Well, it's only taken a year...

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  1. Phazaar

    But FINALLY we get this:

    • The afterburner fuel display will now show up while in 3rd person view
    • There is now a lock-on indicator in 3rd person view
    Whether you rage about third person existing because you're hXc or not, it's been absolutely ****ing hilarious that for 9 months of live gaming, you haven't got a lock on warning...
    I just think it's a little sad that they didn't manage to roll out the display for Vanguard Shield etc at the same time... Like, how much more work could that have been?
    And in terms of unnecessary simplicity:
    • Capture notifications for regions other than the one you are in now display in chat and not on the HUD
    Why couldn't this have been toggleable? I have no desire for my chat box to get any harder to read than it currently is, and I've never once felt the capture notifications were anything other than perfect. At the same time, I'm sure some people are irritated by them and don't care about the chat box, so it suits perfectly, and then some people probably wish they could have both, one as a log and one as live updates... So why aren't we getting options for this? In a game where they can alter the damage of any projectile at any distance versus only one specific enemy, surely they can give that level of control to the users too? It really can't have been any extra work...
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