[Suggestion] Well you finally went and did it and I am OUT!!!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BamaRage, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. JibbaJabba

    LOL, the truth is out bro. It's on the PTS server right now.

    No need to wait around to be wrong. You can be wrong right now.

    Why did you even make this post? You're leaving the game right? Don't let the door hit you...
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  2. BamaRage

    no actually, whats on the test server is not the final form this will take. Beyond that I will post whatever I want and I sure as F*** do not have to answer to you. I have every right to voice my opinion as you or anyone else. No matter how but hurt you get.
  3. iller

    I mean they DO.... they just don't listen to any of the Rational folks in this forum. No one working there has heard or listened to any of us since the place was under SOE. But that's not gonna stop me from being solutions-Oriented even if it means I'm throwing them into the Abyss

    The people they listen to are usually all Bad advice givers on Reddit, b/c Reddit is a goddamned Echo chamber of Betas, other Streamers, and outfit-running tryhards who ironically are as Anti-social and selfish as it gets.

    You could describe the entire game Development industry as a big Bubble right now... extremely insular, obsessed with Whales, and not at all responsive to working class folks (so basically just like everything else in this country right now)
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  4. Exileant

    :confused: The only thing Planetside 1 has over 2 is stealing.... :D That is it. Basically this guy is complaining, that he has to give up a complete one-sided advantage of an over populated team dominating a planet forever in the first video. :eek: You have to give things up to get things. The Graphics were HORRIBLE in Planetside 1, so yes to make up for that you can get into a ton of Technical things and view point options, even a Market. ;) However I prefer not looking at things that are a step up from Minecraft however, so no. Even with the things it may be lacking, 2 is still a vast improvement.
  5. JibbaJabba

    Oh but YOU know the final form it will take and know that it's not what's on PTS right now. Dev will definitely change everything at the last second and release it unlike what it is now. Makes sense. Ok Bama, keep going. Anything to avoid admitting you don't know what you're talking about. Anything but that.

    Like I said before, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    (I know you'll post more but I find your "you're not the boss of me" act to be hilarious)
  6. BamaRage

    I know what was shared in the live stream and elsewhere. I love this game and have even stated I hope I am wrong. So of coarse I allow for that possibility but we have seen these scenarios play out many times. A big addition to the game is announced and so many get all exited and in the end it all ends the same way. Temporary increases in numbers and then reality sets in. And yes, your not the boss of me. You want me to shut up and not give my opinions but its just not going to work that way. I will speak my mind and if you get but hurt then so be it. I remember you getting but hurt over my opinions on construction as well even if you do not. But like I keep saying we will see. Beyond that I still invite your to kiss my ***
  7. JibbaJabba

    I just find it ironic that you're ******** about leaving but obviously still here. Seems like you would just … leave? You must understand this is confusing to your reader. And you keep arguing that you're allowed to post. Why? Simply posting kinda proves it. But by all means keep telling us we're not the boss of you... :)

    Yeah, you mentioned this twice now. No recollection here so it seems maybe you were the one butt hurt? Sorry I can't help you out in your attempt to rehash some imaginary bygone argument in an attempt to dodge the current one.
  8. BamaRage

    I find it ironic just how but hurt you are over an opposing point of view. I spent over $7,000 on this game and the outfit and damn sure gives me the right to complain, praise and whatever else I feel like doing. I have no doubt your confused but then I am not surprised either. You do realize this forum is not the actual game right? And your the one who has tried to shut me up when I express an opinion you do not like. So you keep right on being but hurt and I will post until I am either thrown out or decide I have nothing else to add. You keep responding while wanting me to stop posting so I would say that's kinda confusing. Maybe you like getting on that high horse while being butt-hurt.
  9. JibbaJabba

    Love you Bama, you're my buttercup.
  10. BamaRage

    I know you do just good for you to admit it publicly......
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  11. BamaRage

    It all came true!!! Zergfit all the way girls.....lmao dang I hate to be right on this one.....lol
  12. BamaRage

    Hey brother, thought I would also let you know HH3B is dead and berried. Not longer exist in PS2, sad but necessary....
  13. Blam320

    LMAO you're still here. What happened to "I'm leaving the game?"
  14. BamaRage

    Wow, your not very bright are you?
  15. Twin Suns

    With every passing update it's slowly becoming a "bantha herd shooter".
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  16. BamaRage

    Now who was wrong? Your amazingly silent now that we see the zergfit I predicted coming true.
  17. Blam320

    Double LMAO. For all your bluster, you just can't seem to stay away, can you?
  18. BamaRage

    Lol, your not very sharp on the details are ya bro. Not explaining it to you again, fact is for all your bluster I was correct and so on.
  19. JibbaJabba

    What are you on about?

    Why are you even here other than trying to set a world record for biggest drama queen. Look at the rantings in your OP man. You even said you uninstalled.

    If you were so right about everything and how horrible it's become then why did you come back?

    Oh yeah... because you were wrong. The Zergfit apocalypse did not befall planetside and it's still a blast to play. Small and midsized outfits are thriving better than before.

    You've gone and setup an argument whereby your continued participation in it offers ongoing proof of your wrongness. HAHA. Brilliant!
  20. ican'taim

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