the jumpjet! I managed to do some wall-jumping off of a Liberator in the VR! This is going to be so much fun. It wasn't a big wall-jump mind you, but it was there.
    Another effect from the jumpjet: You can first start with a vertical jump and turn it into a forwards jump at any time you like, giving you an unprecedented control over where you can go. The big problem is ofcourse the inability to catch yourself should you fall.

    You keep your momentum when using the jumpjet. So if you fall out of an ESF, be prepared to splat to the ground as using it before you fall isn't going to save your skin.

    And oh my god... So far my COF remained the same whenever I jumpjetted, at least with Carbines. I didn't have time to test it on other weapons when I realized this.

    The Aerial combattant implant only gives you something at max level, otherwise your jumpjet recharge rate remains unchanged.
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  9. Movoza

    Shotguns and SMGs gain and keep a higher COF when jumping and jumpjetting, while the carbine keeps the small walking COF.

    I couldn't replicate the walljumping, but for about half the jump there seems to be a quite okay control over the direction of the flight. It seems in most cases a better jumpjet at level 5. Small recharge, reach the tops of most buildings and moving in a direction propels you forward at high speed while not sacrificing height. Only things roughly above 1,5 floors will be off limits. You can jump as high as the 2nd platform of the stairs in the warpgate behind you, and could jump on top if not for the railing.

    The jumpjet is activated by pressing space in the air, double pressing space from the ground and simply holding space either in the air or from the ground. The jump is cut off and depleted when space is let go, shortening the jump.

    I was able to survive a fall from a plane, but it was likely luck as I fell on sloped ground, which can save you in any case.

    All in all it'll be a high risk high gain jumpjet that'll allow them to close the distance quickly, but will require a low altitude (nearly same level altitude) to attack, negating a great amount of fears for C4 fairies.
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  10. Demigan

    Something I complety missed: what if all you do is strafe? Or walk backwards? So far the jet seemed focused on directional input. "no" input meant spacebar and going straight up. Forwards meant a forwards jump. But strafing and backwarda? Anyone tested if that does anything? If I recall I could go backwards but I only did that after I was already in-flight...
  11. Demigan

    Ok, back from a little testing:
    Strafing isn't "registered" as a jumpjet direction.
    Backwards is registered, so if you walk backwards upon starting the jet you'll jet backwards. However, range I reached was about 22m (with max Catlike for a higher jump) when going backwards.
    Forwards, with max catlike, I can reach +/-42m range, around 4 more than without catlike.

    A small finding: As long as you boost, you keep accelerating. So going forwards while keeping the spacebar pressed keeps accelerating you.

    More findings:
    Strafing heavily reduces your jump range. While jumping forwards and strafing, I reached 32m (again with max catlike)
    Backwards while strafing I reached +/-18m

    These ranges are all approximations of a few tries, add or subtract about 2m distance.
    Because of these things, it's hard to do a slingshot maneuver with it. But who cares with all the goodies you get!
    Also, the flightsuit now subtracts 1 second off the recharge time at max level. Depending on how you use it, could be useful. 5 seconds is a wonderfully short time for this jumpjet.
  12. Corezer

    if these got added as an "F" function I would be ok with them taking off C4.

    there, I said it!
  13. Demigan

    I wouldnt mind but for one thing: c4 is the only Infantry AV that is effective. If you added up all other infantry AV it would get about the same amount of vehicle kills (I list AV mines under vehicle weapons as vehicle users are the ones throwing them the most). Removing c4 from the class that has the most success with them would be disastrous.

    So how about a compromise? A new utility item that lets you put the Ambusher jet in there, activateable with F. But why stop there? Make all jumpjets available this way. Fuel regen would depend on the lowest (otherwise you could use drifter regen for the other jets). That way LA's get immense maneuverability options but at the cost of C4
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  14. Bovine74

    That would
    Would be a great option. however the flaw would be that I could swap between setups, using only C4 when I am in a vehicle hunting mode. Personally would love it but I can hear the whining now.
  15. LordKrelas

    Isn't that the point? Use C-4 when hunting Vehicles?
    You can't use C-4 when using the combination.
    So the flaw that C-4 is possible on an LA that can Jump jet is comic - What else would you do with C-4? Hunt infantry?
    Not like the Ambusher Jet, or any specific Jet isn't enough to manage that.
    It's vehicles that usually need the extra work, and the Jets to actually plant it.
  16. Bovine74

    People would whine about it being too flexible, that you would have both options and blah blah
  17. CaptCran

    It took awhile but now we have the jets that were in the official trailer.
    @ 0:51

    Oh, and @1:37 through 1:39 is still on my wishlist.....
  18. RubberFur

    I love this new Jetpack, Now I can make more BR 100+ Losers ragequit by dashing forward and gibbing them with my 10m Range Shotgun.

    I don't always choose the right weapons for combat, but when I do, I choose a Shotgun. Stay salty my friends. ~Blindfhire
  19. Ander

    Loving this jetpack so far.

    Aerial combatant 5

    It's so much fun to be mobile and quick.
    Made nr1 today on Emerald on TR for kills. All using Light Assault + ambush all day.

    Will upload some of the best clips later to youtube.
    Before I unlocked aerial combatant 5 the ambush pack felt "good" , but with it it's great!

    This has replaced my drifter usage for pretty much all but valkyrie drops to take out enemy vehicles.