Well? Did you enjoy the PvE Campaign?

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  1. Bonemiser

    Now that it's essentially over and the next big thing is the NSO Overhaul (which is good), what's your opinion on what the Campaign brought to the table? Really curious to see/hear if anyone actually liked it.

    They definitely were onto something when they added the carrot farm, but they used the wrong mechanics to facilitate a good fight and failed to have that fight retain long-term appeal. I would absolutely love to go back to construction-based battles in the wilderness where capturing the land itself mattered, rather than fighting for it just to click on carrots. Maybe a Desolation-style influence ticker that could change the outcome of an Alert?

    I really don't have anything else nice to say about it, so I'm more interested in hearing from other people.
  2. JustGotSuspended

    Nothing good to say about it. Disappointing that some of the stuff only lasts for the campaign, even more disappointing that they kept lowering prices of the campaign items yet never refunded the people who purchased the things with the currency prior to the reductions or the announcement that some items were only for the duration of the campaign.

    I guess the camos and banner that were available to purchase were cool, though the esamir camos in my opinion were very redundant and actually look quite identical to each other. I do understand that they want people to spend real money for cool camos, but still.

    Yeah overall even if it had been executed properly, I don't think it really belonged in the game.

    I know a guy who nearly quit the game because of the fact the 100 carrots he needed kept spawning underground and he kept getting camped by others during nearly the whole first third. He didn't pursue the campaign after that - and took a 2 week break.
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  3. Liewec123

    i enjoyed chapter 3 the most,
    because i played chapter 1 and 2 and skipped chapter 3 :)

    but on a serious note, nope, chapter one had everything wrong with pve, grinding, bugs and grifers.
    carrots spawning underground, annoying heal/revive/resupply quests, quests to go to a specific location
    (where enemies will have built a base with auto turrets and pain fields to troll)

    chapter 2 was more of the same, quests like "more than scrap metal" were SOOOOOOOOO annoying.

    and from what i hear chapter 3 was just as annoying with missions needing you to go to locations that enemies were camping.

    so i'll say if they plan on making more pve stuff in the future it is just a huge waste of resources imho.
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  4. OneShadowWarrior

    nope, anything like missions, construction, campaigns, even bastions, that includes outfit wars, that takes players away from fights, is a waste of resources for this game.
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  5. Whiteagle

    I liked it!
    Yes Chapter 1 was stupidly flawed thanks to it's hasty implementation, but it has rapidly improved and that shows a commitment from the Devs.
    The biggest take away from all this was the Mission System which, while it needs some fine tuning to better support active Combat, will still help players stay invested by giving them teeny challenges to complete within a single play session.

    Well there has been some banter amongst us Construction Players, and one of my own suggestions to quickly churn out a new Continent would be one designed around Construction.
    Each Faction would basically have a third of the Continent filled with a Vehicle Capture Point Lattice that all connect together at four chokepoint Facilities; One large, possibly Urban/City at the Center, and three at each Faction Boarder crossing some natural barrier, probably mountain ranges.

    If nobody on a Faction wants to build, well, then you've got plenty of open space for Vehicle Combat, but if they DO then they could create a sprawling Mega PMB that itself would be an Urban Combat setting!
  6. RabidIBM

    I played enough of chapter 1 to get the tool to get derelict vehicles off of my construction sites. After that I had enough of running to random places to press E on random things. There was no point other than to unlock a tool I would rather have just paid 1000 certs for.

    When chapters 2 and 3 came out, I asked if they were more pressing E on random stuff, was told yes, didn't investigate further. Hopefully they recognize how thoroughly the player base panned the campaign, and never do anything like this again.
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  7. Whiteagle

    You are kind of missing out, Chapter 3 has given the Valkyrie a deployable, floating Repair Buoy in one of it's starting missions, which THANKFULLY isn't locked to a particular Continent.
    After completing the Chapter, you'll be able to use Campaign Standing to buy an Ammo Dispensing version for the Valk and both for the Galaxy.
  8. JustGotSuspended

    .....which disappears after the campaign is over
  9. vonRichtschuetz

    First few weeks of chapter 1, when people fought at the shattered warpgate, were the most fun I had in a while.

