Well I thought shotguns killed fast, until...

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  1. Deffington

    Maybe you should ask fall0ut. It may be something with latency. You never get shot behind corner? Or never got killed on instant by LMG?
  2. stalkish

    Weird video.
    First two shots were excellent, i wish my PA shotgun actualy worked that well.

    As others have said, the lag combined with the lack of turning annimations in this game means he was probably already aiming at you when it looked like he wasnt. This is evidenced by you dying to his shots that were clearly not going in your direction and him turning towards you after you dying.

    I do find 1 thing strange in the vid. As you kill the medic you can clearly see his LMG in hand. At about 4 seconds you see him switch to his rocket launcher as he backs away from the rock, by 5 seconds his rocket is in his hand. You then open fire on him, missing him. Before he even turns around his LMG is back in hand ready to fire, there doesnt appear to be a changing guns annimation similar to the one going from LMG to rocket. LMGs are supposed to have long equip times, it should take longer than it did for him to equip the rocket, but it seems to change instantly.
    Again this is probably just laggy annimations from a third person perpective, but it does look strange.

    Ive fought F4llout countless times, i dont consider him a hacker.

    Bonus point:
    Whenever i get killed by the Nag, or that new infil weapon, it feels like lag compression, it seems to kill so fast its as if all the bullets hit you at once. Not sure what creates this feeling as im sure the TTK is around normal for this game.
  3. Jawarisin

    Ok, I see someone failing terribly with a shotgun.

    After the knife on the last one, said person got shot by two players simultaneously. One dealing 1/3 and the other - point blank - dealing 2/3. And because of connection, it seemed a bit faster than it actually was.

    My comments are made to get likes ?! Sarcastic I sure am, but I'm disliked by a big part of the community; that being said, glad you've been following my activity.
  4. Jawarisin

    K/D is meaningless, all stats are meaningless. He's obviously a "team player"
  5. Jawarisin

    You're making a fool out of yourself, Go read my comment, and look whom I quoted.
  6. Jawarisin

    3 years to get BR 24?

  7. YouWannaGetHigh

    Failing terribly with a shotgun? Sure, but do you not miss at all? Do you always hit every target with perfect accuracy and without room for mistakes? 3AM, this was recorded, I am human after all. If I never missed, I'd be undefeated.

    And yeah you are right about being disliked by the community, maybe its time you think about why. Still that doesnt mean sarcastic comments directing the OP without giving any information about the question or situation at hand is a form of asking for likes.
  8. YouWannaGetHigh

    KD is actually really meaningless for players who have been here for a long time and had a hard time adapting the game at first. They might be the best of all times now, but still if they have
    20.000 kills
    11.000 deaths for example

    It will take you years of your life to fix that KD. The more the scores, the harder to fix it.
  9. Jawarisin

    Years to fix 20 000 kills and 11 000 death would actually be a passable k/d.

    It's more like 20 000 death and 10 000 kills. Not only that, but he's br 22 (24 now) so it's more like: 400 death, 200 kills.

    And no, someone who's been here a long time has had time to get their k/d back up to something passable. I'm not talking about 6+, but there's no reason not to be able to get it back over 1, possibly 2, fairly easily.
  10. Jawarisin

    I am *Beep* Human.

    Well, I'm glad we can agree. I'm actually not disliked by the community. I'm disliked by a few idiots on here. Those don't survive as long on reddit; which is also probably why the devs spend their time on reddit.

    The idiocy of some folks over here is extremely high, I'm not too bothered to rustle their jimmies with the truth.