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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by zelp, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. zelp

    Just thought I would make a new post welcoming everybody to the new vehicle part of town. Post your name and vehicle specialty here!
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  2. PKfire

    Hey guys, I herd that vehicle players were colonizing the Medic forums. I'm PK and I fly some dickbutts around for fun in a Liberator!
  3. Brahma2

    Hi, my name is Brahma and I have a problem.
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  4. Jarcode

    I'm Jarcode and I do not know how to fly a scythe. At all.
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  5. PKfire

    tell me about yourself zelp
  6. zelp

    I gun an OP, luck based belly gun for the sky-tractor called the "C150 Dalton".
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  7. WycliffSlim

    Hello, my name is Wycliffslim. I do stuff in Liberators and have succeeded in convincing a moderately large number of people that I'm competent at that stuff.
  8. IamnotAmazing

    tweeted higby, dalton ammo cap down to 9 rounds
  9. DrBash00

    Hmmm, here in the Medic forum are hiding all my vehicle fellows.

    Hi my name is MrBasher and i am vehicle addicdet, most times i go mosquito... in the last weeks i gone again on the Harasser trip, i thought i where cured from this, but now i got a backflash and i am on harassing again...

    Btw. As infantry i perfer Max, because its the most vehicle like ;-)
  10. Dezik

    I for one don't accept our new vehicle overlords.
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  11. Gamingroach

    >Combat Medic
    >Vehicles thread

    I like where this is going :)
    And yes I suck at playing Max :p
  12. PKfire

    what a bustling subforum.
  13. AirpainFood

    I need help. My Lightning is made of flash paper. :p
  14. jiggu

    I don't know what's going on but hi, I'm Heavy. I shoot rockets that kill vehicles
  15. Gables

    But guys! What about all those vehicle users that started posting in the Engineer subforum when the vehicle forum was removed? Are we just going to abandon our comrades?
  16. Jeralamo

    Hi I unload my mag into liberators and run away crying.
  17. Arkenbrien

    Hello, I ramp my mag off of cliffs and spontaneously explode! Sometimes I even explode when I bump a rock! Sorry, rock, my bad.
  18. Chaen

    Get out! ;)
  19. Sixstring

    I hope you're not serious because I actually just killed him the other day with the Dalton (Well technically my gunner did) And all I could think was this dude is gonna nerf the **** outta this thing now.
  20. DrBash00

    Maby just give the dalton 1 round ammo cap, with 100 dmg for this one shot, so he can kill one infantry after 9 flights.... at least if his shield does not reload....