    Missions overall were OK, with the exception of chapter 3 missions that need access to an allied containment site. Making missions depend on a specific state of the lattice, and therefore impossible to play, even when the continent is open, is annoying. Having everyone go to the same location wasn't a good idea either, but that's still easier to do than capturing a containment site.
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  10. BlackFox

    Thought it was a way too basic gimmick in chapter 1, didn't bother with 2 + 3. It felt slapped on, uninspired and like every other "press buton there" concept every other game has
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  11. OldSchoolD

    Half way thru campaign 1 I thought wtf am I doing with my time. I wasn't even curious about part 2, was there a part 3? I wish that budget was used to rethink certain elements of the game (like cloak, collisions, hit detection) and to improve the core game play and make the game new player friendly instead. And bring back Ti Alloys with it's bridge intact!
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  12. FLHuk

    Didn't touch any of it and I'm confident I've not missed out.
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  13. JibbaJabba

    The Good:
    The initial campaign provided a new playspace that was open and free of lattice.
    It also brought reasons to go out and play in it and people did. It was fantastic.

    The new facilities need just one more tweak pass and they'll be a fun addition.

    The Bad:
    It also brought frustration in the form of PvE objectives in an PvP game. The plants bug should never have made it past PTS and it was a catastrophic blunder. I nearly quit playing planetside altogether. I deliberately skipped lots of the remaining campaign to avoid this. I guess by this metric it was overall a bad failure. Sorry.

    The biolabs and many of the popular bases did not need removed. It's like some big brain concept that RPG doesn't get: You can ADD content without taking stuff away! And if you do decide to take stuff away, start with the unpopular stuff instead. What a concept! For a simple example: There are 9 total construction type bases on Hossin. Take one of those maybe?

    Recommend going forward:
    The reason the open free flow fighting happened in the warpgate area: There was no artificial objective to stay in place until some location X capped like we get with the lattice. If you change the rest of the lattice bases to grant capture XP for say 750m in all directions, regardless of hex location, you'll get similar player behavior. Rolling fights between bases instead of everyone in an inward facing donut waiting on the starting gun to fire...
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  14. JustGotSuspended

    They have a total of 3 bases next to the esamir eastern wg lattice that are empty of spawns and basically meaningless. They could add spawns there, and also more bases "outposts" in the shattered warpgate area with mini hardspawns attached. Scatter a lot of points everywhere, each associated with one spawn. This way every faction can obtain spawn(s) at various locations of the shattered wg, and engage in some fighting again in that area. Combined with incentives to fight there, it could be interesting.
  15. Whiteagle

    True, but that means the bits that worked and were enjoyable can come back and the pieces that were hated and/or buggy disappear.
    Was it a Live Beta?
    Yes, but that also means the Devs are at least giving us new content to test out.
  16. JustGotSuspended

    Well there's the test server on live for that. As an update advertised for new/returning players, it's not very cool to see the thing is in a buggy state, not working, and half the stuff you work towards is going to be gone before you've even properly used them. Didn't really seem to please the vets either.

    New content is great. Gives signs the game's alive, and it's what players want. That said nobody ever asked for that. And many people warned ahead of time it wouldn't be good. Besides, there's so many bugs and fixes that actually impact live play that people want to see gone first before any new content is prioritized.

    It's not like players had said they wanted a campaign of pumpkins and the devs released one of carrots. No. Players wanted Oshur, Hossin to be finished, the lattice and spawn system to be finished, and construction to be fixed - a lot more stuff was asked ofc, but these are the main I can think of. Out of all the requests they release something nobody - NOBODY had ever asked for. It doesn't even make real sense to have in the game! It's like ordering a bunch of clothes online but once you receive and open the package it contains a bent screw. That's great, you got something! Nothing of what you asked though; nothing of use to you.
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  17. Whiteagle

    Which up until recently wasn't getting much attention, thus stuff was under tested and forced to Live ANYWAYS...

    I've heard that the more recent stuff has been getting a lot more community focus on Test and that certainly shows in the final Campaign Chapter.
  18. Zhakathoom

    Campaigns would be ok if they were in a game that had mechanics and players that allowed for it to be enjoyed. In PS2 it all boils down to a concentration of lemmings trying to do the campaign while being farmed by every infil, a2g pounder and HESH wonker out there.

    In PS2 you have players who'll happily sit in stalker cloak at an objective for hours on end in the middle of the night, waiting for some poor turd who dares skitter up to the seemingly empty objective point, JUST to kill him and teabag.
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