Well I thought shotguns killed fast, until...

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  1. YouWannaGetHigh

    Aside from my crappy aim at 3:30 AM, if I haven't started hallucinating, Naginata has some killing potential o_O
    Is this supposed to happen? Is this some kind of server lag? Perfect headshots in a row? I got 3 shotted I couldn't even see my health bar deplete.
  2. Ximaster

    No man,dont culpe yourself,this happens to me a lot. I watch the vídeo and i dont see the hit detection issue nowhere. So,the conclusion : surely the guy is a rússian hacker like mostly on EU servers. They can hit u after 0.5 seconds of delay,but u cant hit them like that. Posh people with good computers have this problems solved.
  3. CrimsonEclipse5

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX. To be fair, you would have likely been dead anyway as you had no shells loaded, but yeah. That's pretty suss.
  4. YouWannaGetHigh

    Yeah, the likelyhood of me dying was high, but I was prepairing to pull out my Commi :( All was before dying under 0.2 seconds.
  5. Jawarisin

    From by 22 br and 0.5 k/d of experience, I judge this player to be a hacker.
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  6. Ximaster

    Yeah,that,and 3 years more of experience. I have BR 22 but this doesnt mean that im new. Maybe ur another of those hackers with aimbot and so. I dont culpe of being bad at a game,but yet to use hacks :D
  7. ObiVanuKenobi

    He has 0.5 k/d because everyone's a "russian hacker", it has nothing to do with skill, aim or situational awareness.
  8. Eternaloptimist

    I've got three avatars who had better KDR than that by the time they were BR 22. I'm not a cheat or a hacker. I just have experience (they are on my second, messing around account my avatars on my main account are in their 50s). So no, these stats are not indicative of a hacker.

    And some people do head shot really reliably. Plus the Naginata has little or no cone of fire when firing from standstill, which makes it easier to place all your bullets in the same place.

  9. kr47er

  10. Artanisen

    The person that assisted in the kill did most of the damage.
    and The HA has a the shield up as you where knifing him
    and he had the finishing blow at the end.

    But it did look little suspicious the way he turned 180 degrees instantly.
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  11. Masyaka

    I think its time for us, regular shotgunless infantry say "get rekt"
  12. YouWannaGetHigh

    Im not sure if you watched the video. The person assisted did %14 of the damage, he did the %84. Also, his shield wasnt up, his health bar depleted as it should have been, as you can clearly see in the kill cam and in slow mo.
    You can also hear his weapon shooting about 5 bullets, and my health bar depletes over the course of 3 bullets. From full to %40, %40 to %10, then 0.
  13. YouWannaGetHigh

    I have been following your activity, and I hate to see that almost %90 of your comments are made for the purpose of getting likes and being sarcastic. Why don't you comment about the video instead?
  14. bLind db

    My favorite part is how nobody knows what lag looks like.
  15. FieldMarshall

  16. Inzababa

    hey can you follow my activity too? Or are you doing that already?

  17. LaughingDead

    That twitch was a little unrealistic but not out of the realm of reason(pretty damn close though). Thing is, 4 headshots with the naga is a kill, the damage makes sense especially when you also got hit by an msw, reduces it to a 3 headshot kill. Out of the entire clip the only thing that looks suspicious is the instant twitch only as soon as you damage him. But could just be dbgs famous lack of animation frames and he was already turned around on his screen, ducked expecting your last shotgun blast to be lethal but beyond that it's the classic case of pumps not killing a heavy in one hit and if you miss any of your shots are often screwed.
  18. YouWannaGetHigh

    We've had arguements with the guy before and he always acted like he knows everything and he is better than everyone. So I decided to check his other posts, to conclude that this is his general behavior. I'm not stalking random people don't worry :D
  19. YouWannaGetHigh

    Yeah, this pretty much sums my case, hats off to the guy for the crazy headshotting skills in the heat of a fight. And also the server latency which allowed him to see me running directly at him instead of me actually being on his butt the whole time.
  20. Ziggurat8

    It's fairly typical of client-side2.

    Basically from the time he first sees you (he's got his RL out) on his screen he is engaging you. He pulls out his LMG while circling you and doubling back. He's actually shooting you on his screen for the normal ttk much earlier than what you're seeing. But the server only starts to update after his first shots on his screen have already started hitting you. So what you see is this weird lag wizardry and then you die.

    I usually reload the game if it starts happening a lot.

    General rule I follow; if I'm exposed to someone for more than half a second I'm probably already taking fire so change directions and seek cover immediately. Don't wait for hit registers because it'll be too late. Every time you die half a second behind cover is because you weren't fast enough and their client-side caught you.
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