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  1. Pandora's Lunchbox

    The enemy is strong and our future is unclear,
    But we still fight on and we do so without fear.
    For security, for order, for the New World -
    To the bitter end, we'll battle until we're unfurled.
    In our allies we entrust our safety and our minds,
    Together we'll conquer for the existence of mankind.
    In the end, as we push our lives to their maximums,
    We'll still be here - within spirit, for our cause, for Axiom.
    ~ PandorasLunchbox, Dreamstealer94

    Alone you can be great - together we will be greater - we will be the greatest.
    Our outfit is new but houses a great and ambitious plan - to take its place at the top. With your help, we can make that happen...

    This is the new embodiment of what was once Operation Unity [OpUn] - their original legacy will continue through Axiom. While we gather up our original force, we still require new trainers and new leaders - these people are 'people-persons' and never shy away from a cause that we have even a remote chance of winning. With few prerequisites to both positions, we'll be able to guide any who pass our interviewing stage.

    Otherwise, we seek friendly and active players to join our tightly-knit community. Whether you wish to play casually or want to game with a more serious edge, we'll be here, for you - ready to undertake the challenges we will, together, face. Featuring an easy and understandable training scheme that covers everything you will ever need to fight together, professionally, you can be sure to find some aspect of our community to keep you engaged. It doesn't matter if you are new or experienced - you need only want to game on, with us.

    > Friendly and helpful community that makes working together easier.
    > Categorised training, tailored to the community's needs.
    > Motivated and persevering mindsets to fuel our power.
    > Casual, serious and competitive game-plays - managed separately, as they should be.
    > Powerful ambitions to guide us to the top.

    Minimum age 16 years (T+Cs apply).
    Maximum BR; 25 (higher BRs may be rejected).
    Please apply in the outfit browser with your age and a short summary of yourself or a reason for joining.

    See you on the field.
  2. LKKruse

    Hello there, I am uncertain where I should apply to join the outfit. But I can put a few words about myself in here I guess.
    I'm a very casual player as a small child will result in this :)
    I'm 35 and looking for someone to play alongside with. I'm quite new to the game. Only BR 27. Did play it a couple of years back, but didn't get much higher then that back then I think. The caracter has since been wiped I guess.
    My ingame name is LarsKruse if you would like to contact me.

    Best regards.