[Suggestion] Well you finally went and did it and I am OUT!!!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BamaRage, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. BamaRage

    Well its good that you like whats coming and of coarse we do not have to agree. Such is life but I do not see it. Also the kill cam gives me a headache for some reason and I have talked to many others having the same issue with it. No understanding of why but it does
  2. Blam320

    Lol really? Literally everything in the last stream has been things people have been begging for since Launch. Playable Bastions, Outfit metagame, new resources and the War Assets to play with. None of it is P2W; in fact it's all free to access (so long as you're in an Outfit, which they're free to create and join).

    Sorry you think it's the wrong way the game should go, but a better way to get results is to have a reasonable discussion, not to mindlessly hurl insults. If the latter is what you feel is the best course of action, good riddance to you, then.
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  3. BamaRage

    Lol, Its good that we can agree to disagree. Like most things the Bastion and other crap will spike the numbers for a bit and then die like base building. To pull the bastion you will have to go zerg first because of the resources required. People will grow tired of this meta very quickly. So hey, have fun with it and hope you find it all working well. But I do disagree with the direction and the devs have been ****** for a long time and continue to prove it.
  4. Twerllewr

    Planetside 2 maybe frustrating but If you go kick wrel ******* sweet *** of we might get this over with
  5. Twerllewr

  6. JibbaJabba

    Bama I've always liked you but you're being a ***** dude. Sorry gotta say it.

    You don't know what's in the update and the little you do know appears to be wrong. If you wanna throw arms in the air and wharblegarble about ****, fine. At least wait until there is **** to wharblegarble about though. Right now you are just doing it about what you imagine (did you even login to PTS?). And sure, that's fine too. Just don't expect the rest of us to come along and have some relevant discussion about some thing you have in your head.

    Ultimately the game is gonna evolve. The meta of yesterday is not the meta of tomorrow. If you truly can't adapt to any changes at all then by all means, leave. Please don't ***** on the way out though.

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  7. adamts01

    Why? Why waste your time in life arguing about something you're done with? That's like harassing an ex instead of moving on.
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  8. BamaRage

    Because I want to, hows that for a reason, I have a number of reasons not that it matters. Free will allows you to choose to ignore me should you not like it.
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  9. BamaRage

    Actually I do as I have researched it quite a bit. To pull the bastion you have to have three resources. The rarest of which will be at the center of the map where everyone will have to go to acquire it. That will be the zerg I speak of. I don't take a position without careful consideration of all available info. But hey, you have every right to your opinion.
  10. BamaRage

    Okay, my intent is to mostly ignore this thread going forward. I absolutely hope that I am wrong about the update but do not believe I am. That said I will be returning to the game for a period in hopes of picking a new leader for HH3B as now we have a couple of candidates. My time back in will be as short as possible to accomplish that goal. Hopefully this will satisfy those outfit members wanting to stay in the game. I guess time will tell.

    For those who take issue with my position then so be it. We do not have to agree but as stated I hope I am. I heard all the same arguments over base building. Was told over and over that I was wrong and it would save the game by some of the same people taking issue with me here. We can all see how that turned out. Anyway, that about covers everything I wanted to say. You girls have fun
  11. JibbaJabba

    So let me get this... you "researched" it? So did you actually get in the recent playtests of it?

    Amazing man. You don't know how it works and you KNOW you don't know how it works. Yet you are here arguing with someone about how it works. Someone who told you to simply wait and see before making a judgement....


    Good luck to you, Bama. If you're not gonna play anymore would you mind not ******** on the game on your way out the door? Some of us are gonna stick it out and see.
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  12. Blam320

    You have absolutely no knowledge of how this'll work, do you?

    You can literally trade in the low-tier resources for higher tier ones at Sanctuary. And the bases that *do* offer the mid and high tier resources won't offer that much of them; it's essentially encouraging people to find alternatives and make tactical decisions (is it quicker to besiege this base and capture it for the rare resource generation, or is it better for us to take a few smaller bases for faster low tier resource gen that we can then trade up for and use for other stuff).

    You'll also be able to buy resources with Merit, which you earn by doing stuff with your outfit.
  13. BamaRage

    Lol, funny thing is we will find out. Wasn't it you who said I was wrong about construction for the same reasons? And yet it turned out I was 100% correct. Anyway I paid for the privilege so I will give my opinion of the game as often as I feel like it.
  14. Mad Hatter

    Be honest Bamarage, do you dislike Wrel or myself more?

    I think you should stick around to see how the changes actually play out. Your outfit and dare I say this game wouldn't be the same without you.
  15. iller

    I too would really really like to know what exact changes prompted this post, but I ALSO agree a lot with this:

    Infact I was almost ready to make my own thread Decrying how these Outfit "Summons" (for lack of a better phrase for the Air Frigate, Hex base Shields, Orbitals) Not only don't enhance Player Bases in any conceivable way, they actually look like they're directly TAKING AWAY from player base features and making our huge investments in those structures even more Obsolete without giving us any way to refund our DBC$/Certs!

    But I don't just stop at whinging, I ALWAYS try to offer a real Practical solution:
    If there is indeed a "Currency" system for these new outfit purchases, Then why not just link filled Player Base Silos (or bring back Hives?) TO the nearest lattice Hex that outfit has captured and make those connections per 5 or 10 minute cycles, a Factor in how much currency the Outfit is getting? Then everyone's happy... Outfits get to use the new shiny even more often, but they may have to use them just as much for defending their own player bases finally instead of always ignoring them as it currently stands?
  16. Johannes Kaiser

    That's an interesting suggestion and would make Construction useful again.
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  17. BamaRage

    Oh I dislike Wrel as a dev but not as a youtuber. As for you, all I want is for you to ignore me as I do you. For you to leave me alone as we both agreed to. It would make me so very happy to never hear from you ever again. I am beyond hate for you, I simply think nothing of you so long as you leave me be. But hey just a few more days and I will be uninstalling the game again and moving on. So here's mud in your eye.....
  18. BamaRage

    lol, you can offer all the solutions you like but DBG has never listened to the base. Just like they always double down on really bad ideas.
  19. JibbaJabba


    Have no idea what you are talking about.

    You are 100% incorrect here though.

    Suit yourself. If you want to make an a55 of yourself go right ahead.
  20. BamaRage

    Funny how you think I am the *** and I see you in that position. But in the end claims do not matter. Truth will come out and in the mean time you may kiss my happy a**

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