Went to Best Buy to buy some 2x SC cards

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RHINO_Mk.II, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. RHINO_Mk.II

    They didn't have any in stock.


    Howzabout next time you stop this silliness with only one store giving the bonus, eh? Presumably they negotiate the right to be the exclusive retailer for this deal, but today neither you nor Best Buy made any profit from me.
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  2. VSDerp

    can you buy 1 from their site and they send you the code in email??
  3. RHINO_Mk.II

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  4. Your Future Ex

    So go to another Best Buy. If they're sold out then maybe you should've went there when the thing started, obviously someone else wanted it more than you did. Sorry is all I'd tell ya sport. Better luck next time.
  5. vulkkan

    I agree, driving twelve miles to the nearest Best Buy in a 6 MPG Bugatti Veyron is ridiculous, I end up spending more on the gas and the speeding ticket than the amount of free bonus SC I get.

    this is sarcasm please spare my soul forumside
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  6. usages wnbgrintooth

    lol get a better car and drive slower?
  7. Stride

    I once drove somewhere then I remembered that I could make them drive to me with the power of the internet.
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  8. Haterade

    This happens every time double/triple SC comes around. I try to pick up some Walmart gift cards and all 8 Walmarts in my metro area are out.
  9. Tekuila

    Where I live nobody has even heard of station cash so if they aren't in stock it ain't because hey were sold out.
  10. gigastar

    And where i live, we dont even have Best Buy.
  11. XOLiD

    That's funny because I bought the last 2 from the best buy near me. Probably made many people rage, possibly you.
  12. illgot

    And this is why I still have 150 dollars worth of SC cards from EB in my backpack.
  13. Nolenag

    Try being European, you get screwed over constantly.
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  14. Tricky

    My local Best Buy doesn't even stock them...as in ever. Even asked thew Manager about it and he confirmed they don't stock....but if you're a LoL player by joe you've got a million cards to choose from.
  15. CaligoIllioneus

    I have never even seen these kinds of card in my country before, not even for LoL or such.
  16. NC_agent00kevin

    Havent been in a Best Buy for ages. There is one 30 min away. Not into an hour's round trip for some SC, which I would spend more in gas in getting...id be better off if I just bought more SC with the gas $$ Id save.
  17. siiix

    providing you have a car, and you live in a city with several bestbuys, you end up spending more on fuel than you save... silly suggestion
  18. Spude

    OR SOE could just make the deal for online purchases then everyone in the WORLD could get the 2x SC and since the SC is virtual credit it doesnt need anything to make it.
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  19. Zenanii

    Thank god SOE only made this available in best buy stores. When I first heard about the upcoming 2x SC I thought I would have to throw another 10€ at SOE. Now it looks like I won't have to spend any more cash until Christmas.
  20. Astealoth

    lol 7-11 and best buy, the 2 stores that don't exist for 100 miles in every direction from my house. SOE lives me.

    pick some stores that exist in the north east US someday, seriously...